My tarot card readings

Welcome to Brisbane tarot card readings.

I am Megan Jackson,  a committed humanitarian, tarot healer, mentor and authentic soul. I offer tarot readings that give wisdom, insight and guidance  prophecies to create awareness and empowerment.

I believe that love is vital force of life  and  therefore I specialise in Love tarot. If you would like a reading go to my site Healing tarot.

My readings, range from comprehensive to a simple one question reading, I have set up this blog to provide advice, information and article on tarot and healing.

 I feel honoured to have  developed spiritual and healing knowledge and I want to share them.

How is it tarot done

Drawing  in the white light through a meditative state I create a reading circle using the compass directions as a base. I  call upon my higher conscience and ask for guidance through incantation and propose your name and query.

Shuffling the cards on your behalf, I  deal the cards in a celtic cross (10 card reading) for a general comprehensive reading,  three cards for the one question query and five for a love tarot reading. I  spend some time recording the literal meaning of the card and create a sequence between the meanings and the positions of the cards.

I then tap further into my higher conscience (remaining aware), I receive visions and information that I record and formulate into a concise and/or comprehensive reading and email it to you.

If you would like to get in contact with Megan Jackson please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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