full-moon“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
C.G. Jung

Whilst Mercury makes madness arise in our minds and hearts, as it pivots and pulls in a back-tracking foxtrot across the skies, Pisces full moon comes along and wants to Hip hop with our souls.

It may feel like a live audition of ‘so you think you can dance’, but its actually the final live showdown.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and is made up of dreamy moves and moods, it likes to pirouette into the great mysterious cosmic soup whilst keeping one foot in the compassionate reality of the trance of the ego.

That’s all fine and dandy, but when the solar lights are beaming upon Virgo, who is still trying to perfect the Earthy ways of the Tango, things can seem a little conflicted on the dance floor.

full-moon-september-eclipseThis full moon eclipse is the Finale of the early eclipses of the year. A culmination of the Adagios, bad moves and/or any ab libing you’ve managed to pass of as truth. Yet, also a new beginning for those who have won the judge’s hearts.

What does all this have to do with Carl Jung and his uttering on darkness, pain and consciousness, we’ve been dancing darling?, you may be saying.

The moon lights up consciousness and when it’s in the sometimes dellusionary, mysterious, intuitive other worldly Pisces it lights up the stage of truth – of the thoughts and feeling that have been directing your path – the story line of your dance.

full-moon-in-piscesIf these have been or are tinged by shadows and past comatose(ing) concepts and beliefs the stage lights will shine on them and you will have no choice but to go live. The rehearsals are over.

There is a lovely possibility that you have been consciously training your consciousness, warming up your soul’s spark, reaching into the choreography of your intuition and, yes – you will hit the light fantastic.

full-moon-september-2016Neptune loves to pull away delusions and light up cosmic rays of truth. It’s also a watery sensitive so will often bring in a beautiful ballet of divine insight that will hold you step by step.

Remember it’s all leading into your true self, your soul, heart, divine destiny. So if your hip-hopping, foxtrotting or still doing the tango, it wants you to show your heart to capture the audiences and the judges attention.

Neptune wants clarity not confounded sidestepping. Move your mind ego out of the way and let your soul rap on into the beloved’s arms.

Be love 🙂




A meditation to cultivate and attract love


noun: self-love
  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Creating peace and love through Meditation is like forming a deep anD palpable connection with your innermost self. Sometimes you will feel a sense of true inner peace and at other times an ecstatic anticipation and others a stillness and profound sense of truth.

This love meditation cultivates a peaceful resonance of love for self and an energetic flow of unconditional love and fullness of loving vibes, whereby you undergo a healing and a maturation of self love from with in. This will in part, create an inner peace and love, but will also attract to you loving connections in your external world.

It is best used everyday for a month for deep changes with in and out, but can have immediate effects. Don’t be surprised if you find a soul love seemingly fall from the sky – but as always – the work must be done and the love must first come from with in and authentically 🙂

Put your headphones on (as it uses brainwave technology) for a love treat and please enjoy 🙂


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“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

cosmos april new moon love ritual


I’m not going to ramble and fumble my way through a consciousness talk on choices or past verses future,

I’m not going to use parodoxes to explain the nature of reality in relation to the cosmic influences of the planets and Luna energies.

I’m not going to churn out metaphors to direct you towards insights of how love is a verb, a state of being or a musical note.

Instead I’m just going to give you this picture, this mandala to meditate on with a note of assurance that love – true love – is available in nature, in you NOW 🙂

April new moon mandala love ritual

New moon April 2016 insight

I’m feeling the new moon in Aries will be layered with transitioning moments from resistance and contraction into a soft, honest, kind offering of love, and peaceful connection. Or at least the beginning of. 😄

April new moon love astrology

There may be a sense of urgency.. that’s fine tho..its the Mars/Aries energy.. heed the intuitive nudges. Be the love spell.

Go directly towards love 🙂

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Psychologists and researchers are finding extraordinary results in people overcoming depression and anxiety, as well as creating an inner peace and happiness through mindfulness practice.

So what exactly is causing mindfulness, the ancient Buddhist practice, to benefit our health, psyche, and overall quality of life?

Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn asked the same question in the late 70’s and began applying mindful practice in a clinical setting to patients. His work showed substantial improvement in people suffering from pain, often of an acute nature. This lead to a collaborative research program with another scientist Richard Davidson.

It is important to say here that the Eastern traditions have been using this with great success and deep understanding for many thousands of years. Although they do not use western scientific methods to explain it or to advocate it, they have in-depth literature and practical measures of experiential evidence to show its effectiveness. Yoga for instance (not the postures, but the true yoga – meditation) is considered a science of the mind as is Buddhism.

It’s a bit like an eight month pregnant woman having to show a medical certificate to a government agency to prove she is pregnant! But, here we are in a reductionist western society, trying to prove traditional knowledge through a measured microscope – Sorry for the extraneous wandering here – I promise it was in non-judgemental awareness 🙂

So it is with blessings that contemporary science, health and philosophy experts are uncovering the healing and beneficial aspects of anchoring the mind in a concentrated state.  And, considering the sophisticated view (of the Buddhists) of the mind and body being a natural system that can be transformed into optimal well-being. Measurably.

In simple terms, studies show that intentionality is key – the ways we purposefully move our inner focus of intention in Mindfulness practice (or meditation) generates an event of brain activity that when repeated becomes a persistent state. Which in part creates long term changes in the brain’s structure and functioning in the individual practitioner – Neuroplasticity.
It has been proven time and time again, that this practice of mind focus – which includes non judgemental presence with what is – so shall we say mindlessness, is effecting changes for the better in mental and physical pain. It seems that if we stop the thoughts about a thing – our sore leg or our broken heart, we give our body and mind the opportunity to self heal.
Bringing us in contact with a sense of peace (what I like to call the sixth sense) we can then approach our physical or mental anguish with a new o’plastic perception.

 “I think, therefore I am” – René Descartes

It is important here to understand what the mind is. I love that science and neurology are stepping up. But, is the mind located in the brain alone? Big one!

As Elanor Roche (Psychologist/researcher -university of California- Berkley) states:

“To try to isolate and manipulate single factors that actually operate only systemically is like killing a rabbit and dissecting it to look for its aliveness”

Well let’s go back to the Buddhists – a step ahead of science –   and consider for a moment — what the tradition considers the mind to be.

Let’s go the direct path – straight to the Dalia Lama. In his recent talk on ‘What is the Mind’  at Cambridge MA, USA, The Dalia Lama states this:

” In general, the mind can be defined as an entity that has the nature of mere experience, that is, “clarity and knowing.” It is the knowing nature, or agency, that is called mind, and this is non-material. But within the category of mind there are also gross levels, such as our sensory perceptions, which cannot function or even come into being without depending on physical organs like our senses. And within the category of the sixth consciousness, the mental consciousness, there are various divisions, or types of mental consciousness that are heavily dependent upon the physiological basis, our brain, for their arising. These types of mind cannot be understood in isolation from their physiological bases.”

Let’s devour this into a delicious osmosis of Western succint nutshellery, in the present moment – The mind is consciousness, whole to all it’s parts seen and unseen, unconscious and conscious.

This would lead into the middle path. The idea that mindfulness practice is relative to the whole of ourselves – mind, body and spirit. Spirit (or the unconscious) the part or wave that science has yet to grasp measurably. Yet, one that only practice or experience can bring us closer to.

Although growth is never static, nor is science we can accept that with a snuggling up to a non-judgemental present awareness with our being that we will be happier, more peaceful and less resistant to the knowledge of our true self.



Slip back into the beats of 1997, make yourself a cup of tea and put on your slippers; this is going to by a curly one.

Pisces new moon 2016 lovepisces new moon 2016New moon’s are traditionally new beginnings and eclipses are illusion smashers.

But, this is a super moon (meaning moon is closest to Earth) also, so you better make sure you have insurance for the illusions residing in your karma closet, cause it may be costly, as they are stolen from the shadows.

This one is in Pisces – the watery,  emotional, deeply other worldly sign that sways between the two worlds – building bridges between the world of illusion and the truth reality.

1997 was the last time we had a new moon eclipse in Pisces, so think back to what was happening around March and August that year and it may or may not give you some clues.

Hopefully you have tidied up your emotional handbags and your karmic rooms or better still built a new home made of genuine ginger and matured love hearts, because the winds might blow and blow and knock the walls down – the pretend ones that is.

Search your frequencies for Elton John’s ‘candle in the wind, take deeps breaths, put on the ripped tight jeans, mix a mock tail and grab your journal.

It will either have pages of love gone wrong, ragged with tear drops or if you have begged for forgiveness, scrambled the heart for answers, thrown out the baggage and the ipod,  you will be aiming for jotting down a colourful and tidy little list of 2016 post illusion integration actions, before you change the frequency and slow dance to Elton’s ‘Something about how you look tonight.

Emotions are messages – they are real but they are not the whole truth. They sometimes get confused from the eras of days gone by – they forget to move with the times. The Pisces depths of emotions will be lit up in all of us – the light is bright because it’s close to Earth and the illusions will eclipse.

Rumi seekingPisces is ruled by Neptune, the tricky magician, so new wave frequencies may arise for transforming into particles of pleasure or if you are lucky old ones may twist and turn into new evolved versions of consciousness and regulated heart beats. If you are like a fish (Pisces) you will go with the flow, into the arms of the beloved.

If none of this made sense you can google “New moon Pisces March 2016” and seek, seek seek or you can put on your blue swayed shoes and make a move toward your congruent love self or other.

Alternately you can simply just sit back in your banana lounge, navigate your navel and the stars and wait for a blue moon 🙂

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I would like a love tarot



The perfect tranquility of life, which is nowhere to be found but in retreat, a faithful friend and a good library – AphraBehn
four of swords tarotKeywords:
Overwhelm, stress, recovery, retreat, Healing, gaining inner peace, self-protection, trust, hospital/illness, spiritual awakening or overhaul, sanctuary

As the four of Swords sits before us we are filled with a sense of melancholy and seriousness – In a sacred place a shielded knight lays still in dull earnest, with the Three Swords above his head and one beneath him, we see  he requires respite from what/where he has escaped.

As he is armoured we can assume he has come from a place of conflict, perhaps even warfare which required protection, and as the helmet is amiss we can see that the battle or issue is over, he has escaped.

four of swords trustThe three of swords above indicate he has moved from heartbreak and suffering, but they are still present in his psyche. The sword beneath him is one of hope – that in retreat and distance from the situation, in this sanctuary, the healing and protection will occur.

The stained glass picture in the far back depicts a peaceful image with a halo giving healing – this signifies their is an inner light still ablaze that can be ignited – there is hope. Although the person looks depleted and possibly broken from what came before them the message here is that with respite, removal from the situation and honest evaluation the person can recover.

The Four of Swords is about coming from a crisis situation and needing to retreat in introspection and relaxation to regain clarity and healing.

four of swords truthIn love it usually depicts a time of healing after an abusive of destructive relationship. In work it refers to similar – a time of resting and regaining confidence after an unpleasant or soul destroying career experience.

The swords are in the minor Arcana so they are minor stories of experience or external issues that influence our everyday life. Spiritually this card depicts a time away from the world to reflect, rest, recover and heal the mind by going inner.

The Four of swords can also literally mean a hospital respite – a time of healing from a medical condition. Regardless, it will always mean moving away from what is and recovering, either physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally.

four of swords boundariesThe Four of Swords is asking you to stop – in many cases it is giving you a situation that will give you no choice but to stop, move away and recover. Things can not be the same as they were before.

There may be an element of isolation, wanting to seperate yourself from the entire world because of the 3 of swords that have come before – but the image of faith in the background is reminding you that with rest and healing you are safe and that not all situations are similar to what has come before.

The healing process is necessary and will be effective if you relent – surrender  into the vital process of inner searching, rest and separating self from past. Giving your self over to healing and accepting your own power in the situation and realising your own choices and decisions and beliefs that led you to this point in your life.

Four of swords healingAs you remove yourself from the past griefs and wounds you can heal into a new inner way and the armour can be removed and you can regain your inner power with an open heart 🙂

The Four of Swords is an opportunity after heartbreak to retreat and open up to your authentic self and begin over again. Rest, rest, rest and learn what fills yr heart with joy 🙂


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Mindfulness – The power of Now
noun –

  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
  2. a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

mindful =ness meditation freeBeing open and actively present is what ‘they’ mean when they say mindfulness. It’s paying attention on purpose.
It allows us to reap full benefits of life, love and experience.

We have mostly all heard of Eckharte Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’, in short he is referring to mindfulness, being in the now.

Buddhists, Indian sages and tribes all around the world have been practicing this for centuries, in one way or another, with great success in creating peaceful and harmonious communities. Psychologists, doctors, therapists and healers of all kinds are starting to advocate mindful meditation as a means to overcoming depression, anxiety, physical illnesses and other less than satisfactory states of being.

When we stop the mind chatter and go inner, we become aware of the thoughts, sensations and feelings that are directing our lives. With mindfulness we can begin a true and sustainable healing. We can begin to positively create our lives and manifest better situations, outcomes and life quality.

Simply, it’s a beautiful way to live ones life. Conflict begins to move away from our lives, perspectives change, healing occurs and real magic begins to happen.

I have made my Mindful presence guided meditation available free for anyone to use.
I have also included a Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation meditation free to use 🙂
Also Hypnosis meditation for positive thoughts
For full effects it is best to use daily.

I hope you enjoy.
and find peace in your life  🙂

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