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Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely – Albert Einstein

three of wands tarotWands in Tarot are of the minor arcana, they represent fire  – the life force, creativity, spirit. 3’s represent growth, movement and expansion.

Here we see a voyager cloaked in the travel robes standing at the top of a mountain with his back to his past, looking into the distant waters (future).

He has moved from the Two of wands, the stage of intentional focus and activity.  He is now holding on firmly to the third wand. Ready for clear focused action.

We see a bright yellow sky and distant lands. This indicates that he is about to head to a foreign land or to a place he has never explored, somewhere entirely new, full of opportunity.

The 3rd wand is symbolic here, it represents the fire – the will, that is required to move forward. Notice how the two wands of the past are firmly grounded behind him, but not necessary to take with him. He has truly moved from the stage of the two of wands, from the past.

He has reached the top of the mountain and is observing his plans from a larger view. His vision is expansive as he watches the ships come and go (trade, business, movement). He is standing firm and steady which represents the readiness for an adventure into the unknown.

liberation 3 of wandsThis card is infused with a steady sense of liberation. Whatever you have been focusing on is ready for its fruition. It omens success and good fortune, a spring in the step and an energy of confidence in the impending adventures.

This card is often related to travel and new horizons. Yet, one that has the backing of a well established sense of intention and decision making.

In love or relationship, the 3 of wands is a positive affirmation. It symbolises growth and development within the relationship. In an acquiescent and prosperous love relationship a feeling of liberation is ever present. This card signifies a time of expansion within a relationship. It could mean a commitment or a proposition of some kind. A declaration that sets the relationship to higher spiritual level. There is the promise of great happiness in this union.

3 of wands loveIt could literally mean a love formed with someone from a distant land and you are deciding where to go from here. If so it signifies that you will be able to be together. That a decision will be made whereby you will be together.

Alternately, it could be pointing to someone who is unlike anyone you have met previously. Creating feelings or growth that have not been experienced in your prior love relations. Usually a spiritual love. One that gives you the space to expand, express and live deeply in your authenticity. It is a YES card for a love query.

If you have been in or have moved out of an an unhealthy relationship or have been wanting to leave the 3 of Wands is a green light card – It will often omen a person of a different culture – a person who has learned the lessons from unhealthy relationship is here to show you a different way.

In business or projects it often portends success in overseas or foreign trade. It could be referring to a new business, that is foreign to you. But, often it is the go ahead for an opportunity that will arise from a distant land. It is affirming that this will be an opportunity for growth and diversity within your current ambitions.

authenticity 3 of wands

Spiritually the 3 of wands wants you to pat yourself on the back. You will or could be experiencing inner pearls that will be expanding your sense of authenticity and will be seeing tangible results. With the 3rd wand held in your hand, you should be able to experience an integrated sense of fulfillment, Almost as though the wand is magic.

It is not, well it is, but it has come about from the work you have put in since the two of wands met you on your path. The 3rd wand is very much a manifestation of the inner work you have undergone. A tool that you have mastered and now can use to help you move through the new life you have created for yourself. You can trust your inner language, your intuition and your self .

Warm blessing


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As her head arose from the tormented winter agony of coldness, her heart insipid with incalculable equations, the journey began for cleaning in Spring.It was a mildy hot day announcing the turn of season; a prologue to stormy storms and drenching herb gardens.

Her head lifted and the knowing, a catalyst of silent silence. A look of disdain, an unfinished melody crescendoing in death of the incomplete. And it was upon the striking force of the heart hurting that the community advised to withdraw the battle and raise the mind to abundance of love already multiplying from near and far for like of the person herself.
I the soultraveller called upon the channelled welcomes. Angels, spirits dancing around the fire, from river to earth to air and such like. Naked both in body and soul, I clasped the throat chakra with the very hands of my emotional appetite and stepped into the suns rays filling my solar plexus with the beat that the celestial sounds reverberate.
The hermit card came slowly from the deck. Piercing into the belief that the time had come to rest upon the illusion of love as sacrifice for a time unknown.
The rays of gold began to speak upon my mind and I fell into a heap upon the rug in all reality, conscious of the infinite portals of amor. The floors became swept, the bathtub scrubbed, the pool emptied, the garden dug, the dance danced and the energy had shifted to allow the rumbling of renewal. It is only in the space of the acceptence upon the cleanliness that the shadow of disguise was able to be lifted.
I the soultraveller moved bare foot and open spirited into the earth and saluted my distant longing.

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