Conscious Karma Fashion – hand drawn yoga art – love

  It's an interesting state of affairs, it's the millennium right? - We have invented the light bulb, been to the moon, created nuclear weapons and the Hubble telescope -  that can guide us into the unfathomable science of dark matter - and now yoga pants are spreading like wild fire, unbridled, from wireless connection … Continue reading Conscious Karma Fashion – hand drawn yoga art – love


Mindfulness for Success in Life – online course

Overcome negative thinking, experience inner peace and begin to create a more prosperous and successful life this 6 weeks online course.

The Art of Modern Spirituality – Book

BIG EXCITING NEWS I have written and am publishing The Art of Modern Spirituality "Megsie's art work is stunning and unique, it has a raw vibrancy and naivety that is totally captivating" - Dr Sally Adman-Jones. Arts Educator and Masters in Yoga An illustrated book of wisdom embracing classic art, philosophy and contemporary spirituality. Using … Continue reading The Art of Modern Spirituality – Book

September 27 28 full moon eclipse meaning – love

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi This full moon eclipse is the last of the Tetrad that began in April last year. It's been the most powerful awakening since 2012 as far as 'self' and relationships go; as the moon and sun have been playing hide and seek in the signs of Aries … Continue reading September 27 28 full moon eclipse meaning – love

meaningful fashion and art

We have a new project – Karma Tops – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat. New Fashion and art blog – spiritually focused interviews with established & up and coming artists & fashion designers across the globe Things never cease around here … Continue reading meaningful fashion and art

Dark night of the soul – my first awakening

The darkness had dawned (some 14 years ago) In that moment all strength had gone, I was crippled, the darkness had dawned in the very core of me and I fell to the floor weeping. I had been crying for days, the loss was too much, I was left alone, there was nobody left and … Continue reading Dark night of the soul – my first awakening

Yoga is not just yoga

The word yoga comes from sanskrit and literally means 'union' or 'connection; of the individual consciousness or soul with Universal consciousness or spirit. Most people in the Western worlds see Yoga as the physical excercise (called Asanas) but this is just a technique to assist us on the path of yoga and these are actually only … Continue reading Yoga is not just yoga