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When Megsie met Sally

One begins to serve others spontaneously, as one’s identity begins to expand. –  Sally

I remember the day I met Sally; it was a barmy Sunday afternoon, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the air.

I went to visit a friend to share a meal and as I walked in, I tripped on the beveled floor boards with a thud, hitting my toe and announced “OUCH, I’m post punk darling, I don’t wear my steel caps anymore, like I did back in the 80’s. OUCH, what’s that bloody floor board doing there?”

Sally, a stranger at the time, soon appeared from her room. The moment I saw her time slowed down and I could hear myself telling her a lengthy story about the day I had a mystical experience 12 years before hand” I was like a shadow of myself, removed, watching from a distance; enduring my own voice, timeless, lucid and totally aware of her presence. She was with me in every syllable, calm, entirely present and luminous to some part of me that remained alert. It felt magnificent.

I had no idea what had happened that afternoon and as I drifted into the evening’s reflective contemplation I was left  none the wiser. I did however feel deeply blessed, with a gnawing feeling that I had met a Life teacher. But, as the months passed and I got to know Sally a little better, I realised I had been in the presence of an extraordinary human being, a deeply conscious and compassionate women who has Self realised AND is a beautiful artist.


Interview with Sally Adnams Jones

When I do my own work, I love to use images of growth in nature. This helps me externalize the transformation I feel occurring in my soul. – Sally Adnams Jones

Megsie :

Hello Darling! Thank you Sally for taking the time to chat with us at DEEP.

I’m really excited! Your knowledge and deep insight into the arts, as well as spiritual wisdom, is extraordinary and I feel very privileged to have this opportunity. You have quite a fascinating story. So can you give us a short introduction of yourself? I believe you are an arts educator working at the University of Victoria, Canada but are currently dedicated to writing books on this topic – at what point did you realise this was yr path and how did you transition?


Thanks for your time Megsie and for your generous introduction. Yes I am an artist, and teach and write about how art and creative practices transform us. I grew up in Africa in a creative family and loved all the arts from a young child. I was also drawn early to spiritual practices including yoga and meditation.

I soon noticed that both creative and meditative practices were transformative. I then went on to study how transformation occurs, and researched particularly how creativity transforms us for my PhD. Some of my art shows this human transformation through biological or ecological visual metaphors.

I have worked in several communities with art therapy , including wood carving with indigenous Canadians, architectural mosaic work in Australia, and mandala work in the tradition of Jungs depth psychology.

My book on art making with refugees and survivors of global traumas comes out in March 2018. This book shares stories about making art with those who have lived through war, genocide, tsunami, climate change, pandemic, gang warfare, poverty etc. It explains exactly how art can heal trauma.

Megsie :

What are you seeking to portray in your work? What is fundamental to your art practice/education – your philosophy and your approach?


When I do my own work, I love to use images of growth in nature. This helps me externalize the transformation I feel occurring in my soul. I also do my own visual dream work or spontaneous expression from the subconscious in order to understand myself more deeply.   Read the rest of the interview here..

identity work

biographical images







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Just as the candle cannot burn without fire, man and woman cannot live without spiritual life – Buddha

The four of Cups – like all the Minor Arcana’s gives insight to the details or the more mundane or day to day issues that may arise on our journey of Life. It is a cup card so there is an element of relationship advise or love,; it underpins emotions and/or lessons that we will be undergoing as we walk the path of evolving into our true authentic 4 of cups tarotselves.

As seen in the card, a young person is sitting alone in nature contemplating or being present to a situation in his mind. We see there are four cups; three sitting aside (full of potential) and one is being handed to him. He is so fixated on his thoughts that he is not seeing the opportunities presented to him or opening to unseen or potential alternate outcomes.

This represents a situation or event that is occupying your mind that you are fixed on and not allowing the forces of spirit to be felt or are not seeing beyond the mind chatter.

He is in nature and is alone, so there is an essence of distancing himself from the situation, which is vital, but he has not let go, into spirit.

In love this card often represents a disappointment. A time necessary to move away from a relationship, event or person to allow reflection.  Sometimes it is difficult to find solutions when we are too attached emotionally or mentally to an outcome or to being right or simply accepting the way things are. When we step away we allow a movement of energy to flow through us and we allow space for the mind to rest and to allow spirit to bring us closer to a solution that is of higher benefit to all involved.

four of cups akron tarotThe four of cups is saying take some time away from the relationship to allow your heart mind, to feel it, and also to allow spirit to direct. There is a solution that is for the higher good of all and it will appear to you if you allow some distance from the emotional and mental chatter.

In career or finances, it could be pointing to a time of transition. There is a difficult decision to make and some time is needed. There is a higher destiny or a perfect offer coming your way and you are being asked to open up to it. To let go and to move away to allow an answer and time and spirit to show you the way.

Sometimes in times of transition we are fearful and doubts come in. This card is saying there are offers awaiting, ether not yet appeared or that have not been seen because of the focus on the worry and doubt. The four of cups is asking you to let go a little and to trust, yet to be contemplative and to meditate with spirit.

Spiritually this card can be a time of awakening to a new sense of self, to going through a transition or going back to beginner’s mind to allow growth to occur.  With the four of cups there can often be a cathartic process happening that requires you to do slovee.jpgome extra meditation or stillness practice to help your move through a cycle.

It may be asking you to witness your thoughts and to look into a deeper space within, to see what is being called, or to be closer to your spiritual centre, to assist you with moving to a deeper awakening and integration of a healing or process taking place.

The four of cups  shows us the universe is on our side, but asks us ‘are you connecting with the emptiness and fullness that she offers simultaneously?’. A hard one for the mind to grapple with. So, let go of the mind and allow the rythmn of the universe to flow through you 🙂

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Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul.






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We have a new project – Karma Tops – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat.

New Fashion and art blog – spiritually focused interviews with established & up and coming artists & fashion designers across the globe

Things never cease around here – we are forever expanding – inward and outward – onward and Upwards with  Karma Tops – Fashionable designer streetwear with modern art and spiritual themes.

Doubt and BudhismWe have been at the drawing board – literally for weeks now and have a range of t-shirts – tank tops and hoodies that embrace the yoga and self development in love and relationships and with the world at large.


Our range has come from a deep reflective and mindfulness process over the last 15 years – a catalyst of a spiritual awakening. You can read more about this on my sister site about Tarot and spiritual awakening . 


Here is an example

It comes in Wavesit comes in waves transparency

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. I found an image in an old French revlution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

wavesIt was a  painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s..from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’.. he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s who later in life began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the times… I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

We support the evolution of the human being in accordance with the laws of nature and we believe that the way is through mindfulness, dharma, love and authenticity.

Take a look at our Karma site here Oh and We hope you are going with the flow  🙂

Feel free to like Karma Tops on facebook

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I have two lovely new and exciting offers Firstly my website is now offering a free online tarot app for you to do your own readings for FREE. It’s a good tool to use when you want a quick answer and or to learn about the different cards. Take a look here and have a go 🙂 Free online Tarot reading

tarot bookSecondly I am in the process of writing a book on The Major Arcana Tarot.

If you have ever been interested in learning to read the tarot this is the ideal book. It is a thorough investigation of the Major Arcana as a tool for self development and as a divination resource.

It comes with original artworks and interpretations of the process of spiritual development that is depicted in the Major Arcana with a humorous subplot (See excerpts below) as well as a more serious examination of the original tarot using the Rider Waite and Thoth decks as the reference points.

Here are some excerpts from the Book:

Introduction Tarot

“Where did the tarot come from and what is its main function or purpose”

A little history

Tarot and its origins are pervaded by mystery, both historically and by its very quintessence or its essential nature, as it where.

What we do know is the Earliest known writing of the Major Arcana comes from The Syrian philosopher Lamblicus (c. 300-330 CE) in his discourse on “The Egyptian Mysteries.” – Lambilicus was an initiated Magi (magic practitioner/priest of the Persian religion founded around 600 BC).

There is much debate about it’s original purpose with some historians believing it was used for divination and others as a guide for the development (in particular spiritual) of the human experience – or the development of the human consciousness within secret societies. And also for ritual purposes. And all are true and all are equally important and connected.

I think beyond all else, what must be considered here is the symbolism used in the cards. It is understood that the symbolism itself is the salient precursive element (of directive) for both the divination purposes and for the individual’s developmental objective – that are venerably attributed to the cards. It cannot be overseen when we consider the history of the tarot.

As a side issue –  i suggest it be noted that many of the male figures in the current tarot depiction were originally of female gender – symbolic of course – that is, pointing to certain archetypal attributes. I have in some cases reverted back to this with my own drawings, but mostly for personal pleasure.

However, for the purposes of this book we will only focus on the latest  20th century model as that it is the most widely used and still contains much of the original purpose and/or meaning; In particular The Rider Waite tarot deck and the Thoth;  and I shall where I can, and where I find it necessary and appropriate, add historical interpretations for your general knowledge and excitement…..

Excerpt 2

The Fool

Arcanum 0 – Major Arcana 0 – The Fool’s Journey

Fool tarot cardThe fool tarot Card

The Fool steps off on a journey upon the road to individuation, towards the archetype of wholeness. Traversing through love, romance and relational mishaps she discovers…..

Fool Symbolism

As noted previously the Major Arcana is the journey of the human consciousness or the soul. The Fool card represents this human consciousness or the spirit. It is neither female or male, it is the considered to be an hermaphrodite, neither gender, of spirit. The Major Arcana starts with the Fool at 0 (the zero contains all), this shows us the innocence and the unmanifest of the human, at it’s purest form, ready to take on the world.

Number 0

Represent Emptiness. nothingness, spirit. Remember oneness comes out of 0 nothing – let’s take basic maths 0+1 = 1 – 1 comes from the 0 –  therefore 0 must be something.. Which is a paradox. So let’s look at this rather as unknown- spirit.


Uranus – Freedom, change, youth, rebellion, health, healing, breath….

The Moon

Arcanum 18 – Major Arcana 18 – The Moon


imageedit_157_6705572094The moon is a confusing one to navigate. It moves the tides of the ocean, it makes Lions slither into a corner; sombre, moody. And the mind; oh the human, oh the mind of a maniac.

It’s psychological they say.

What of the animal instinct “She’s only human after all”

It can go either way really, can’t it!

Fear verses love.

I for one choose the feminine archetype, the intuitive pose, the meditation, the scent of Love.




If you would like to pre-order at a discounted price 33% off please do so here.

Major Arcana Tarot Book pre-order






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It’s that time of the year again where we get to review, renew and delve into pleasure, leisure and maybe even some proactive healing to start off the new year – So I am offering discounts on rituals and tarot as a gift for the support and blessing for this year 2017.

ritual for new moon eclips

Tarot reading discounts
One question normally $30 now $20
Love tarot normally $50 now $40
Ten card Celtic cross normally $65 now $50

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The one question reading is a precise and concise answer to a question you have on your mind that requires a direct answer and is the most affordable tarot card reading.

The love tarot is a five card reading: past present, future, other person and obstacles/positives. It is a thorough reading with a minimum of ten paragraphs.

A ten card spread and the most well known throughout history. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. A strong energy has built up around this spread as it has been in use by so many people over the years.

Ritual  uses natural resources and connection to spirit to energetically create positive shifts in our lives.  

I use only white (positive) energies and natural resources and will never cast a ritual with negative intent or onto another person.

As a pagan I have experienced and attend to the philosophy of the laws of three and therefore will never do a ritual or spell that effects the free will of a person other then who the ritual is being cast for

– I will never do return a love ritual – as I feel this interferes with free will.

However, I can do healing rituals to remove negative energies and karmic chords between you and another – but again I work from the person not the other.

Rituals  work from inside out. This means that a ritual may bring up inner issues to resolve and heal as the magic creates changes on the outer life.

mandalaFor each ritual I will connect with spirit and draw a mandala – each mandala is unique –  will send you a photo of the Mandala for you to print out and hang somewhere special for you to connect with the energies of the ritual.

I will also use the mandala in the fire ritual  – often there is a spirit present in the ritual (see picture) – usually faerie spirits come through but sometimes unicorns and such like. I will take a photo of this also and send to you so you can explore the spirit on your own terms 🙂

Love rituals are very powerful and can bring an abundance of love into your life. It is often with a ritual like this that many people will be attracted to you.

Much healing can occur in this period. But the soul you are meant to be with will become very obvious and clear as the energies manifest. I offer a general love spell to improve love in your life and a full soulmate ritual.

moon33Money problems can be shifted with a ritual to remove obstacle and can bring money coming in from unusual sources.

I include a safe guard in these ritual so that the effect is harmonious and coming from good source not a negative source.

Prosperity can be shifted with a prosperity spell. This ritual is designed to create general prosperity.

It creates a path to unusual synchroncities and openness in you to experience the ever present opportunities that are surrounding you.

full moon fairy love sopell

The clearing spell I designed works on deep levels to clear karmic and current life energies that may be stopping you from moving forward successfully in all areas of life.

This is recommended if things have not being going well in any area of your life and can increase possibilities of prosperity and greater flow and happiness.

It is a very healing period and many things and people that no longer serve you may leave your life during this cleansing process.

Love, money and prosperity ritual spells take me about an hour and soulmate and cleansing spells take anywhere up to two hrs.

I spend one or two days collecting natural resources and meditating on the ritual and general preparation. Most rituals will be conducted within 4 days of ordering.

Rituals take approximately 3 to 6 months to take full effect. They begin almost immediately with an increase in dreams, inner sensations, and healing events occurring seemingly out of nowhere.

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Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely – Albert Einstein

three of wands tarotWands in Tarot are of the minor arcana, they represent fire  – the life force, creativity, spirit. 3’s represent growth, movement and expansion.

Here we see a voyager cloaked in the travel robes standing at the top of a mountain with his back to his past, looking into the distant waters (future).

He has moved from the Two of wands, the stage of intentional focus and activity.  He is now holding on firmly to the third wand. Ready for clear focused action.

We see a bright yellow sky and distant lands. This indicates that he is about to head to a foreign land or to a place he has never explored, somewhere entirely new, full of opportunity.

The 3rd wand is symbolic here, it represents the fire – the will, that is required to move forward. Notice how the two wands of the past are firmly grounded behind him, but not necessary to take with him. He has truly moved from the stage of the two of wands, from the past.

He has reached the top of the mountain and is observing his plans from a larger view. His vision is expansive as he watches the ships come and go (trade, business, movement). He is standing firm and steady which represents the readiness for an adventure into the unknown.

liberation 3 of wandsThis card is infused with a steady sense of liberation. Whatever you have been focusing on is ready for its fruition. It omens success and good fortune, a spring in the step and an energy of confidence in the impending adventures.

This card is often related to travel and new horizons. Yet, one that has the backing of a well established sense of intention and decision making.

In love or relationship, the 3 of wands is a positive affirmation. It symbolises growth and development within the relationship. In an acquiescent and prosperous love relationship a feeling of liberation is ever present. This card signifies a time of expansion within a relationship. It could mean a commitment or a proposition of some kind. A declaration that sets the relationship to higher spiritual level. There is the promise of great happiness in this union.

3 of wands loveIt could literally mean a love formed with someone from a distant land and you are deciding where to go from here. If so it signifies that you will be able to be together. That a decision will be made whereby you will be together.

Alternately, it could be pointing to someone who is unlike anyone you have met previously. Creating feelings or growth that have not been experienced in your prior love relations. Usually a spiritual love. One that gives you the space to expand, express and live deeply in your authenticity. It is a YES card for a love query.

If you have been in or have moved out of an an unhealthy relationship or have been wanting to leave the 3 of Wands is a green light card – It will often omen a person of a different culture – a person who has learned the lessons from unhealthy relationship is here to show you a different way.

In business or projects it often portends success in overseas or foreign trade. It could be referring to a new business, that is foreign to you. But, often it is the go ahead for an opportunity that will arise from a distant land. It is affirming that this will be an opportunity for growth and diversity within your current ambitions.

authenticity 3 of wands

Spiritually the 3 of wands wants you to pat yourself on the back. You will or could be experiencing inner pearls that will be expanding your sense of authenticity and will be seeing tangible results. With the 3rd wand held in your hand, you should be able to experience an integrated sense of fulfillment, Almost as though the wand is magic.

It is not, well it is, but it has come about from the work you have put in since the two of wands met you on your path. The 3rd wand is very much a manifestation of the inner work you have undergone. A tool that you have mastered and now can use to help you move through the new life you have created for yourself. You can trust your inner language, your intuition and your self .

Warm blessing


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