New moon Scorpio eclipse October love advice

You should have slayed the dragons from the unconscious depths of the Full moon eclipse in Aries by now. Or at least had them arise for the final ego slaying.

scorpio new moon tarotIf you have this New moon in Scorpio 23/24 October, should pick you up and teleport you to an entirely new dragon’s lair – I’m thinking one full of unicorns and garden faeries :). (But, if you haven’t, the time machine may implode.)

Well maybe that is a bit light and fluffy – certainly not the usual depths of the deep dark mystery that the Scorpio is most often perceived as.

However, Let us not forget  that the opposite sign Taurus dances up a shadow and as she is ruled by Venus (giver of love, passion and sensuality) an idealistic approach may be in order.

I’m choosing the Hierophant Tarot card for good measure.

New moons are about new beginnings – Taurus is about delicious feminine love and Scorpio is about mystery and sex (in basic terms) – so we have another relationship heavy moony eclipse and I’m excited because this one is about NEW NEW NEW beginnings.

aunicorn scorpioThings may have already shown signs of heating up the week before.

Eclipses sometimes are felt within a week before or a week after. It could be happening on a subconscious level or has been rising slowly to consciousness.

There is usually an air of anticipation felt on a gut level.

The full moon in Aries should have caused endings on a sincere and deep level. We should have passed the worst of the intensity and enormity of that eclipse – if we haven’t this eclipse could be tricky and be a double whamy follow up.

If you did step into your sovereignty and put out the fire of yesteryear’s dragons – from both the inner and outer world – then I think you WILL be sipping cocktails, flying on the back of a unicorn led by faerie sleighs.

Mercury is still retrograde so the unicorns may be traveling backwards and the faeries may need to stop and smell the roses of solitude every now and then to regenerate.

This is a good thing. Go slow. No need to rush.

There may still be some faery dust that needs sweeping. Clean it up and get moving. We want the past to stay behind – but we do want it to be clean and tidy.

So what does all this mysterious metaphor mean?

aunicornUnicorns are an archetype for light, divine and sincere love and faeries, well they are just faeries  – made of magic. Scorpio is a water sign (emotions) ruled by Mars/Pluto (intense) and Taurus is Earthy (grounded) and loving.

In light of relationships we are given an opportunity to move forward to begin all over again with our (hopefully) new found sovereignty.

There is an intensity to Scorpio – they love deep and sometimes dark – they want all or nothing. This is were your sovereignty and the Unicorns going backwards (Mercury) come in to play . Taurus can be serious and practical – this is were the faeries having garden parties come in.

Things could get passionate and a little wild but it sets up a wonderful opportunity to explore a different type of love – one that is sincere, interdependent, intimate and fun.

The reverse is likely if you are still in the dragon’s den with your Aries (me me me ) armor on.

growthBut hopefully you have raised your consciousness and utilised the Mercury retrograde amid the Choas theory and chosen the divine white love of the unicorn and the magic of the faery kingdom.

Mercury retrograde may be still bringing the past to the party but Scorpio wont have a bar of it so things may get heavy if you’ve been hiding under the dragon’s carpet.

There is still time to slip out and let go and throw it all to faery dust as Mercury moves forward two days later .

Making love not war. Finally… what took you so long 🙂

Here is a link to a more in-depth look at this eclipse

A wonderful way to truly embrace the transformative energies afforded by today’s eclipse is to create a ritual today or tonight

New Moon Scorpio eclipse transformation ritual:

Light a red or white candle and a black (to burn negative energies) if you have one.

grab some pencils or oil chalks (are better) and sit in a quite spot close your eyes and meditate on what you would most need or want to change in your life.

new moon scorpio eclipse ritualOn a piece of paper write a list of all the things you would like to see change or happen. It is best to start it with:
“I am grateful for…. eg – “I am grateful for a loving, kind, present companion” – “I am grateful for my ability to forgive” etc – Don’t be afraid to dig deep and get personal. And be specific and concise.

Choose one of the mandalas below or one of your choice (the one on the left is Taurus and on the right is Scorpio) and draw them on the back of your list – feel free to change the colours and make it your own…

scoprio eclipse October ritualMeditate on your desires and try to feel a sense of receiving and conscious letting go.

When you are done burn the paper (In an old pan or somewhere safe) with the flame of the candle and give thanks.

Sit under the moon quietly for a while and just be.

Let Go

If you would like a new moon ritual click here 🙂

 I would like a tarot reading now


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