Magic rituals Soulmate, Love, Money, Prosperity and Clearing

love ritual spellsDue to many requests, I am now offering rituals for love, prosperity, money and to rid negative energies that may be holding you back. I have made these as affordable as possible. Charging for ingredients and resources not time :)

Using divine natural resources and connection to spirit a ritual works to draw in energies and create shifts in our lifes.  I only use white light (positive) energies and will never cast a ritual with negative intent or onto another person.

As a pagan I have experienced and attend to the philosphy of the laws of three and therefore will never do a ritual or spell that effects the free will of a person other then who the ritual is being cast for – I will never do return a love ritual – as I feel this interferes with free will. However, I can do healing rituals to remove negative energies and karmic ties between you and another – but again I work from the person not the other.

fire love ritualRituals and spells work from inside out. This means that a ritual may bring up inner issues to resolve and heal as the magic creates changes on the outer life.

Soulmate and love rituals are very powerful and can bring an abundance of love into your life. It is often with a ritual like this that many people will be attracted to you – Much healing can occur in this period. But the soul you are meant to be with will become very obvious and clear as the energies manifest. I offer a general love spell to improve love in your life and a full soulmate ritual.

Money problems can be shifted with a ritual to remove obstacle and can bring money coming in from unusual sources. I incude a safe guard in these ritual so that the effect is harmonious and coming from good source not a negative source.

Prosperity can be shifted with a prosperity spell. This ritual is designed to create general prosperity. It creates a path to unusal synchroncities and openness in you to experience the ever present opportunities that are surrounding you.

The clearing spell is designed to work on deep levels to clear karmic and current life energies that may be stopping you from moving forward successfully in all areas of life. This is recommended if things have not being going well in any area of your life and can increase possibilties of prosperity, love and money to improve. It is a very healing period and many things and people that no longer serve you may leave your life during this cleansing process.

Love ritual spellsLove, money and prosperity ritual spells take me about an hour and soulmate and cleansing spells take anywhere up to two hrs. I spend one or two days collecting natural resources and meditating on the ritual and general preparation. Most rituals will be conducted within 4 days of ordering.

Rituals take approxiametly 3 to 6 months to take full effect. They begin almost immediately with an increase in dreams, inner sensations, and healing events occuring seemlingly out of nowhere.

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Pump up the volume , pull out the pastels, paints and hues of gold and silver, stay home, lock the doors, dance and write poetry.
april eclipse 2014Or Go underground if you can. Alternately, I always promote howling as an option :)

This month is HUGE. All of it. We have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra oppossed by Aries – A Grand cardinal cross and a solar eclipse In Taurus – All in a matter of two weeks.

The energies begin at the beginning of the month and go as long as six months.

The tarot cards that come to mind are DeathJustice and Five of swords as an indication of the prevalent energies and manifestations that arise from this mastermind of opposition that the universe is impelling. The desired out come however as always is the High Priestess merging with the Magician and transforming the Fool.

BAM BOOM  the Eclipses of July/August last year are finally culminating  into 2014 the year of the golden rainbow and I hope you’ve crossed your fingers behind your back or slayed the ego with a sword of silver lining or it may just get totally eclipsed from you  - with a hurricane of  truth molecules

Expect random particles of information to move into waves, where probability defies emotional gravity. Expect the unexpected. Expect fast furious change. Expect to be amazed, confused, dazed and then some.

There is a path of least resistance but the skies will be festering and the truth will come through. I see this eclipse a little like a person who has drunk too much alcohol and with no control and with dutch courage speaks from the depths of their soul. Wakes up the next day and is either completely oblivious or has the deepest regrets.

Pick your battles though. Eclipses eclipse things, thoughts and people from your life, usually permanently. Be sure that’s what you really want. If it is well and good, but then next minute more truths come through and you may be spinning right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round.             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU

consciousness april eclipse 2014Your unconscious – your soul connection to mother nature will be stirred, fried and a little overcooked. Mars, Aries and Libra will be the competing chefs brewing truth from the depths of relationships and love. Is your search for betterment coming from a place of altruistic humbleness? have you stopped and prepared the ingredients with a sincere heart? Are you flogging a dead horse from old patterns of hurt and/or opportunistic external satisfactions?

This eclipse shows you where you are at, what your karmic debt wants from you and why you are in your current relationship(s) and how you have manifested them. Libra wants balance and Aries wants to win, Mars loves conflict and  Taurus is a stubborn mule and the cardinal cross wants to flip it upside down and inside out, then shake it up a bit. It’s turned into a cocktail party :) or is that the hair of the dog that bit you?

Back to painting and locking doors and dancing and poetry. This is advised on the Full moon eclipse 15/16 April 2014 as it will be extra potent. I’m expecting by the time more eclipsing happens in Taurus by the end of the month you should have a masterpiece or at least a meal that satiates and nourishes your palate.  You will need it.

It’s clear the unconscious is universal – it’s individual and it’s wholly connected to all – no one misses out on this merry go round of love and truth and giving and receiving. Karma – the law of cause and effect doesn’t abide in the house of personal glory – it manifests in times perfection, for the good of  all.

And this is it – the giving and the receiving  - the intentions – the motivations – it will all come forward. If intentions are for serving with love and care for self AND others – if motivation is aroused by heart and love for self AND others, if giving is equal to receiving and you can honestly say you have surrendered, been honest, been fair and allowed suffering to rise and heal, given apologies where due, back tracked selfishness, fast tracked kindness, opened up to true love, then I would unlock the door but still stay home and pump up the volume, gently and with your phone switched off :)

Without further metaphor these eclipses and the cardinal cross energies will strip back the ego finely. Matters will be brought to a head, awareness of what is will be unavoidable even if we didn’t know it  (if it was sub or unconscious). It all depends on how honest we are with ourselves, how much growth and sincerity we have been living with.

Relationships will be the focus of the first eclipse – any rigid thinking, self sabotaging beliefs (in fast all beliefs) will be brought to the forefront in the most unexpected way, emotions will be tested and felt in fullness – The cardinal cross will throw in some other secrets and will not let you ignore your well disguised behaviours (even from your self) and the Taurus eclipse will confront any remaining mind/emotional and spiritual matters to increase your self awareness and let go of ideas or beliefs that no longer serve you. 

We can glide through this if we raise our consciousness towards love and towards truth – its that simple – The key is that our individual truth may get transformed – our connection to source, to the universal laws that we are all the maestros of and the prodigies of – the great paradox of universal intelligence – wants to break down the pain, the losses, the untruths about who we and others are.

April eclipse 2014 loveIt wants us to move into the light… Consciousness and conscience are two different things and when planets move about like this in the skies this truth becomes illuminated and we have no choice but to move closer to oneness and unity.

Our conscience cannot stay in a rut it will get pulled by our unconscious and by our environment, both sentient and universal.

The fool can no longer travel beside the High Priestess without a heart full of gold and bag full of offerings. By the time we reach mid may when the eclipse portal is complete we will be transformed and hopefully sitting beside the ones we truly love, with warm fires, a good book  and a nourishing smile.

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When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine. - Teri Degler

  1. The empress tarot meaningSurrounded by the flourishing and abundant nature (symbolising her emotional depth and resonance with mother Earth), sits the Empress exuding peace, femininity and a serene aura. She wears a long soft flowing frock covered in pomegranates (fertility) and a crown of stars, which represent her honest intuitive understanding of the skies above (cosmic connection).
  2. We also see the symbol for Venus (Goddess of love/beauty) by her side and here we realise this woman  forebodes the true essence of beauty, love and creativity – Abundance through connection with the universe.

Empress tarot Keywords:  emotions, self expression, or short and long distance trips, true love, intuition, art, creativity, socialising, abundance, mother
Reverse: emotional stifling, creative blocks, codependency, imbalance, materialism

The Empress card is an expression of the female creative energy and heralds abundance in artist pursuits, sincere heart love, feminine energy and ignited intuitive powers. As Earth mother she is guiding the querent towards nature, nurturing, caring and inner beauty. She wants you to nurture yourself, others and in particular your closest relationship – especially your child. She is calling you to tap into your feminine essence of natural beauty and love to bring you closer to a more peaceful and calmer life.

Empress tarot cardCreativity and passion and the arts are highlighted when the Empress appears. She is the giver of new ideas that are creative from the inner stillness that derives from nature and the universal intelligence. She is heeding you to be aware of imbalances in your life and to move back into the feminine to overcome obstacles in all areas of life. She is here to assist you in the creative process and to remind you that your soul (not money or materialism or fame) is the vital director of true artistry.

In Love the Empress is symbolising  the softness and strength of the feminine power.

If in a relationship it may be saying you are about to go into a deeper, richer, more intimate level of emotional and spiritual union. The Empress is sensual and if your relationship is one based on sincere emotions this indicates the potential of a deep fulfilling relationship.

If the card is reversed it may indicate any relationship that is based on sexual gratification, materialism, ego fulfillment may not be sustained any longer. The Empress deserves the fruits and beauty of rich love that goes beyond (but is inclusive of) passion alone.

Empress tarot card feminineIf single the Empress foretells a time of sharing and joy with a person of equal creative and emotional desire as your own. It suggests that someone you have met or are about to meet will be an equal and will have the potential to meet your emotional and sensual needs on an honest and enriching level.

There may be a time of healing and union. You will be introduced to a new way, new ideas will be flowing to you and your heart will open up.

If reversed it may be heeding you to get in touch with your inner femininity and be less msaculine in your approach to love. Be aware of shallow sexual pursuits and allow your intuition to direct you through any new encounters.

In business, goals and projects the Empress is tiding a time of abundance and reward. She has displayed openness, calmness and true community and mother spirit in her work and may now be in position to be rewarded.

If things have been in struggle mode she is asking you to be more creative – to spend time taping into your natural state and to discover more genuine artistic richness. Let the external desires for fulfillment move aside and create from a base level of spirit. New ideas are coming through and with the Empress you can change any situation into an abundant one if you let go of materialism and move deeper into your spirit.

nature tarot EmpressThe Empress also receives help from the community, as she has become so attractive in her calm and feminine way that she draws people to her unconsciously. She uses the intelligence and softness of her nature and beauty (not sex but sensual) to create an environment that is warm and inviting.

This energy is the force of powerful alignment with truth, love and the universe, the Empress reminds us that with practice we can make this our natural state and therefore live in flow with mother Earth and the energy of true abundance.

Spiritually, the Empress may be forewarning a divine intervention  - if you have moving from a soul level, have been making choices that benefit all around you – something extraordinary may occur that leaves you wondering “Wow, how did that happen? I must have done something right”. Yes you have and the universe is sending you a miracle to move you closer to your goal.

The purpose of life is to awaken, it is not anything external – they are just ego tests that we give to ourselves along our journey to help us move closer to our true self and our awakening. The Empress is reminding us of this and calling us to move back into mother nature to surrender to the natural laws of nature.

When we visit nature (intimately) we not only heal but we connect to our true creative potential. The stars of the Empresses crown guide her towards her truth through intuition and foresight. The abundant nature and flowing river preserves her inner calm and helps her move towards her goal peacefully and confidently.

nature1The Empress also comes to us to remind us of our inner beauty and to express it in our lives. Her dress of pomegranates (ferlitity) is soft and flowing and this is a symbol of our need to recognise the way we are in the world, our genuineness. Bring forward the inner feminine beauty to your consciousness. Do this creatively from the true essence of your soul. You will bring in more fulfilling circumstance, genuine people who want to join you in the dance of awareness and growth.

This is your true power. Your inner light, your true creative mother nurturer self. Be the love, be the beauty and you will see your life flow naturally and with ease.


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“Great spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in their moccasins” – American Indian proverb

Judgement tarot cardI can sense I am near the end of my journey, this particular journey. I awake each day with anticipation roaring from my gut. I’m empty and full at the same time, I’m in love with life, I feel awake alive, but something is missing. I am the fool and the Judgement card has fallen under my feet as I run towards my goal, I slip and see that I am moving too fast, not looking closely at where I am going.

The fool is near the end of the journey when the Judgement card appears, but something is holding them back and so they look toward the sky, looking for guidance from the sun. Instead  of seeing the solar energy, there is an angel blowing a trumpet. A sound that stops them at their feet.

“You are on the right path,” the Angel says, “you have only one last step on your journey, one last task to complete to reach your goal. But, until you confront the past and heal it, release it, lay it to rest, you cannot take another step or at least one in the right direction.”

The Fool, naked and grey/colourless, is astonished. “I have moved on, left the past behind, there is no thing to lay to rest. I’m over with the past!”

The Angel advises: You can not leave the past behind, the past is moving with you making your steps heavy, altering your every move, digging deeper into the earth (your subconcious), planting half sown seeds of destruction. Your past walks under you, you cannot just run away from it, hide it deeper without effect. Although, you can call it forward, face it and transmute it

tarot card meaningThe judgement card symbolises a time of seeking guidance to transmute the past, to reach into the present, to heal in truth and to move into the future with a clean slate of forgiveness and acceptance.

At certain intersections in the journey we must stop and rest, reflect and awake to truth.

The seeker benefits from discernment, which may be achieved by looking closer with open judgement to the past and the present. We may have left some things behind that are useful, we may have forgotten some necessary tools or emotions or ideas.

New age self helps encourages us to keep moving on and to not look back – but, the past, the present and the future are transcended by the soul and are all relative. The past has the capacity to assist us.

judgement card tarotLaws of cause and effect involve past, present and future. We can benefit from resurfacing the past in the right way. We can  transmute karmic debt when we face the truth. The Judgement card is a time of deep healing and reflection. It can mean that if you have been through a time of struggle that you are now in a position to stop analyse, feel, sense and create a new life.

Awakening may be the forefront of the Judgement card. It will definately bring forward past actions, present situations and possibilties for the future based on these.

In love, the Judgement card may suggest someone new is coming into your life (if you are single). But it warns that if you have not faced the past you will be bringing it into the new relationship. Or you may be needing to judge the situation, look at the reasons you are going into this new relationship, what your intentions are.

It may be asking you to go slow or to heed past lessons. It’s asking you to mend the past and then go towards new love. And to be clear it is love not loneliness driving you.

love tarot

If in a relationship this card is asking you to step aside from your ego and use discernment regarding where you are. There may be a time of change within the relationship, this card is asking you to not be too harsh in your judgement of others, to be considerate of your own actions/feelings and assess what your motivations are.

Are you coming from a space of unconditional love? Are you comprising yourself or your own values?

This card is usually a time of re-establishing goals, values and comittments within a relationship and is heeding you to not rush decision making but to use time and reflection to move into your soul before making any moves, you may need to step aside to do so.

In business, goals and projects this card is asking you to sincerely assess your soul purpose and see if it is sitting comfortably with your logic. You may be moving ahead too fast or without consideration of the value of the project. You may have lost the soul of the business or project.

Sometimes the judgement card is warning that you may be at a crossroads and it is time to take stock and recall your initial intentions. It could also be suggesting that you are being called to seek out your motives and see if ego is driving you.

Service is important to any project or goal or business. Rewriting visions, motives and service ideals can help in this area if the Judgement card appears.

awakening judgement tarotSpiritually you may be in an awakening stage. Awakening is ongoing, it is not just one event. Something external may have occurred to pull you back into beginners mind. Going back to basics, going inner and rebirthing is often a necessity with the Judgement card.

You may be having to let go of old beliefs, and again this is where the past may arise, allowing for ‘letting them go’ –  is the message. You may have to be letting people go and situations go that  are holding you in past patterns or that are not serving you on a soul level. Inside is the place to find the answers you are looking for.

Alternately it may be time to look at your own judgements, your mind chatter, how it is effecting and affecting you life. Using discernment but practicing non-judgement can bring us closer to truth.

The Judgement card may simply be asking you to step back into your psyche, resolve thoughts conditioning and to be present with them but to walk into the future with a sense of non judgement, leading you to opening and transcending.

Love, growth and destiny have the greatest potential in our awakened state; judgement is necessary but can confine us if not coming from the soul. It’s an opportunity to return to your soul.

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The World tarot card or (universe) tarot card meaning

“I am in the universe the universe is in me the universe and I are together combined”

The world tarot cardThis mantra sums up the message of the world card. It shows us that we are a dynamic force within the universe but are also of the universe.

It points to our consciousness and our thoughts and actions and how we need to integrate this with our soul – which is the universe.

World tarot card Keywords: Travel, true love, universal laws, enlightenment, honest success, family love, completeness, moving forward, openness, peace, abundance, intuition

The world card is the final card of the major Arcana. It It is reminding us that the universe does not work alone that our inner lives – our unconscious and consciousness have the ability to move us towards a oneness with the universal laws of love and truth.

It is saying that you have completed a cycle and are right back to the beginning of yourself but with all the knowledge and resources of the universal intelligence.

In love the World card depicts that you have left behind all the lessons and trials and have moved into a space of true authentic love. You are in the space of true heart and your ability to love is egoless and sincere. You are stepping into a new world and the universe is delivering  true love to you. You have mastered the ego and you have learned that material and external desires are not the essence of true heart.

This card could literally mean you will meet someone from another part of the world or that you will travel for or towards love. There is an adventure awaiting you and you are being called to step into the world. It could be that you will travel and learn a deeper love for yourself or another. Whichever, this card is about universe expansion and suggests that love is awaiting you in an unfamiliar land.

universe tarot cardIn love it can also refer to you having choices. It may be a time when you have more than one person presenting themselves to you as a love or romantic partner.

You are being tested to be honest and loyal to your heart and to remember all the lessons and to follow through with selfless emotional sincerity – a warning to leave greed and debauchery behind.

To fully embrace intimacy and love with all its grace and challenges. Your reward is one of true sustainable bliss.

Careers, goals and projects will be coming to a stage of completion. You have given your all and you have worked hard and long and the World card is telling you that you have completed the tasks required and are about to be celebrated and rewarded. As you moved through your tasks you have learned the necessary skills and lessons to make a wonderful master in your feild.

You have given your best, you have been congruent and repaired any ills or errors along the way and now the universe is opening up the world to you to begin the work as a master not an apprentice.

You will be embraced by your community, you will given guidance and honest companionship and you will be benefitting the world at large. You will be providing a service that is benefitial and purposeful that works towards healing and the creative forces of  a better world.

If you haven’t put the work in, if you have been unfaithful, selfish, squandering your time and money, lazy in your endeavours, or your intent has been self fulfilling, The World card may be reversed and it depicts that you may suffer losses in an attempt to teach you the value of commitment, intention and right action.

The fool must learn there lessons on the journey of the arcana.

At the end of the journey you will no longer be fooled by the tricks of the mind, You have worked honestly and You are in the high energy cycle and low energy events and people will no longer be able to fool you or even reach you. You may be able to heal and teach but you no longer vibrate at the level of ego and so therefore surpass the lower energy .


You have done sincere healing, you have seen truth and you are on the right path. No more struggles. You will see this in your family, friends, work and life. It will be a feeling of integration – almost tangible from the joy and love radiating from you and those around you,

The world card shows us that we can have all – security, love, peace, happiness and fulfillment. That once we have walked the path of true caring, love and healing, are sincere in service to others, we can indeed be released from the struggle of ego.

The world is your oyster and you yourself are the pearl.

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The word yoga comes from sanskrit and literally means ‘union’ or ‘connection; of the individual consciousness or soul with Universal consciousness or spirit.

yoga5Most people in the Western worlds see Yoga as the physical excercise (called Asanas) but this is just a technique to assist us on the path of yoga and these are actually only a superficial aspect of the profound metaphysics of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul that yoga really is.

This is not to discount its significance by any means, as it is a beneficial and beautiful path of yoga. But it is important to establish that it is not yoga itself but a means to.

In Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection. In a philosophical sense, however, yoga means the conscious connection of the limited egoic self with the unlimited, eternal, higher Self.

Therefore, yoga is a process of changing  the  outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes a dynamic hub of direct connection  (no longer dependent on the five senses) but, able to see the whole truth. Which is a journey of self realisation.

yoga west end brisbaneMost people worldwide ask them selves the questions: Who am I? Why am I? and How do I realise truth? at sometime in there lives. Often this is done in childhood. In the West we learn to try to find this from outside of us – through status, relationship or some other means.

We are educated with the intrinsic beleif that who we are is found ‘out there somewhere’ rarely are we taught to look in. So, many people when they start asking these question seek from some outer experience and find themselves at some stage unhappy, anxious, confused, moving from relationship to relationship, loveless, unfullfilled, physically in pain or some way disasisfied.

These questions are an important part of yoga and they can be found within; first through self enquiry and various other yoga techniques discussed below.

Awareness is the key to yoga. meditation is the key to awareness. stillness, quietness alongside active participation of love and compassion - Seeking outside oneself is a superficial illusion of  immediate satisfaction, that is unsustainable. Hence the perpetual roller-coaster ride mentioned above.

justice tarot cardThe ego mind must be seen through the eyes of universal intelligence and become integrated with this reality. The unconscious mind is to be realised and seen and energetically and consciously cleansed. Through this process the self can become authentic and non attached to egoic illusions and be in a state of union or connection which induces bliss.

There are many paths and techniques  to attend yoga, to attain union. the aforementioned Asana (yoga poses) are just one of them. Each one is a specialised path to self realisation and yoga bliss.

Hatha yoga - 

Hatha yoga includes postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), purification techniques (shat karmas) energy regulation techniques (mudra and bandha). hatha yoga’s purpose is to purify the body and give us control over its internal state making it fit for meditation – which is the key to higher consciousness.

Karma Yoga

This is selfless services to others as part of one’s larger Self, without attachment to results. Here the ego is given up and therefore diminishes its control and brings us closer to self and our divinity.

Mantra yoga

This is where we center the consciousness within through japa, or the repetition of certain universal root-word sounds representing a particular aspect of Spirit.

Here is a mantra for wisdom protection and enhancing abundance.

Chant it 108 times a day for 40 days and watch vibrational shifts occur :)

“Om aim hreem kleem chamundayai vichhe namaha”

Translates to: Infinite awareness knows the one, the many, and she who unites them, transforms them and makes them whole.

yoga 1Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti  is the surrendering of the ego through pure devotion to the universal divine. through which one strives to see and love the divinity in every creature and in everything. In Bhakti ones feels no seperation and it is considered the most direct experience in merging with pure consciousness. 

Jnana Yoga
Jnana yoga is the path of wisdom – in other words applying discriminative wisdom to achieve liberation. otherwise known as right knowledge. Jnana yoga is about direct experience. This is usually achieved by meditation or deep still contemplation letting ego aside.
Raja yoga

This is considered the master of Yoga.  It is a system of Patanjali from the Bbhavad Gita that brings one to self realisation and in direct contact with oneness and universal wisdom. It consists of the Eightfold path as shown below:

  1. Yama (moral conduct): noninjury to others, truthfulness, nonstealing, continence, and noncovetousness
  2. Niyama (religious observances): purity of body and mind, contentment in all circumstances, self-discipline, self-study (contemplation), and devotion to God and guru
  3. Asana: right posture
  4. Pranayama: control of prana, the subtle life currents in the body
  5. Pratyahara: interiorization through withdrawal of the senses from external objects
  6. Dharana: focused concentration; holding the mind to one thought or object
  7. Dhyana: meditation, absorption in the vast perception of Universal intelligence in one of it’s infinite aspects — Bliss, Peace, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Sound, Love, Wisdom, etc. — all-pervading throughout the whole universe
  8. Samadhi: superconscious experience of the oneness of the individualized soul with Cosmic Spirit.   reference

yoga3Yoga is the balancing of our self with the universe. The systems and techniques are designed to help us come closer to our true selves so as to be at peace and live an authentic happier life. Well being is essential to this and these practices may vary in usefulness to each individual.

However meditation, mantra, practice of self enquiry, service to others, asanas and experiential direct experience will allow for the unfolding of awakening. With this we find a true yoga and a self that is enlightened by connection with the beauty of the universe, experiencing sincere unattached joy, peace and love for all sentient beings.

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Strength tarot card meaning

Endurance is the means to higher consciousness and the Strength tarot card gives us clarity, peace and assurance that we have mastered our inner world therefore taking responsibility for our outer world.

counselling BrisbaneIn the traditional tarot a woman (with the symbol of infinity above her head) tames a lion under a golden sky. The trinity representing self mastery and  endurance. And, the taming of the lion, through petting, shows she has used more than outer strength to overcome the trials of the world around her; she has mastered her inner world and used the beauty of the feminine (balanced consciousness) to bring peace and calmness.

Keywords for Strength tarot card : Balance, peace, inner mastery, overcoming challenges, Energy, willpower, healing, awake

When we have an awakening, when we wake up to truth, we often go through a period of endurance. Integrating our new consciousness, processing our old truths, releasing pains and rebirthing a new way of being and seeing. When the strength card comes up in a tarot reading it is saying that this period of integration and level of awakening has passed, that you have endured and formed a more honest and empowering strength that matches  the vibrations of the universe.

Much healing has taken place.

It is announcing that it is time to go forward with your new strengths and knowings; it’s saying you have found the spiritual balance and you can create the right life from a level of awareness and inner power that self mastery allows.

Well done. You have endured and been brave, honest and open.

Stand back and take a look at yourself and feel the inner peace and see how balanced and alive your life is. Look at your outer world and you will see that you have created something lovely. You will notice that the people in your life reflect your new found strength. Your children will be thriving and happy, your friends and family will match your positive strength and you will be attracting like minded into your sphere. You will notice you are being loved and embraced by the entire community. You are being appreciated for all your giving and altruistic might.

strength voyager tarotIn love the strength tarot card depicts a sense of patience and will to overcome. If you are in a relationship it may be saying that you have endured a difficult time and you have overcome self defeating unconscious matter and are now in a position to move forward into a more open-minded honest level of love. Challenges have been overcome and a more peaceful loving relationship is available to the two of you.

If you are single it may be portending a time of accepting your readiness to allow in a new love. It can be alerting you to the fact that you are ready and can manifest a genuine love that matches your new vibration of self power and inner strength. It may be suggesting that someone of equal strength and awareness and value will enter. It is saying be your strength – like attracts like.

If you are in the early stages of relationship this card could be asking you to be patient and to not move into relationship through sex alone. Have inner strength to form a real bond before giving away your body. It may end in disaster – the Lion may bite.

Depending on surrounding cards  it may also be heeding that you  are ready in your own power to move into an intimate relationship but the person you are attracting may still be living in a ‘beastly’ unconscious world and you may have to endure a period of taming, of teaching. It is always your choice if you want to share this period with another. Be careful it may cause some pain, but it does suggest that you have the universal inner mastery to handle the situation.

In the ancient troth cards this is often seen as lust. Using will power to tame lust that may not be of benefit to your higher self. This could be a warning that you must not stray from a period of stagnation or difficulty from a relationship and turn towards sexuality alone as the outcome may be adverse. It may be asking you to see the value in what you have and endure a time of confusion for the sake of  love. Self mastery is required until you are aware of your true inner strength. If you do you will see that your love is just going through a normal phase and the test of time is inevitable.

Be careful and make sure that passions are sustainable in any affairs you may be indulging and that your reasons are not escapism.

aaaIn work, projects and money the strength card is advising you that endurance will or has turned the tide. You may have to be incredibly resourceful and accept past loses, use your vital inner qualities to overcome a battle of the wills. You have the power to go on if you can draw on your strengths and natural abilities.

Alternately, the Strength tarot card could mean that something is coming to an end, to have the strength to know it is time to walk away. You may have been given this challenge for self mastery and to accept that this destiny may not be of value to you any more. It may be asking you to be strong in a process of letting go. With inner power you will open up to more fulfilling and more peaceful path.

Spiritually the strength card signifies a pure and exalted power that is manifest from endurance and letting go. You are coming out of a rebirthing period and you are able to move in the world as authentic self, in self mastery.

It shows that you have accepted responsibility for the past and your place in the world. You are moving from a place of awareness, sincerity and your true power. You are able to be in the inner and outer world with a balanced sense of self. You have overcome the ego self and are able to surpass fears, control your impulses and create from a place of love and honesty.

Balance of body, mind and spirit create a world of pure strength and peace, you are there. Congratulations.

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