5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life

Creating a Happy Life Oh My, What year am I in! Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it? If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I? I am sorry, I am not Einstein, … Continue reading 5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life


New Moon Aries April 7/8 2016 – love

“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” I'm not going to ramble and fumble my way through a consciousness talk on choices or past verses future. I'm not going to use parodoxes to explain the nature of reality in relation to the cosmic influences of the planets and Luna energies. I'm not … Continue reading New Moon Aries April 7/8 2016 – love

Empress tarot card meaning love

THE EMPRESS TAROT MEANiNG When you feel you are being moved by the creative spirit, you are in fact being moved by the divine feminine. - Teri Degler Empress tarot Keywords:  emotions, self expression, or short and long distance trips, true love, intuition, art, creativity, socialising, abundance, mother Reverse: emotional stifling, creative blocks, codependency, imbalance, materialism, … Continue reading Empress tarot card meaning love

Yoga is not just yoga

The word yoga comes from sanskrit and literally means 'union' or 'connection; of the individual consciousness or soul with Universal consciousness or spirit. Most people in the Western worlds see Yoga as the physical excercise (called Asanas) but this is just a technique to assist us on the path of yoga and these are actually only … Continue reading Yoga is not just yoga

Justice tarot card meaning love

Justice tarot card meaning Justice in the tarot is a card that brings to our attention the laws of the universe, karma - cause and effect - alluring to the fact that all ideas, people and events are interconnected. It foretells important decision making and warns that fairness is the foundation of justice and therefore … Continue reading Justice tarot card meaning love

Healing art – Brisbane portrait artist

Oil Portraits by infamous artist Brisbane - ‘contemporary likeness with an edge’ Megan Jackson the infamous portrait artists creates self recognising, raw and contemporary portraits with a definitive edge. Megan uses meditation and sound technology to tap into a deeper part of her subject to create a healing of the soul. The first stage to healing … Continue reading Healing art – Brisbane portrait artist

King of Cups tarot meaning – surfer

The KiNG of Cups surfs throw the waves of life, no longer washed up and lost, past the stages of youthful individualism and into group understanding and wisdom; fearlessly. The Man of Cups rides the waves openly and masterfully, embracing the reciprocal joy of the open arms of the sea, enduring the challenges of the … Continue reading King of Cups tarot meaning – surfer

Three of Cups tarot meaning love

The Three of Cups tarot The three of cups often comes after a time of struggle and healing The eclipse shook me up a bit and it made me face some deeper issues that I was trying to avoid. The more I resisted the more pain I endured. It was when I reached this point … Continue reading Three of Cups tarot meaning love

Citrine crystal healing properties

Citrine - abundance anyone? - Crystals are synonymous with healing, the metaphysical jewels - everyone knows this right? Commonly known as the 'merchant stone' in folklore. Citrine Keywords - abundance, success, releases anxiety and stress, clears negative energy, lucid dreams Citrine healing actions: beneficial for the digestion, stomach, eliminating nightmares and other sleep disturbances, thyroid, heart, … Continue reading Citrine crystal healing properties

Ten of pentacles tarot card meaning

Ten of pentacles tarot card meaning Ten of Pentacle: Wealth, inheritance, success, rewards, opulence Guaranteed success or a financial gain is imminent when this tarot card comes up in a reading. It is more often than not a positive omen. In particular physical security is assured. The ten of pentacles represents tradition and family. Security is … Continue reading Ten of pentacles tarot card meaning