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2014 was a huge year for everyone – major awakenings, clearings and hopefully some integration. Many losses, doors rumi-newclosing and some new ones opening.

I wish everyone a beautiful 2015 .

May you step outside the boundaries of the mind and walk closely by the beat of your heart, allowing your spirit to meet up with the spirit of the rivers and trees and mother nature’s grace.

May you embrace the souls of those that nurture your heart and give and receive openly with a smile and compassion as your fundamental stepping stone.

May you fall into the arms of a love who sees beyond the desires of opportunity and searches the depths of your soul for truth and intimacy. May you be fed the fruits of true love and union.

intimacyMay you conquer fears and tear away the ego’s incessant lies – reaching into your vulnerability with self compassion –¬† opening to growth and connection through intimate union – facing head on the unbounded love inside you.

May you be guided by the melodies of your inner calling.

May you give yourself to joy and peace and happiness, holding the hand of the one (s) you love; building a safer and more loving place to reside.

intimacy1May you walk gracefully away from the past pains, conflicts  and habits of yesteryear and into the deep waters of a loving embrace.

May you pioneer affection and acceptance for those your heart’s desire.

May you find your positive power. The power of love.

May you be Love.

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