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It’s an interesting state of affairs, it’s the millennium right? – We have invented the light bulb, been to the moon, created nuclear weapons and the Hubble telescope –  that can guide us into the unfathomable science of dark matter – and now yoga pants are spreading like wild fire, unbridled, from wireless connection to your front door. Progress, conscientious or Conscious?

conscious fashion
image by NASA

And yet here we are on Mother Earth, mixing cocktails of coal seam gas with concreted slabs of high rise homes – overpopulated, with no idea how to get along with our neighbours, both near and far, afraid of anyone who looks different or has a different viewpoint, chopping down trees like they are going out of fashion (karma), well dressed in synthetic fabrics of societal oppression and fear of life itself. Quick, Give me those yoga pants, I need to downward dog before another species dies into the melting pot of progress. The age of enlightenment.

Breath into the oneness. It will all be ok! Let’s have a another discussion on wholeness and the non-dual state. It will all be ok. Let’s write another antithesis on the magnetic forces and the evolution of consciousness. It will all be ok! Look how clever I am. It will all be ok! Let’s wear yoga pants. It will all be ok!

You may be wondering why i am placing excessive emphasis on the Yoga and her pants. Well let’s begin with what yoga means. Simply it means union. In the Yogas it refers to the union of the body mind and spirit with the absolute reality of things. If we nut it out on a human level we see things like union with the right and left hemisphere of the brain – creating a synthesis with all that is – a union with truth. We get to experience life in it fullness – with the right brain (intuitive and creative) working in union with the left brain (analytical, scientific). That’s why meditation and/or stillness and time in nature, art, music – it helps to develop this union.

So who’s wearing the pants in this relationship.. no one, its equal; an equilibrium of opposites, no need for pants wearing in this relationship. Well ok that’s not quite true, as the spiritual adept Krishna in The Gita suggests “for one to be spiritually mature, one must wear pants..” ooops I mean “for one to be spiritually mature one must be able to accept the paradox of reality. “. It’s karmic I tell ya!

Yoga art fashion

Ok, so we need to wear pants and we need to be conscious.. and yoga is fashionable.  I’ve found the equilibrium, I’ve mastered the art of paradox – the creative forces of meditation have prevailed and I’ve bridged the gap of world religions and traditions. I’ve found the cure for scientists, I’ve solved the problems of nature – Conscious fashion. Unadulterated psychospiritual fashion. Education on your yoga pants. Einstein on your chest, Miley Cyrus vibrating wrecking balls of Freedom on yr cleavage, #bruce upon your lips. Tops isn’t it. Karmic even.

If ya can’t beat em – join em  – Megsie Le Karma

Here is what I’m talking about in case you are wondering “What’s Megsie going on about now?”

I have a created Karma Tops streetwear fashion – Artisan streetwear fashion T-shirts with original hand-drawn graphics and spiritual art themes

All proceeds go toward the ‘Women in Need‘ project – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat.

Take a look below 🙂

Nature and Environment Range

Our planet is in crisis – by living in harmony with nature we can change this. Our wildlife keeps nature alive!

Human Nature    

I was sitting under the mango tree contemplating my day and suddenly I realised I had stopped all mind activity and was just being. My awareness then moved towards my surroundings and the tree.

For a moment I just sat in this presence, in the stillness with the tree and I felt a lovely warmth in my heart and pervading peace. I sat with that feeling and then my mind started conceptualising what was happening, so i grabbed my charcoal and drew what was happening to me. I felt a kind of oneness, a communion.

We are a part of nature – what we do effects nature and nature effects us – I felt this – not on an intellectual level (although that was present after) but on a deep sensual level.

Psychology still debates nature verses nurture, science still debates evolution and we still don’t (and likely never will) understand consciousness, but I am ok with that mystery – I think that letting go of the knowing of this is the key – a vital part of the yoga – like I kind of did under the tree that day.


karma fashion yoga

Forest Bird    yoga art

“The forest bird never wants a cage” is a term coined by the Henrik Isben – a Norwegian philosopher, poet and playwright of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

I find it interesting and saddening that such knowledge and consciousness was around hundreds of years ago and still we are not protecting our environment and wildlife. I often go into nature to regenerate and to re-calibrate – I am always astounded by the beauty of and the ways the wildlife live with us and it helps me to contemplate and understand cooperation.

We can all live together peacefully and nature shows us how – this is the Tao. This is the yoga!

nature yoga art

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Elephant Dream  yoga fashion

An elephant came to me in deep meditation. I was struggling at the time with sad emotions that were spontaneously arising. The elephant energy moved through me and I felt a sense of the strength of the elephant energy within me.

I spent the next few mornings drawing this elephant.I felt I was integrating the strength of the elephant within my psyche.

I began to find clarity in my emotional upset.

Elephant medicine teaches us the power of gentleness, communication and commitment in relationships. Three vital elements to all relationships that attribute to the longevity (trust and lovingness) of a relationship.

Perhaps I wanted to be heard

karma fashion  elephant art

Love Art

Everybody loves love. Love is the force of Life. We like to ponder love


One day I felt a longing for someone I was becoming fond of. I drew Bruce. Bruce represents that innocent yet melancholic yearning for someone who is not around . Bruce is love sick.

yoga pants fashion  yoga fashion hoodie   karma fashion #bruce

It comes in Wavesit comes in waves

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. I found an image in an old French revolution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

It was a painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s..from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’.. he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s who later in life began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the times… I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

karma fashion dresskarma fashion streetwearyoga art

Yoga Art Range

Yoga means union. It is an ancient Indian tradition of meditation and wisdom to help humans evolve

I am the universe     yoga art zen designs

In yoga there is a sanskrit saying ‘So Ham’ Pronounced So hum, It translates basically as “I am”. It is a fundamental principle and an ancient meditation as well as a mantra that helps us to come into harmony of life and the flow of the universe.

It’s great, if you think about it – Saying I am without putting anything after it makes all the judgments and identifications fall away. I have been using this for 14 years and it takes me straight into my centre and directly towards a calmness of mind.

In the west there has been a movement of creative visualisation and optimistic thinking for many centuries, usually in philosophical and/or bohemian type or fringe cultures. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you think”.

So if we think about it– we only see the world, the universe – from our own eyes, our own mind, our own perception. Therefor we are the universe. I am 🙂

I used the circle as the basis of this design because it is in all the philosophies and the traditions – represents the cyclic nature of life and in some cased the universe. I added the crosses as they symbolise our mortality within he universe – the four points representing : self, nature, wisdom, and higher power or being:)





Contemplation Range

Contemplating our lives, our thoughts and our universe helps us to grow and live well, bringing us happiness.

Wikipedia defines Inner Peace as: “(or peace of mind) refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors.”
Most people are seeking peace in life, usually from some stimulus or an external situation. So they keep going after more more more. The Yogas say it is within – they point to the inner self to find peace. From 15 years of daily meditation I would have to agree 🙂

yoga art
Order full range here

Miley Cyrus’s Freedom

Liberation or Moksha is the fundamental aim of meditation, spiritual practice or life in general. We have an innate, hardwired desire to be free; to obtain happiness. It is what the Buddhists, Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Taoists and Christian mystics are all pointing to. As I was pondering this, I thought about how this may be playing out in the contemporary materialist and authoritarian Western cultures. Miley’s video “wrecking ball” was playing at the time and I realised that she is expressing this part of our psyche’s desire for freedom in the mass consciousness through song and performance. So I drew this and feel it correlates nicely with the idea of liberating from the chains of societal indoctrination and fear.

karma fashion


We Love Zen and mindfulness @Karmatops – it keeps life simple

zen designs

Zen designs


In Zen Buddhism there is a saying “The obstacle is the path” – It points to our problems or issues – it suggests that the issue itself is the way to freeing oneself. It’s kinda like if we fail at something – we can see it as a challenge to work out how we can do something different – or basically learn from our mistakes – we can decrease our suffering by having a different perspective – by seeing the obstacle as a means of developing ourselves.

My daughter drew this on with her Ipad, she called it “Mamma’s mid life crisis” – I didn’t see this as an obstacle, I just changed the name 🙂

Warm blessings


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