Seven of Cups tarot meaning love

Seven of Cups tarot card meaning

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”
Virginia Woolf

The seven of cups looks magical at first sight – seven cups full of fantasies and symbols, floating in clouds. The clouds symbolise dreams, illusions, imagination, ideasseven of cups tart The seven of cups  looks magical at first sight – seven cups full of fantasies and symbols, floating in clouds. The clouds symbolise dreams, illusions, imagination, ideas.

The cups contain mystical symbols representing the greater forces of life with the potential of either positive or negative outcomes.  The person in the card seems in awe or surprised by the choices; a little confused.

This card often suggests time of pause, to take some time to take a deeper and realistic look at a situation and/or to become clearer about the direction you are going in. It is often about illusions or unveiling of truths that have been otherwise hidden.

The seven of cups can be a tricky one to interpret. But a few years ago it became clearer to me. I was in a relationship with someone who was hiding their true feelings from me. Everything seemed good on the surface. I pulled the seven of cups and within 2 weeks the truth had appeared and the relationship ended. I suppose I knew deep down something was wrong but I wasn’t ready to or didn’t want to face it

In love the seven of cups represents a need to assess the relationship. Cups are the cards of emotion and romantic love and the seven of cups can point to temptations and illusary happening in the mind . There may be a new discovery that was previously hidden. Someone may not be as they seemed. This card is asking you to take a closer and a more honest look. Are you wearing rose coloured glasses? Are you ignoring facts?

seven of cups picture

This card is saying it is not the right energy to make a decision in a love relationship. That more time and deepening of knowledge is needed. Do not rush into things, as they may not be as they appear to be, time will unfold. Keep your heart a little closer to your chest.

In  vocation or goals it may be heeding a need to do some research or to investigate a situation. Something may be presenting itself to you that seems really amazing, but there may be some hidden clauses. Take your time, do some deeper looking before you sign anything or make a commitment.


We live in an illusion ‘Maya’ in Sanskrit, so it isn’t always a bad omen, just a cautious warning to take some time to be sure  before you make any binding agreements. Things change constantly, this is the only constant. So allow the imaginations to flow and look into the reality of the situation and all will be well.

Spiritually this card denotes a time of movement from old ways to new. There can be a transition phase were the truth is not clear and the mind has created a false sense of reality. Be careful that you are not using positive imagination to skirt around hard facts.

Also desires can be pulling you in the wrong direction. It can be difficult to navigate the spiritual path, we can be confused about what is truly for our higher good and what is simply a lower energy desire. Tread carefully, observe your thoughts ask “where is this desire coming from?’ What are my true intentions here?” Why do I want to proceed?”

Look into your heart, be with it and follow that flow, for there is the truth.

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