Mindfulness Brisbane

Mindfulness Counseling Brisbane

Ready for a change in life? Need Support?  Now doing Skype consultations.

West End Therapies offers a life changing transcendental approach to counselling that is a little magical. I am looking forward to beginning the work with you.

counselling brisbane.jpgIf you are looking for support, need change, understanding, acceptance and positive outcomes I can help through a process of gaining awareness and reaching harmony in life?

My spiritual life counselling, creates  life change;  you will see shifts coming fast, synchronicities paving the way for more fulfillment and positive energy flowing freely. This is achieved through healing and support.

Although I have a tried and tested successful model in place,  I work  with each individual differently according to their personality, mental abilities, creative capacities and spiritual development thus far as well as my own highly developed intuition. I work predominately with meditation, incorporating self awareness, mantra, art therapy, journaling, ritual and divine feminine with an underpinning of  Buddhist and Hindu principles.  I also work people experiencing spiritual crisis and/or awakening (my specialty).

Working with cognitive realities  alongside spiritual development, my counselling services create awareness through acceptance.  By spiritual I mean letting go of the ego through integrating methods of self awareness and transcendental growth.

I now  have private face to face initial consultation sessions available- with affordable follow up sessions @ $120.00 and from $50 for heath care card holders

Counselling Brisbane – services read more here


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