Full moon October 2014 Eclipse astrology advice- ritual

October is a big month astrologically with two eclipses uncovering surprise completions and new beginnings – think back to the cardinal cross and eclipses in April.

Major transformation is in the cards

full moon June 23
But tomorrow, the Grand fire trine, that has been burning the debris up, peaks (more surprises, pay attention to what has been happening over the last few days, it gives a clue to the unfolding of the Lunar eclipse on the 8/9th).

Everyone I meet these days bandies around the saying “Let go”  like its going out of fashion. But, this Luna cycle may just leave you no choice, to the point where the words will no longer be a mantra of good will but will become an active fully embodied process – unless you want to be left behind with the past and all its unsavoury burdens, duty and suffering.

Personally I’m locking the doors, switching off the phones and the computer, baking pies, drawing Mandalas and dancing naked to 80’s classics – I cancelled all clients this day also 🙂

full moon june 23 SupermoonThe April full moon eclipse was in Libra with the sun in Aries. This month it is reversed. Moon in Aries – Sun in Libra.

It was also the beginning of a Tetrad (an ongoing series of eclipses) and this month is the second of four in the Tetrad series – So it aint over by a long shot.

Aries focus is on action (sometimes aggressive as ruled by Mars) and self fulfillment. Libra is about relationship and bonding and love (as ruled by Venus). So it’s a relationship heavy eclipse cycle.

Uranus is coming into the mix and is the planet of surprise – so it is expected that something shocking may happen – something hidden may be revealed or a surprise may knock you for six (Aries/Uranus, scary). Good or bad – will depend upon the planets in your personal charts and of course Karma = destiny verses free will (the old evolutionary tester). The Justice tarot card explains this well 🙂

Then later in the month Scorpio does a partial dance with Taurus – apparently this is more positive and lighter eclipse – but I have my doubts with Scorpio being the main player… This is the time for new beginnings though so it could just be rather sweet – Taurus ruled by Venus gives me some hope.

I am not an astrology expert so ( Here are some articles that delve into the possible effects on our life and consciousness around this Eclipsing month).

trueAlthough, I have lived through the eclipses of the past three years consciously and they have been mind-blowingly transformative – get it? mind blowing – hopefully you hold your heart center and listen closely to the truth and create right action.

Yet, the pot may be boiling as Mercury is retrograde this month, so I wouldn’t be making any rash decisions. I would make conscious effort to go with the flow – allow things to sink in and watch, observe, stay grounded and act when the energies subside and you have ALL the information :)…. LET GO, LET GO, LET GO.

Here is my full moon Ritual to help you ground, create peace and hopefully feel love as these eclipses illuminate our souls

Rose resin ritual

Full Moon Ritual for clearing, letting go and bringing in honest love

Gather together

a sage stick
a red and pink and black candle
three inscence sticks of your choice
rosemary, sage, mugwort (or any herbs you choose
a rock or crystal
a glass of water and some salt in a bowl

You can do this in side or outside but you will have to stand under the moon at some stage 🙂

Light the sage stick and Cast a circle and then place all the above items in a circle.

Repeat this incantation (under the moon) three times.

To the moon in honor and grace,
Circling the skies with your changing face.
In your fullness and brightest light,
I call upon your strongest might.
Grant me your blessings in ritual and life,
Allow me success and guide me from strife.
I fully extend my thanksgiving and love.
Glory to that which is above.

So mote it be”

Now sit quietly in meditation under the moon for no less than 5 minutes (the longer the better).

Empty the water in the garden and throw the salt behind your back for protection – put the crystal somewhere safe and allow the candles to burn out. Use the herbs in your cooking over the next few days remembering to give thanks 🙂

If you would like me to conduct a ritual for you please click here

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