Three of Cups tarot meaning love

The Three of Cups tarot

three of cupsThe three of cups often comes after a time of struggle and healing

The eclipse shook me up a bit and it made me face some deeper issues that I was trying to avoid.

The more I resisted the more pain I endured.

It was when I reached this point of understanding below, that I could finally let go and see that I was causing all the suffering from attachment.

“It is often through our own humiliation that we grow. Stepping back and being aware of ourselves, our actions, our feelings, being humble and allowing humiliation to be witnessed is more beautiful than resistance.

Removing yourself from the external and seeking inner realisation and then stepping back in to share the wonder. “

The 3 of cups often appears after a healing period portending a celebration of love; either someone new or someone you have recently met…

The three of cups is a promising prophecy that a love mate is about to sweep you off your feet. It isn’t quite the full ten of cups but it has the wave of this potential, it’s the honeymoon period .

The 3 of cups is saying ‘Go for it, it is your time’. You will feel alive and free and happy, the burdens of the past can no longer hold you back.

The beauty of this card is that is celebrates as a community not just a couple. I feel this sits beautifully with the Mayan and Vedic philosophies.

seven of cups picture

This means the person you are with or about to meet fits snugly into your world; your friends love them, your family love them and they will fall gently into your life and you theirs.

This card lets the querent know that the relationship they are in or the one on its way is full of love, happiness, joy and is in flow with the life forces – generally your soul love is with you or about to enter your life.

It also heralds a very social period, and one that is full of warmth love and laughter.

It is a time of allowing love into your life, embracing it fully with intent and an open heart. The three of cups is a celebration of love, a soul love card and the promising prophecy that a love mate is about to sweep you off your feet.

The three of cups can also refer to an ending. If a relationship has not been going well the three of cups can mean change for the better. Usually I would recommend time on your own, but this card says this is not necessary.

three of cups Dec 21 2012 love and passion new ageIt can mean that one relationship is about to end and another is coming in quickly. One that can heal and show you a way forward that is healthy and full of life. It usually comes when someone has opened their heart fully to a soul mate.

It is about great support and community. Friendships will be exciting and comforting. It is a time of embracing co-operation and moving from aloneness into the support of friends and community.

the Three of Cups is also a creative card – it signifies a creative expansion either spiritual or a project that brings together community co-operation. It is the go ahead to begin creating from a level of union.

There is a strong element of healing in the Three of Cups. Regardless of relationship dynamics; there will be a great healing process happening.

When we love ourselves we invite love in – The 3 of Cups is an invitation to give and receive love in its entirety 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Three of Cups tarot meaning love

  1. Hello to everyone! I would like to have your advice about 3 of cups. It has been one year since we broke up. He has a girlfriend now. I dont have a boyfriend.Yesterday i saw him in a dream. We were at his home and things became very intimate between us. But we didn’t have sex. Then I left him and I went outside his house and I was just sitting there. And his girlfriend arrived. Not the real one but that girl was his girlfriend in my dream. I said hello to her and she said hello too. And she went upstairs to him. Later she left his house and we said hello again. I was still there just sitting outside. Then I went inside the house to find him and he was sleeping. I don’t remember if I woke him up. I think I just stayed there. And then I woke up too because I had very strong emotions in my dream.
    So today I did a one card reading and I asked “why I saw this dream? What is the possible meaning?” And 3 of cups came as an answer.
    I’m really confused interpreting this. I would love to see your opinion. Thank you for your possible responses!


    1. Hello,
      from my understanding the dream is the subconscious accepting the situation for what it is We often use our dreamtime and subconscious to heal deeper emotions that we find difficult in awakening time I would guess that your subconscious is helping you move on and the three of cups is showing you that you are now able to move on to a fulfilling and happy love relationship that serves your higher good.
      I hope this has help and many blessings


  2. I asked if the guy in question is my twinflame because I feel his emotions from afar. I got the 3 of cups. Is he a twinflame or a soulmate ?


    1. sorry nimi I rarely get to check these as I am very busy counselling and reading.. It is dfifficult to say without being in the right space and with my cards however the 3 of cups is a positive card.. also I beleive if the twin flame idea is real you will have no doubt about whether the other person is the one as it is very rare an has very specific events and feelings..


  3. There was one particular guy who was very calculating towards me but I knew he liked me. He even went as far as driving a wedge between me and another guy friend because he was jealous. I no longer speak to him as a result of all of this.
    So I asked how does he really feel about me and I got the 6 of cups. Could this be that he reminisces about the past and how we used to be friends? Then I asked how is he going to be towards me when I see him next and I got the 3 of cups as action. Considering how calculating he was towards me how do I interpret the 3 of cups as his actions towards me. Is it good or bad? I am surprised I got both cards as cups where as I thought swords would have shown up when it came to him.Thanks


    1. Hi Nari, its difficult to say when I am not with the cards. However the 6 could mean remorse or it could mean having moved on from a situation. The three of cups translates as celebrating in community so it could mean there would be a celebrative vibe to the situation. However, I would be more concerned with why You are asking the question. And why you are revisiting this past senario that was manipulative or calculating – are you hoping that he has changed 🙂 . Do you really want to draw energy into this situation again. Sometimes when we are doing tarot about another person it mingles with our own energies.
      Warm blessings


  4. No they both left things on bad terms with me. It was unresolved because I never got to call the manipulative one out on his actions. I asked about these cards because I don’t think he’s the remorseful type that’s why I was surprised by the cups. I am also an empath and I know when someone is thinking about me. These last 2 days I got the feeling he was thinking about me. So you think the 3 of cups means I may see him at a social gathering although I doubt that would happen either.


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