It is Full moon in Pisces ♓ in a couple of days, whilst Venus is retrograde

pisces full moonSo I’ve drawn her (Venus) in stillness and deep reflection as her emotional consciousness transforms.

She’s rooting herself in nature as the Pisces ♓ dreamy and emotional energies transmute.

She is emulating the Empress tarot card in all her glory.

The sun is in Virgo ♍ so it’s illuminating the mind and showing her in practical terms the steps she needs to take.

Venus is happy with her realisations and is enjoying the rebirthing of spirit…she knows love, she embodies love and she’s ready to ground the new found practicalities’ of her love with another.

The Pisces moon supports this by giving her the heightened emotions and astral insights…she’s patient though for she knows the mystical illusion’s of Pisces…she’s willing to act, she’s willing to proceed with humble invitation and humility cradled at her breast.

But she’d prefer to be met on middle ground. Keep it simple and real :)

emotions Pisces full moonPisces is a all about the emotions, so big emotions may arise from loss or even new situations. Emotions rise to show us, to teach us – allow them in, express them, move through them, share them.

It’s ok to cry.. It’s good to cry…

if you are sad or happy for that matter crying may be a release, an expression of an emotion and when we cry we experience an emotion, we step into and allow our humanness.

We also open up to truth and what is and this gives us an opportunity to grow and realise who we truly are and may even lead us to self forgiveness, or regret, or understanding… which can than lead to real positive action. *insert smile here*

full moon piscesI’m not saying we shouldn’t also smile at stages of grief, but if our emotions warrant crying then cry, don’t smile. That is were we get caught up in inauthentic living and stay stuck in old patterns.

We can use this moon and Venus retrograde to create a leap into expressions of our authentic self and to grow up into love :)

I would like a full moon ritual

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It’s the solstice (winter here) and it’s a time to gather in love and create harmonious vibrations. RITUAL :)

mandala solstice ritualRituals give life and relationships meaning.

Rituals also honor and acknowledge our loved ones and the unseen life that connects us all.

Acts of intention of the heart can be met by connection of spirit and the source of life.

If you don’t have a community that embraces ritual or your spirit don’t let that stop you from celebrating life. Regenerate your connection to your spirit and the source of life.

Ritual is a simple way of connecting into your true self, your essence and sharing it with your loved one and the universe.

Here is a wonderful love and peace ritual for the June solstice :)

During the day collect some candles, incense and some wood or leaves (if you can have a fire), take a walk and look for a special rock or other emblem – a feather or likewise to use also. Also, any significant crystals or personal items you are fond of or have meaning.

If you have any herbs like mugwort and myrrh, willows bark all the better but its ok if you dont. Also prepare and cook a simple meal of healthy food to enjoy. Also a bowl of water and a bowl of salt.
fire love ritualAfter sunset cast a circle , light the candles or fire (both is best) and the incense.  place the special objects in the center of the circle and sprinkle any herbs you have gathered ( save some for the fire if you have one).

Sit quietly and breath deeply and stare into the candle or fire for a few minutes until you feel grounded and connected

On a piece of paper write a list of the things that need clearing with an I thank you:

eg: I thank you for releasing the anxiety I have been feeling…
I thank you for releasing the old habits that no longer serve me
I thank you for releasing the negative ego mind chatter

Make them your own and relevant to the last year and current situations :), try to keep it simple and not too many. Five is a good number.

Then write all the things you wish to draw into your life and with an I thank you. Again keep it simple and no more than five.

I thank you for bringing in a peaceful and compatible life companion
I thank you for the wonderful sense of grace I experience
I thank you for my ability to accept the ending of my relationship
I thank you for my prosperous and loving life

Ace of cups tarot meaningNow on the back draw the Ace of Cups inside a circle – dont worry about being an artist draw from your heart :)

After this Repeat this incantation whilst staring into the candle or fire:

“Moon of grace and power be
hear my blessings for all to see
from the darkness
I turn toward the light
hear my yearning spirit
bringing peace into my heart

love into my bones
Moon of grace and power be
I thank you for your hearing me
So mote it be”

When you feel a true connection with this chant burn the paper (safely), (if you have a fire now is the time to throw in any herbs) and enjoy your meal whilst gazing into and connecting with the flames of the fire and/or candle.

Feel free to do a little dance and enjoy the food you have prepared.

When you are finished blow out the candles and gather you special objects and place them somewhere special. Empty the water and salt giving thanks.

Close your circle :)

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Smack bang in the middle of the eclipses and the shifts are coming fast and furious… The coming lunar eclipse is in Libra and it is the third one of the tetrad that began in April last year..

wheel of fortuneThink back to the lunar and solar eclipses this time last year and in October last year and you will have an idea of the relational issues and circumstances that arise. This is big unconscious, conscious and external reality shifting that may need a little tidying up.

If you are still having the same conversations, the same issues and/or little growth and resolution of the deeper issues occupying yr mind/heart, this eclipse should well… Eclipse things for you . It’s time.

Some questions to reflect on from this time are:
Are you truly happy now, if not why?
What would you do differently now and why aren’t you?
Have you honoured your intentions?
Are your values the same or different, have you been sincere to them?
What have you held onto that needs to be released?
What have you been afraid to face?

If you have released and risen in love this eclipse should not only bring total completion but a vast new surprise beginning or resolution.

I pulled the wheel of fortune this morning and I feel it is apt… Anything is possible..

The Wheel of Fortune depicts karma, good luck, change, destiny, synchronicity, surprises and good fortune.

april lunar eclipseMore unconscious filtering will occur and it may feel intense but whatever is being revealed over the next week or so requires nothing short of wholehearted honesty, openness, bravery and of course action.

The quality of our relationships shape our story.

This moon is in libra which is all about our relationships.

Libra embraces harmony, fairness, sensuality and diplomacy and encourages a new story sewn together with integrity, truth and beauty.

if you move towards these inner qualities in yourself and people that possess them, this lunar eclipse can shape a plethora of healing, new levels of bonding and open a beautiful new story for you to tell.

A good mantra in this time is ” I trust ”

The wheels of fate and fortune are spinning fast and whatever the universe reveals is laced with opportunity for your higher good.

Let’s hope it shines light in your heart

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True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows –  Audrey Hepburn

Queen of cups tarot meaningThe Queen of cups sits in a throne, surrounded by clear skies and and a serene sea at her feet in a quiet, relaxed and contemplative manner, balancing a full but closed golden cup (with angel handles) in her hands.

The Queen is sensitive, compassionate, open hearted, nurturing, emotionally wise and gentle.

The thrown she sits on is solid and sturdy representing the base of her emotional sensitivity and strength. The Cup she holds is one of love, but is sealed, depicting her deep connection to her unconscious mind, her ability to understand the truth of the heart and her connection to her soul.

Her mindfulness is heart centered not brain centered. This gives her a greater balance of emotions and creates a softness, clarity and positively powerful way of loving and nurturing in the world without giving away her own power.

The water at her feet symbolises the deep emotions she moves from, they are calm and serene but have underneath them the aliveness of the ocean – a metaphor for emotional intelligence and maturity. This woman is able to love deeply and without attachment. She is firmly grounded in the elements of mother earth and is peaceful in her environment.

Queen of cups tarot meaningWhen the Queen of cups appears in a tarot card reading it signifies that a woman of this caliber is coming to you or is within your sphere and she has wisdom to impart.

Or it could be referring to those parts of you. It could be a guide to look at those parts or to attend to those parts of you. It could be heeding that you have mastered these parts of yourself and the universe is letting you know that you are on the right path.

In love, the Queen of Cups signifies a loving grounded relationship is entering or has entered your life and it is affirming that this love is made of all the sweetness and joy of an emotionally solid and true connection.

It could be referring to a particular person in the relationship – either yourself or the other depending on the positioning of the card. If you have met the Queen of cups consider yourself very fortunate.

Sometimes this card is letting you know that the other person has all the qualities you are seeking in love and it is a go ahead to let go of mental barriers that may be stopping you from embracing the love.

Queen of cups loveThe Queen is intuitive and sensitive to the vibrations around her. If in a new relationship this card may be calling you to go inner for answers to any doubts or fears you may have.

If in an established relationship this card depicts that the relationship has reached a level of maturation and deep emotional commitment and that it is filled with the compassionate and honest intimacy that sustains love with all the laws of acceptance, trust, affection and appreciation.

It could alternately be advising that for the love to continue compassion and empathy are required in this stage of the relationship for it to grow into a new level of commitment and interdependence. It may be suggesting the need to go inner and follow your intuition more than the mental dialogue to reach a deeper trust in the process of the relationship.

This queen is sensitive and uses her heart to contemplate solutions… this is her wisdom… she wants you to use it too.

In work, goals or projects this card is often suggesting that a balanced and emotionally grounded approach is required to advance to the next level.

It could be simply saying that the work you are doing is filled with love and that you are wise to continue on the path or it could be heeding that the time has come for you to endeavour to reach towards a life path of purpose and meaning – your life purpose.

Queen of Cupos tarot cardSpiritually this Queen forebodes a stage were you have become emotionally enriched – you understand that emotions are a directive from the higher self and you have integrated the heart into the mind and are moving from an intuitive place rather than a place of mental activity or emotional blocks.

It often comes after a time of change or spiritual growth were you have undergone a process of moving away from the external influences and have become adapt at manifesting greater inner happiness and emotional intelligence and are now creating a richer experience externally through this evolution of self.

It could also be asking you to look within to see how you are being of service with compassion, creativity and emotional sincerity.. The queen is a person who is able to see beyond the self and seek answers for the greater good – is your inner work reflecting this? are you looking beyond self in your practices and lifestyle choices?

The queen understand the laws of nature within the psyche, she knows that to nurture herself is also about nurturing her environment. That her purpose goes beyond the self and her inner work reflects this.

She contemplates from a space of the greater whole. She knows she cannot please everyone and does not lose her power as she meets the challenges from a space of emotional balance and insight.

Queen of Cups rumiShe creates positive boundaries gently and with foresight, she listens and cares and has the endurance of a love goddess.

The Queen of love is within us all.

We all have the power to intuitively move from a heart felt space that goes beyond the chaos of negative emotions – this Queen wants you to sit in your throne of solid grounded earthiness with your feet firmly planted in the rocks above the water, emerging yourself in the beauty of life, nature and love.

And she wants you to own this love within you and for it to manifest in your relationships, your work and your spirit.

She is coming to you as a guide to show you it is possible and sustainable with a soft gentle embrace.

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Betrayal of the heart by someone we truly and deeply love can be the most painful and hurtful thing we experience, but if we open up to the wound, we have an opportunity to see that we have a deeper capacity to love, that we have the strength of heart to love sincerely and honestly and with courage, and we can heal. With this healing we can walk away with compassion for the other and with the knowledge that our hearts can again be open and love even deeper with someone equal.

three of swords tarot card loveThe Three of Swords is simply a card warning or clarifying heartbreak. It usually portends betrayal and deep sorrow. It is often unforeseen and sudden and can be a shock to the nervous system.

The Three of Swords can be heeding a period of loss and the pain that goes with it.

It usually is a love relationship betrayal – a warning that someone is not being honest or that a hurtful truth will be revealed. There is no escaping this truth and the card is usually a warning that the loss is final. There is no turning back.

Sometimes there is opportunity for reconciliation after healing, however this card is advising that this is not the case – the soul purpose of the relationship has come to an end and the best you can do is heal and discover the lessons you are offered from the the loss or betrayal.

The Three of Swords can be a warning that if you keep going back, and don’t learn from your mistakes that you will continually be heart broken and those closest to you will suffer also. It’s a warning to move away. Some relationships are cruel and sometimes we need to move away so as to allow everyone to heal – you cannot change others and it is never your responsibility to do so.

three of swords tarotIf this card is coming up in a position that is about you, then it may be asking you to be responsible in your actions and to look to see if you are creating the betrayal.

Sometimes when the three of swords appears it is acknowledging that you may be dealing with a bully or a low energy person. It is appearing as a sign post to make major changes in your life.

This card wants you to allow the grief, to process it and to allow time for it to unfold but also warns that to stay in it does not serve you. To be careful of victim mentality and to be careful not to return to the patterns that brought you to the situation.

There is a great healing potential after heart break, betrayal or loss – (healing after a heart break or a betrayal.)

three of swords tarot meaningI do not believe that we have to suffer to find the light – as the light is us, is always within us – however it is sometimes necessary for a life journey of free will to evolve into authentic self by experiencing pain and hurt – it is a part of this life experience.

Some people spend a lifetime in it and others move through the mistakes and lessons with an openness to grief, seeing grief as an opportunity to grow. This card is pointing towards that choice.

This card can be illuminating deep emotional or psychological issues that will need to be healed before one is able to move on. Denying pain does not help it, nor does feeding it with the same energy. You need to embrace the experience but do not wallow in it or recreate it.

three of swordsAn important message to remember is that taking betrayal personally is not of use – when someone behaves in a way towards us that is hurtful, dishonest or lacking in personal integrity, it is they who will have to live with that psyche and karma.

Once you heal or as a part of the healing you can let go of the idea that you deserved it or that you created it – you did not create someone else’s choices – we all have free will which creates our own destiny.

three of swords meaningSo there is no escaping that the Three of swords brings grief or upset and sometimes betrayal but as always with any experience we can grow and heal and learn our own capacity to love.

It could be an initiation into awakening, it could bring about the dark night of the soul – the process of going deep into ones shadow self to eliminate negative ego. If this is the case I recommend finding a spiritual teacher or guide to help you through. One who is experienced in the dark night, to hold you through it. Read more about dark night here.

Before you can spiritually connect to your true beloved it is wise to spiritually disconnect from the past pains so you can love wholly again:

Here is an excellent ritual to perform at the end of a painful relationship experience to honour it’s lessons and to cut the energetic ties that have the potential to stay if you do not let them go  – so you can create a space for a new loving and fulfilling truer relationship – Spiritual divorce ritual.

The best way to move through any experience of loss or heartbreak is with grace :)

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“People are… Full of contradictions. They’re lonely. And then they’re not. They’re missed. And then they’re not.”– Kou Yoneda

Two of SwordsThe Two of swords depicts a blindfolded woman sitting in front of the sea of rocky waters, under the waxing moon, holding two swords crossed over her in a sign of protection.

The blindfold represents the unseeing mind – there is a decision to be made and the woman has closed off her seeing as she is not wanting to make a decision. The choppy and rocky sea represents the inability for any ships to enter – that the necessary resources are distant and inaccessible.

Swords are about, ideas, intellect, thoughts and imagination – they are crossed and defending in this card- therefore blocking any progress or creative solution.

The moon is shining it’s light trying to let in the intuitive guidance but the blindfold and swords are blocking any possibility of progress, solution or moving forward. The woman knows what is happening but she is blindfolding truth and blocking off any new ideas and life. She is in denial.

The two of swords is about having to make a decision but not wanting to change or grow – it is about wanting things to stay the same and not being prepared to see the truth of a situation and make changes. It indicates a situation that is not healthy, that is not going anywhere (the rocky sea) but the person not being willing to look and to make changes.

Two of swords newThere could be many contradicting elements – the heart and the head may be at extreme opposites. The intellect may need to be released so that the positive thoughts, ideas and solutions will come forward. Continuing on as things are is stopping the positive resourceful growth of everyone involved.

The person is being asked to not be passive, to let go of old behaviours of sitting in pain and stagnant waters. To release the swords of false protection and allow in the beauty of the hearts language, the intuitive offerings of the moon.

In love this card is saying you are stuck in an unhappy situation that you see no way of getting out of. There are opportunities there but you will not open to them because you are not wanting to see the truth.

You are staying in unhealthy patterns and relationships as you are too afraid to create the necessary changes from within you. You are choosing to sit in the pain – guarding yourself from newness and happiness as you are afraid of change and growth and vulnerability.

Two of Swords denialThis card comes up in a reading to remind you that denial will not help, it will recreate more of the same and worse. Blocking of the flow and abundance of love and resources effects the entire community.

You are being advised that it is safe to listen to the inner truths of your heart – that it is safe to follow your hearts desires for they seek for happiness.

If you have met someone new, this card may be showing that you are in two minds, that you are still using your intellect to guide your heart.

You may be holding back and not sure what path to take. Your past may be effecting your decisions.

This card is advising that you must release the fears and the idea of control and follow the path of nurturing and love – or you will lose its beauty and will end up sitting in a life of continuing pain and sadness, not willing to move forward – being controlled by the past.

The Two of swords indicates that the new relationship has vast potential but your intellect or fear may be the only thing stopping it from progressing to the next level.

If single it is heeding that you may be in a rut and that it is time to release old stories and seek openness to new love.

In work, goals and projects this card can mean that you have a serious decision to make but may be only seeing half the picture – you may be looking only at the financial side of things and have forgotten the original passion and creativity that was present in the beginning.

It is asking you to look closer at your situation from a holistic perspective and also possibly to let go of old ways so as to bring in new ideas and solutions to help the work or project grow.

Two of swords truthSpiritually this card portends a need to undergo a transformation of ego mind – the many conflicts and dramas in your life have brought you to  a stale mate and you hiding away from the inner truths that are trying to speak to you.

You may have shut down emotionally or be blocking growth by recreating old patterns of the mind.

This card is asking you to find the courage of honesty and vulnerability to undergo the necessary growth and transformation to make leaps in improving your levels of life and happiness.

It is advising that the swords are falsely protecting you – it is time to release the shields – that you are safe to allow in truth and move forward in your life path.

Denial will hold you in a space of stagnation and egoic confusion and your true essence will continue to fight from an inner scope creating more conflict, more unresolved drama and more pain.

Remember the three of cups is the next card (it is the card of heartbreak) and if you don’t adhere the guidance of the Two of Swords you will fall into the three of cups without further ado.

Denial is a coping mechanism that gives you time to adjust to distressing situations — but staying in denial can interfere with treatment or your ability to tackle challenges. If you’re in denial, you’re trying to protect yourself by refusing to accept the truth about something that’s happening in your life – Psychology about.com

love two of swordsThe Two of swords has promise – it is asking you to release the old thought patterns, to embrace your intuition and to move from the messages of the heart – it is telling you that it is safe to face the truth of your life and your situation and that once you do so you will bring in love, peace and the magic that is your potential.

You will be supported and loved if you let go and open up, the two of swords wants you to know this and is warning you that if you stay in the repression and oppression of the past and the untruths of the mind you will not experience the wonder and beauty of the life that awaits you on the other side of your heart.

You have a choice over your destiny… well mostly :)

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