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Just as the candle cannot burn without fire, man and woman cannot live without spiritual life – Buddha

The four of Cups – like all the Minor Arcana’s gives insight to the details or the more mundane or day to day issues that may arise on our journey of Life. It is a cup card so there is an element of relationship advise or love,; it underpins emotions and/or lessons that we will be undergoing as we walk the path of evolving into our true authentic 4 of cups tarotselves.

As seen in the card, a young person is sitting alone in nature contemplating or being present to a situation in his mind. We see there are four cups; three sitting aside (full of potential) and one is being handed to him. He is so fixated on his thoughts that he is not seeing the opportunities presented to him or opening to unseen or potential alternate outcomes.

This represents a situation or event that is occupying your mind that you are fixed on and not allowing the forces of spirit to be felt or are not seeing beyond the mind chatter.

He is in nature and is alone, so there is an essence of distancing himself from the situation, which is vital, but he has not let go, into spirit.

In love this card often represents a disappointment. A time necessary to move away from a relationship, event or person to allow reflection.  Sometimes it is difficult to find solutions when we are too attached emotionally or mentally to an outcome or to being right or simply accepting the way things are. When we step away we allow a movement of energy to flow through us and we allow space for the mind to rest and to allow spirit to bring us closer to a solution that is of higher benefit to all involved.

four of cups akron tarotThe four of cups is saying take some time away from the relationship to allow your heart mind, to feel it, and also to allow spirit to direct. There is a solution that is for the higher good of all and it will appear to you if you allow some distance from the emotional and mental chatter.

In career or finances, it could be pointing to a time of transition. There is a difficult decision to make and some time is needed. There is a higher destiny or a perfect offer coming your way and you are being asked to open up to it. To let go and to move away to allow an answer and time and spirit to show you the way.

Sometimes in times of transition we are fearful and doubts come in. This card is saying there are offers awaiting, ether not yet appeared or that have not been seen because of the focus on the worry and doubt. The four of cups is asking you to let go a little and to trust, yet to be contemplative and to meditate with spirit.

Spiritually this card can be a time of awakening to a new sense of self, to going through a transition or going back to beginner’s mind to allow growth to occur.  With the four of cups there can often be a cathartic process happening that requires you to do slovee.jpgome extra meditation or stillness practice to help your move through a cycle.

It may be asking you to witness your thoughts and to look into a deeper space within, to see what is being called, or to be closer to your spiritual centre, to assist you with moving to a deeper awakening and integration of a healing or process taking place.

The four of cups  shows us the universe is on our side, but asks us ‘are you connecting with the emptiness and fullness that she offers simultaneously?’. A hard one for the mind to grapple with. So, let go of the mind and allow the rythmn of the universe to flow through you 🙂

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Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul.







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I have two lovely new and exciting offers Firstly my website is now offering a free online tarot app for you to do your own readings for FREE. It’s a good tool to use when you want a quick answer and or to learn about the different cards. Take a look here and have a go 🙂 Free online Tarot reading

tarot bookSecondly I am in the process of writing a book on The Major Arcana Tarot.

If you have ever been interested in learning to read the tarot this is the ideal book. It is a thorough investigation of the Major Arcana as a tool for self development and as a divination resource.

It comes with original artworks and interpretations of the process of spiritual development that is depicted in the Major Arcana with a humorous subplot (See excerpts below) as well as a more serious examination of the original tarot using the Rider Waite and Thoth decks as the reference points.

Here are some excerpts from the Book:

Introduction Tarot

“Where did the tarot come from and what is its main function or purpose”

A little history

Tarot and its origins are pervaded by mystery, both historically and by its very quintessence or its essential nature, as it where.

What we do know is the Earliest known writing of the Major Arcana comes from The Syrian philosopher Lamblicus (c. 300-330 CE) in his discourse on “The Egyptian Mysteries.” – Lambilicus was an initiated Magi (magic practitioner/priest of the Persian religion founded around 600 BC).

There is much debate about it’s original purpose with some historians believing it was used for divination and others as a guide for the development (in particular spiritual) of the human experience – or the development of the human consciousness within secret societies. And also for ritual purposes. And all are true and all are equally important and connected.

I think beyond all else, what must be considered here is the symbolism used in the cards. It is understood that the symbolism itself is the salient precursive element (of directive) for both the divination purposes and for the individual’s developmental objective – that are venerably attributed to the cards. It cannot be overseen when we consider the history of the tarot.

As a side issue –  i suggest it be noted that many of the male figures in the current tarot depiction were originally of female gender – symbolic of course – that is, pointing to certain archetypal attributes. I have in some cases reverted back to this with my own drawings, but mostly for personal pleasure.

However, for the purposes of this book we will only focus on the latest  20th century model as that it is the most widely used and still contains much of the original purpose and/or meaning; In particular The Rider Waite tarot deck and the Thoth;  and I shall where I can, and where I find it necessary and appropriate, add historical interpretations for your general knowledge and excitement…..

Excerpt 2

The Fool

Arcanum 0 – Major Arcana 0 – The Fool’s Journey

Fool tarot cardThe fool tarot Card

The Fool steps off on a journey upon the road to individuation, towards the archetype of wholeness. Traversing through love, romance and relational mishaps she discovers…..

Fool Symbolism

As noted previously the Major Arcana is the journey of the human consciousness or the soul. The Fool card represents this human consciousness or the spirit. It is neither female or male, it is the considered to be an hermaphrodite, neither gender, of spirit. The Major Arcana starts with the Fool at 0 (the zero contains all), this shows us the innocence and the unmanifest of the human, at it’s purest form, ready to take on the world.

Number 0

Represent Emptiness. nothingness, spirit. Remember oneness comes out of 0 nothing – let’s take basic maths 0+1 = 1 – 1 comes from the 0 –  therefore 0 must be something.. Which is a paradox. So let’s look at this rather as unknown- spirit.


Uranus – Freedom, change, youth, rebellion, health, healing, breath….

The Moon

Arcanum 18 – Major Arcana 18 – The Moon


imageedit_157_6705572094The moon is a confusing one to navigate. It moves the tides of the ocean, it makes Lions slither into a corner; sombre, moody. And the mind; oh the human, oh the mind of a maniac.

It’s psychological they say.

What of the animal instinct “She’s only human after all”

It can go either way really, can’t it!

Fear verses love.

I for one choose the feminine archetype, the intuitive pose, the meditation, the scent of Love.




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A meditation to cultivate and attract love


noun: self-love
  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.

Creating peace and love through Meditation is like forming a deep anD palpable connection with your innermost self. Sometimes you will feel a sense of true inner peace and at other times an ecstatic anticipation and others a stillness and profound sense of truth.

This love meditation cultivates a peaceful resonance of love for self and an energetic flow of unconditional love and fullness of loving vibes, whereby you undergo a healing and a maturation of self love from with in. This will in part, create an inner peace and love, but will also attract to you loving connections in your external world.

It is best used everyday for a month for deep changes with in and out, but can have immediate effects. Don’t be surprised if you find a soul love seemingly fall from the sky – but as always – the work must be done and the love must first come from with in and authentically 🙂

Put your headphones on (as it uses brainwave technology) for a love treat and please enjoy 🙂

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“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

cosmos april new moon love ritual


I’m not going to ramble and fumble my way through a consciousness talk on choices or past verses future,

I’m not going to use parodoxes to explain the nature of reality in relation to the cosmic influences of the planets and Luna energies.

I’m not going to churn out metaphors to direct you towards insights of how love is a verb, a state of being or a musical note.

Instead I’m just going to give you this picture, this mandala to meditate on with a note of assurance that love – true love – is available in nature, in you NOW 🙂

April new moon mandala love ritual

New moon April 2016 insight

I’m feeling the new moon in Aries will be layered with transitioning moments from resistance and contraction into a soft, honest, kind offering of love, and peaceful connection. Or at least the beginning of. 😄

April new moon love astrology

There may be a sense of urgency.. that’s fine tho..its the Mars/Aries energy.. heed the intuitive nudges. Be the love spell.

Go directly towards love 🙂

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Slip back into the beats of 1997, make yourself a cup of tea and put on your slippers; this is going to by a curly one.

Pisces new moon 2016 lovepisces new moon 2016New moon’s are traditionally new beginnings and eclipses are illusion smashers.

But, this is a super moon (meaning moon is closest to Earth) also, so you better make sure you have insurance for the illusions residing in your karma closet, cause it may be costly, as they are stolen from the shadows.

This one is in Pisces – the watery,  emotional, deeply other worldly sign that sways between the two worlds – building bridges between the world of illusion and the truth reality.

1997 was the last time we had a new moon eclipse in Pisces, so think back to what was happening around March and August that year and it may or may not give you some clues.

Hopefully you have tidied up your emotional handbags and your karmic rooms or better still built a new home made of genuine ginger and matured love hearts, because the winds might blow and blow and knock the walls down – the pretend ones that is.

Search your frequencies for Elton John’s ‘candle in the wind, take deeps breaths, put on the ripped tight jeans, mix a mock tail and grab your journal.

It will either have pages of love gone wrong, ragged with tear drops or if you have begged for forgiveness, scrambled the heart for answers, thrown out the baggage and the ipod,  you will be aiming for jotting down a colourful and tidy little list of 2016 post illusion integration actions, before you change the frequency and slow dance to Elton’s ‘Something about how you look tonight.

Emotions are messages – they are real but they are not the whole truth. They sometimes get confused from the eras of days gone by – they forget to move with the times. The Pisces depths of emotions will be lit up in all of us – the light is bright because it’s close to Earth and the illusions will eclipse.

Rumi seekingPisces is ruled by Neptune, the tricky magician, so new wave frequencies may arise for transforming into particles of pleasure or if you are lucky old ones may twist and turn into new evolved versions of consciousness and regulated heart beats. If you are like a fish (Pisces) you will go with the flow, into the arms of the beloved.

If none of this made sense you can google “New moon Pisces March 2016” and seek, seek seek or you can put on your blue swayed shoes and make a move toward your congruent love self or other.

Alternately you can simply just sit back in your banana lounge, navigate your navel and the stars and wait for a blue moon 🙂

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What you seek is seeking you – Rumi

This full moon eclipse is the last of the Tetrad that began in April last year. It’s been the most powerful awakening since 2012 as far as ‘self’ and relationships go; as the moon and sun have been playing hide and seek in the signs of Aries (self) and Libra (relationships).

runawayI have made this meme, as this eclipse feels like the end of a cycle in growth and these energies have been about an opportunity to let go of identification with self and old beliefs and thought patterns.

This full moon eclipse is unusual because it is not about endings per se, as most full moons are. It is about the new beginnings that are available to us after a process of endings 🙂

Those that have created new destinies and intentions from the heart over this period will breathe a sigh a relief and open their arms to the present joys as this eclipse peaks – this energy reminds me of this verse form the King of Cups:

Two of cups tarot meaningYou are a regenerator, as the card suggests; as you use your emotions inventively, creatively, which evolves into progressive proactive vitality. You are brave but gentle in your emotional life which creates a progressive drama free external life. You are warm and have open arms as you are not coming from a self-centered ambition but a more universal openness.’

Those that are just beginning to let go will experience a revelation or a situation that will give them no choice but to let go or move forward, It’s not quite like the Tower card energies of last April, but it may have a little sting that requires TLC. It feels more like the stage between the Six of swords and the 2 of cups. Being gentle and self compassionate are integral to a successful eclipse time here.

Ten Of CupsEither way it is an opportunity for riding the waves of authenticity and creating harmony with the people who love you for your highest good. It’s all gearing us towards The Ten of Cups.

As the card depicts, the Ten of Cups is a loving and happy couple that are holding  each other at the waist, but each raise an arm in welcoming the future as individuals. It’s the essence of true love. There is a freedom in affection and lightness of spirit as they enjoy and celebrate their life.

This beginning is opening to you now. The choice is yours 🙂

May you celebrate this Luna eclipse


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Betrayal of the heart by someone we truly and deeply love can be the most painful and hurtful thing we experience, but if we open up to the wound, we have an opportunity to see that we have a deeper capacity to love, that we have the strength of heart to love sincerely and honestly and with courage, and we can heal. With this healing we can walk away with compassion for the other and with the knowledge that our hearts can again be open and love even deeper with someone equal.

three of swords tarot card loveThe Three of Swords is simply a card warning or clarifying heartbreak. It usually portends betrayal and deep sorrow. It is often unforeseen and sudden and can be a shock to the nervous system.

The Three of Swords can be heeding a period of loss and the pain that goes with it.

It usually is a love relationship betrayal – a warning that someone is not being honest or that a hurtful truth will be revealed. There is no escaping this truth and the card is usually a warning that the loss is final. There is no turning back.

Sometimes there is opportunity for reconciliation after healing, however this card is advising that this is not the case – the soul purpose of the relationship has come to an end and the best you can do is heal and discover the lessons you are offered from the the loss or betrayal.

The Three of Swords can be a warning that if you keep going back, and don’t learn from your mistakes that you will continually be heart broken and those closest to you will suffer also. It’s a warning to move away. Some relationships are cruel and sometimes we need to move away so as to allow everyone to heal – you cannot change others and it is never your responsibility to do so.

three of swords tarotIf this card is coming up in a position that is about you, then it may be asking you to be responsible in your actions and to look to see if you are creating the betrayal.

Sometimes when the three of swords appears it is acknowledging that you may be dealing with a bully or a low energy person. It is appearing as a sign post to make major changes in your life.

This card wants you to allow the grief, to process it and to allow time for it to unfold but also warns that to stay in it does not serve you. To be careful of victim mentality and to be careful not to return to the patterns that brought you to the situation.

There is a great healing potential after heart break, betrayal or loss – (healing after a heart break or a betrayal.)

three of swords tarot meaningI do not believe that we have to suffer to find the light – as the light is us, is always within us – however it is sometimes necessary for a life journey of free will to evolve into authentic self by experiencing pain and hurt – it is a part of this life experience.

Some people spend a lifetime in it and others move through the mistakes and lessons with an openness to grief, seeing grief as an opportunity to grow. This card is pointing towards that choice.

This card can be illuminating deep emotional or psychological issues that will need to be healed before one is able to move on. Denying pain does not help it, nor does feeding it with the same energy. You need to embrace the experience but do not wallow in it or recreate it.

three of swordsAn important message to remember is that taking betrayal personally is not of use – when someone behaves in a way towards us that is hurtful, dishonest or lacking in personal integrity, it is they who will have to live with that psyche and karma.

Once you heal or as a part of the healing you can let go of the idea that you deserved it or that you created it – you did not create someone else’s choices – we all have free will which creates our own destiny.

three of swords meaningSo there is no escaping that the Three of swords brings grief or upset and sometimes betrayal but as always with any experience we can grow and heal and learn our own capacity to love.

It could be an initiation into awakening, it could bring about the dark night of the soul – the process of going deep into ones shadow self to eliminate negative ego. If this is the case I recommend finding a spiritual teacher or guide to help you through. One who is experienced in the dark night, to hold you through it. Read more about dark night here.

Before you can spiritually connect to your true beloved it is wise to spiritually disconnect from the past pains so you can love wholly again:

Here is an excellent ritual to perform at the end of a painful relationship experience to honour it’s lessons and to cut the energetic ties that have the potential to stay if you do not let them go  – so you can create a space for a new loving and fulfilling truer relationship – Spiritual divorce ritual.

The best way to move through any experience of loss or heartbreak is with grace 🙂

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