Seven of Cups tarot meaning love

Seven of Cups tarot card meaning “Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.” ― Virginia Woolf The seven of cups looks magical at first sight - seven cups full of fantasies and symbols, floating in clouds. The clouds symbolise dreams, illusions, imagination, ideas The seven of cups  looks magical at first … Continue reading Seven of Cups tarot meaning love


How Art and Yoga transforms us – Dr Sally Adnams Jones

When Megsie met Sally One begins to serve others spontaneously, as one’s identity begins to expand. -  Sally I remember the day I met Sally; it was a barmy Sunday afternoon, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the air. Expressive Arts Therapy Interview with Sally Adnams Jones When I do my own work, I … Continue reading How Art and Yoga transforms us – Dr Sally Adnams Jones

Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2018

Happy New Year 2018 It's that time of the year again where we get to review, renew and delve into pleasure, leisure and maybe even some proactive healing to start off the new year So I am offering discounts on rituals and tarot as a gift for the support and blessing for this year 2017. … Continue reading Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2018

Mindfulness for Success in Life – online course

Overcome negative thinking, experience inner peace and begin to create a more prosperous and successful life this 6 weeks online course.

Yoga is not just yoga

The word yoga comes from sanskrit and literally means 'union' or 'connection; of the individual consciousness or soul with Universal consciousness or spirit. Most people in the Western worlds see Yoga as the physical excercise (called Asanas) but this is just a technique to assist us on the path of yoga and these are actually only … Continue reading Yoga is not just yoga