Mindfulness – The power of Now
noun –

  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

mindful =ness meditation freeBeing open and actively present is what ‘they’ mean when they say mindfulness. It’s paying attention on purpose.
It allows us to reap full benefits of life, love and experience.

We have mostly all heard of Eckharte Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, in short he is referring to mindfulness, being in the now.

Buddhists, Indian sages and tribes all around the world have been practicing this for centuries, in one way or another, with great success in creating peaceful and harmonious communities. Psychologists, doctors, therapists and healers of all kinds are starting to advocate mindful meditation as a means to overcoming depression, anxiety, physical illnesses and other less than satisfactory states of being.

When we stop the mind chatter and go inner, we become aware of the thoughts, sensations and feelings that are directing our lives. With mindfulness we can begin a true and sustainable healing. We can begin to positively create our lives and manifest better situations, outcomes and life quality.

Simply, it’s a beautiful way to live ones life. Conflict begins to move away from our lives, perspectives change, healing occurs and real magic begins to happen.

I have made my Mindful presence guided meditation available free for anyone to use.
I have also included a Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation meditation free to use :)
Also Hypnosis meditation for positive thoughts
For full effects it is best to use daily.

I hope you enjoy.
and find peace in your life  :)

What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

This full moon eclipse is the last of the Tetrad that began in April last year. It’s been the most powerful awakening since 2012 as far as ‘self’ and relationships go; as the moon and sun have been playing hide and seek in the signs of Aries (self) and Libra (relationships).

runawayI have made this meme, as this eclipse feels like the end of a cycle in growth and these energies have been about an opportunity to let go of identification with self and old beliefs and thought patterns.

This full moon eclipse is unusual because it is not about endings per se, as most full moons are. It is about the new beginnings that are available to us after a process of endings :)

Those that have created new destinies and intentions from the heart over this period will breathe a sigh a relief and open their arms to the present joys as this eclipse peaks – this energy reminds me of this verse form the King of Cups:

Two of cups tarot meaningYou are a regenerator, as the card suggests; as you use your emotions inventively, creatively, which evolves into progressive proactive vitality. You are brave but gentle in your emotional life which creates a progressive drama free external life. You are warm and have open arms as you are not coming from a self-centered ambition but a more universal openness.’

Those that are just beginning to let go will experience a revelation or a situation that will give them no choice but to let go or move forward, It’s not quite like the Tower card energies of last April, but it may have a little sting that requires TLC. It feels more like the stage between the Six of swords and the 2 of cups. Being gentle and self compassionate are integral to a successful eclipse time here.

Ten Of CupsEither way it is an opportunity for riding the waves of authenticity and creating harmony with the people who love you for your highest good. It’s all gearing us towards The Ten of Cups.

As the card depicts, the Ten of Cups is a loving and happy couple that are holding  each other at the waist, but each raise an arm in welcoming the future as individuals. It’s the essence of true love. There is a freedom in affection and lightness of spirit as they enjoy and celebrate their life.

This beginning is opening to you now. The choice is yours :)

May you celebrate this Luna eclipse

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We are excited to be bringing you these exciting new guided mp4 meditations for deep relaxation.

Brainwave technology uses sound technology to bring you into deeper states of relaxation and meditation. Our enhanced meditations help the mind relax without the usual struggle and our guided words soothe the soul and bring you into a state of peace.

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Deep Relaxation Guided meditation

deep relaxation meditation downloadThis guided meditation works on deeper levels to guide you into the body to experience peaceful and enjoyable relaxation and easy meditation.

The sweet and dreamy traditional instruments used in the meditation bring you immediately into a restful space. This download is 15 minutes long – an excellent quick refresher, morning mover or night time relaxant. Great for beginners or therapists.

Attract love Guided meditation 30mins
A deep relaxing meditation designed to bring you into loving presence and enhance positive relationships
soulmate meditationThis guided meditation works on deeper levels to guide you into the body to experience peaceful and enjoyable relaxation and easy meditation. It then moves into guided affirmations of loving presence and into a connection with soulmate energy.

This meditation is designed to bring a soulmate love into your life or to simply have more love in your life. It is best to be used daily for a month with noticeable changes occurring from within and without – often immediately.

Prosperity Consciousness Guided meditation 15 mins
This is a great quick daily starter meditation helping to create a sense of well being and a peaceful yet productive attitude towards your day.

prosperity meditation mp4This guided meditation works on deeper levels to connect with your spirit and tap into the prosperity consciousness – eliminating old belief patterns of lack and poverty from the subconscious mind.

Again the sweet and dreamy music creates brainwave effects to bring you into theta meditation  making it an effortless experience.

Great for busy people on the go or therapist working with lack and negative thinking mentality.

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It is Full moon in Pisces ♓ in a couple of days, whilst Venus is retrograde

pisces full moonSo I’ve drawn her (Venus) in stillness and deep reflection as her emotional consciousness transforms.

She’s rooting herself in nature as the Pisces ♓ dreamy and emotional energies transmute.

She is emulating the Empress tarot card in all her glory.

The sun is in Virgo ♍ so it’s illuminating the mind and showing her in practical terms the steps she needs to take.

Venus is happy with her realisations and is enjoying the rebirthing of spirit…she knows love, she embodies love and she’s ready to ground the new found practicalities’ of her love with another.

The Pisces moon supports this by giving her the heightened emotions and astral insights…she’s patient though for she knows the mystical illusion’s of Pisces…she’s willing to act, she’s willing to proceed with humble invitation and humility cradled at her breast.

But she’d prefer to be met on middle ground. Keep it simple and real :)

emotions Pisces full moonPisces is a all about the emotions, so big emotions may arise from loss or even new situations. Emotions rise to show us, to teach us – allow them in, express them, move through them, share them.

It’s ok to cry.. It’s good to cry…

if you are sad or happy for that matter crying may be a release, an expression of an emotion and when we cry we experience an emotion, we step into and allow our humanness.

We also open up to truth and what is and this gives us an opportunity to grow and realise who we truly are and may even lead us to self forgiveness, or regret, or understanding… which can than lead to real positive action. *insert smile here*

full moon piscesI’m not saying we shouldn’t also smile at stages of grief, but if our emotions warrant crying then cry, don’t smile. That is were we get caught up in inauthentic living and stay stuck in old patterns.

We can use this moon and Venus retrograde to create a leap into expressions of our authentic self and to grow up into love :)

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It’s the solstice (winter here) and it’s a time to gather in love and create harmonious vibrations. RITUAL :)

mandala solstice ritualRituals give life and relationships meaning.

Rituals also honor and acknowledge our loved ones and the unseen life that connects us all.

Acts of intention of the heart can be met by connection of spirit and the source of life.

If you don’t have a community that embraces ritual or your spirit don’t let that stop you from celebrating life. Regenerate your connection to your spirit and the source of life.

Ritual is a simple way of connecting into your true self, your essence and sharing it with your loved one and the universe.

Here is a wonderful love and peace ritual for the June solstice :)

During the day collect some candles, incense and some wood or leaves (if you can have a fire), take a walk and look for a special rock or other emblem – a feather or likewise to use also. Also, any significant crystals or personal items you are fond of or have meaning.

If you have any herbs like mugwort and myrrh, willows bark all the better but its ok if you dont. Also prepare and cook a simple meal of healthy food to enjoy. Also a bowl of water and a bowl of salt.
fire love ritualAfter sunset cast a circle , light the candles or fire (both is best) and the incense.  place the special objects in the center of the circle and sprinkle any herbs you have gathered ( save some for the fire if you have one).

Sit quietly and breath deeply and stare into the candle or fire for a few minutes until you feel grounded and connected

On a piece of paper write a list of the things that need clearing with an I thank you:

eg: I thank you for releasing the anxiety I have been feeling…
I thank you for releasing the old habits that no longer serve me
I thank you for releasing the negative ego mind chatter

Make them your own and relevant to the last year and current situations :), try to keep it simple and not too many. Five is a good number.

Then write all the things you wish to draw into your life and with an I thank you. Again keep it simple and no more than five.

I thank you for bringing in a peaceful and compatible life companion
I thank you for the wonderful sense of grace I experience
I thank you for my ability to accept the ending of my relationship
I thank you for my prosperous and loving life

Ace of cups tarot meaningNow on the back draw the Ace of Cups inside a circle – dont worry about being an artist draw from your heart :)

After this Repeat this incantation whilst staring into the candle or fire:

“Moon of grace and power be
hear my blessings for all to see
from the darkness
I turn toward the light
hear my yearning spirit
bringing peace into my heart

love into my bones
Moon of grace and power be
I thank you for your hearing me
So mote it be”

When you feel a true connection with this chant burn the paper (safely), (if you have a fire now is the time to throw in any herbs) and enjoy your meal whilst gazing into and connecting with the flames of the fire and/or candle.

Feel free to do a little dance and enjoy the food you have prepared.

When you are finished blow out the candles and gather you special objects and place them somewhere special. Empty the water and salt giving thanks.

Close your circle :)

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Smack bang in the middle of the eclipses and the shifts are coming fast and furious… The coming lunar eclipse is in Libra and it is the third one of the tetrad that began in April last year..

wheel of fortuneThink back to the lunar and solar eclipses this time last year and in October last year and you will have an idea of the relational issues and circumstances that arise. This is big unconscious, conscious and external reality shifting that may need a little tidying up.

If you are still having the same conversations, the same issues and/or little growth and resolution of the deeper issues occupying yr mind/heart, this eclipse should well… Eclipse things for you . It’s time.

Some questions to reflect on from this time are:
Are you truly happy now, if not why?
What would you do differently now and why aren’t you?
Have you honoured your intentions?
Are your values the same or different, have you been sincere to them?
What have you held onto that needs to be released?
What have you been afraid to face?

If you have released and risen in love this eclipse should not only bring total completion but a vast new surprise beginning or resolution.

I pulled the wheel of fortune this morning and I feel it is apt… Anything is possible..

The Wheel of Fortune depicts karma, good luck, change, destiny, synchronicity, surprises and good fortune.

april lunar eclipseMore unconscious filtering will occur and it may feel intense but whatever is being revealed over the next week or so requires nothing short of wholehearted honesty, openness, bravery and of course action.

The quality of our relationships shape our story.

This moon is in libra which is all about our relationships.

Libra embraces harmony, fairness, sensuality and diplomacy and encourages a new story sewn together with integrity, truth and beauty.

if you move towards these inner qualities in yourself and people that possess them, this lunar eclipse can shape a plethora of healing, new levels of bonding and open a beautiful new story for you to tell.

A good mantra in this time is ” I trust ”

The wheels of fate and fortune are spinning fast and whatever the universe reveals is laced with opportunity for your higher good.

Let’s hope it shines light in your heart

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