Four of Wands tarot card meaning – love

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.” - Mae West Four of Wands tarot meaning Keywords: Joy, happiness, Love, friends, celebrations, home, visitations, co-operation, surprise. "Home sweet home" slips from the lips, with great astonishment, of the one who draws the four of wands tarot card. It depicts a good feeling, a … Continue reading Four of Wands tarot card meaning – love


5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life

Creating a Happy Life Oh My, What year am I in! Is it really another new year, has the calendar really progressed; without me moving with it? If time is an illusion why am I still in it and why are things still the same? Who am I? I am sorry, I am not Einstein, … Continue reading 5 Gentle Steps to a happier Life

Seven of Cups tarot meaning love

Seven of Cups tarot card meaning “Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.” ― Virginia Woolf The seven of cups looks magical at first sight - seven cups full of fantasies and symbols, floating in clouds. The clouds symbolise dreams, illusions, imagination, ideas The seven of cups  looks magical at first … Continue reading Seven of Cups tarot meaning love

How Art and Yoga transforms us – Dr Sally Adnams Jones

When Megsie met Sally One begins to serve others spontaneously, as one’s identity begins to expand. -  Sally I remember the day I met Sally; it was a barmy Sunday afternoon, a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the air. Expressive Arts Therapy Interview with Sally Adnams Jones When I do my own work, I … Continue reading How Art and Yoga transforms us – Dr Sally Adnams Jones

Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2017

Source: Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2017

4 of Cups tarot card meaning – love

Just as the candle cannot burn without fire, man and woman cannot live without spiritual life - Buddha The four of Cups - like all the Minor Arcana's gives insight to the details or the more mundane or day to day issues that may arise on our journey of Life. It is a cup card … Continue reading 4 of Cups tarot card meaning – love

Karma Tops -Art and Fashion interviews

We have a new project - Karma Tops - An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat. New Fashion and art blog - spiritually focused interviews with established & up and coming artists & fashion designers across the globe - Sally Adnams Jones Arts … Continue reading Karma Tops -Art and Fashion interviews

Free online Tarot Reading – Love

I have two lovely new and exciting offers Firstly my website is now offering a free online tarot app for you to do your own readings for FREE. It's a good tool to use when you want a quick answer and or to learn about the different cards. Take a look here and have a … Continue reading Free online Tarot Reading – Love

Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2018

Happy New Year 2018 It's that time of the year again where we get to review, renew and delve into pleasure, leisure and maybe even some proactive healing to start off the new year So I am offering discounts on rituals and tarot as a gift for the support and blessing for this year 2017. … Continue reading Tarot Reading and Ritual discount 2018

3 of Wands tarot card meaning – Love

Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely - Albert Einstein Wands in Tarot are of the minor arcana, they represent fire  - the life force, creativity, spirit. 3's represent growth, movement and expansion. Here we see a voyager cloaked in the travel robes standing at the top of a mountain with his back to … Continue reading 3 of Wands tarot card meaning – Love