April 15 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Cardinal Cross – Solar Eclipse

Pump up the volume , pull out the pastels, paints and hues of gold and silver, stay home, lock the doors, dance and write poetry.
april eclipse 2014Or Go underground if you can. Alternately, I always promote howling as an option ūüôā

This month is HUGE. All of it. We have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra oppossed by Aries – A Grand cardinal cross and a solar eclipse In Taurus – All in a matter of two weeks.

The energies begin at the beginning of the month and go as long as six months.

The tarot cards that come to mind are Death, Justice and Five of swords as an indication of the prevalent energies and manifestations that arise from this mastermind of opposition that the universe is impelling. The desired out come however as always is the High Priestess merging with the Magician and transforming the Fool.

BAM BOOM ¬†the Eclipses of July/August last year are finally culminating ¬†into 2014 the year of the golden rainbow and I hope you’ve crossed your fingers behind your back or slayed the ego with a sword of silver lining or¬†it may just get totally eclipsed from you ¬†– with a hurricane of ¬†truth molecules

Expect random particles of information to move into waves, where probability defies emotional gravity. Expect the unexpected. Expect fast furious change. Expect to be amazed, confused, dazed and then some.

There is a path of least resistance but the skies will be festering and the truth will come through. I see this eclipse a little like a person who has drunk too much alcohol and with no control and with dutch courage speaks from the depths of their soul. Wakes up the next day and is either completely oblivious or has the deepest regrets.

Pick your battles though. Eclipses eclipse things, thoughts and people from your life, usually permanently. Be sure that’s what you really want. If it is well and good, but then next minute more truths come through and you may be spinning right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU

consciousness april eclipse 2014Your unconscious – your soul connection to mother nature will be stirred, fried and a little overcooked. Mars, Aries and Libra will be the competing chefs brewing truth from the depths of relationships and love. Is your search for betterment coming from a place of altruistic humbleness? have you stopped and prepared the ingredients with a sincere heart? Are you flogging a dead horse from old patterns of hurt and/or opportunistic external satisfactions?

This eclipse shows you where you are at, what your¬†karmic debt wants from you and why you are in your current relationship(s) and how you have manifested them. Libra wants balance and Aries wants to win, Mars loves conflict and ¬†Taurus is a stubborn bull¬†and the cardinal cross wants to flip it upside down and inside out, then shake it up a bit. It’s turned into a cocktail party ūüôā or is that the hair of the dog that bit you?

Back to painting and locking doors and dancing and poetry. This is advised on the Full moon eclipse 15/16 April 2014 as it will be extra potent. I’m expecting by the time more eclipsing happens in Taurus by the end of the month you should have a masterpiece or at least a meal that satiates and nourishes your palate. ¬†You will need it.

It’s clear the unconscious is universal – it’s individual and it’s wholly connected to all – no one misses out on this merry go round of love and truth and giving and receiving. Karma – the law of cause and effect doesn’t abide in the house of personal glory – it manifests in times perfection, for the good of ¬†all.

And this is it – the giving and the receiving ¬†– the intentions – the motivations – it will all come forward. If intentions are for serving with love and care for self AND¬†others – if motivation is aroused by heart and love for self AND¬†others, if giving is equal to receiving and you can honestly say you have surrendered, been honest, been fair and allowed suffering to rise and heal, given apologies where due, back tracked selfishness, fast tracked kindness, opened up to true love, then I would unlock the door but still stay home and pump up the volume, gently and with your phone switched off ūüôā

Without further metaphor these eclipses and the cardinal cross energies will strip back the ego finely. Matters will be brought to a head, awareness of what is will be unavoidable even if we didn’t know it ¬†(if it was sub or unconscious). It all depends on how honest we are with ourselves, how much growth and sincerity we have been living with.

Relationships will be the focus of the first eclipse Рany rigid thinking, self sabotaging beliefs (in fast all beliefs) will be brought to the forefront in the most unexpected way, emotions will be tested and felt in fullness РThe cardinal cross will throw in some other secrets and will not let you ignore your well disguised behaviours (even from your self) and the Taurus eclipse will confront any remaining mind/emotional and spiritual matters to increase your self awareness and let go of ideas or beliefs that no longer serve you. 

We can glide through this if we raise our consciousness towards love and towards truth Рits that simple РThe key is that our individual truth may get transformed Рour connection to source, to the universal laws that we are all the maestros of and the prodigies of Рthe great paradox of universal intelligence Рwants to break down the pain, the losses, the untruths about who we and others are.

April eclipse 2014 loveIt wants us to move into the light… Consciousness and conscience are two different things and when planets move about like this in the skies this truth becomes illuminated and we have no choice but to move closer to oneness and unity.

Our conscience cannot stay in a rut it will get pulled by our unconscious and by our environment, both sentient and universal.

The fool can no longer travel beside the High Priestess without a heart full of gold and bag full of offerings. By the time we reach mid may when the eclipse portal is complete we will be transformed and hopefully sitting beside the ones we truly love, with warm fires, a good book  and a nourishing smile.

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