Inner Goddess Meditation Retreat Bali – Ubud Sanctuary

Spiritual Yoga Retreat Ubud Bali

                        ESSENCE of BALI - June 1-5 2019

Nature  Meditation  Yoga  Tranquility  Freedom

5 day Restorative, Healing and Spiritual Immersion Retreat



This healing retreat is for women to tap into their true nature and awaken their inner goddess through empowerment, self love, compassion and acceptance in a safe, nurturing and holistic environment.

A Spiritual Sanctuary

Our Vision

    IS TO AWAKEN YOUR SPIRITBali yoga retreat

I believe human beings are naturally spiritual, wise and creative. These qualities, yet not always experienced, are always within us. Are our innate Selves.

Being a part of a retreat in nature is a way to awaken to our innate being, spirit and wellness. Our aspiration at Essence Of Bali is to provide women with a space to relax and reunite with and experience their authentic Self in a conducive environment – on their own terms, our individual dharma.

We are here to support and guide with wisdom, strength and kindness, along with providing practices, yet believe each person has the capacity to follow their own rhythms. We call this Impowerment … and freedom!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nourishment

BOOK NOW 40%OFF (1 week only)

The Rooms are exquisite with abundant outdoor spaces to sit quietly and just BE!

(the property is 20 minutes from Ubud Markets)

Traditional offerings of gratitude and respect are made daily.


Retreat Spiritual offeringsyoga retreat Bali

Daily light Asanas (Yoga) & meditation  |  Daily massage | Local healer visit  |  Full moon Fire Ceremony

Chanting | Onsite Counselling | Art therapy | Sound & crystal healing Ubud | Temple Visit

Holistic Vegan Vegetarian (meat options) meals. All produce organic and locally grown and all meat is ethically sourced. The owner has a integral consciousness around animal cruelty.

Our participants

Our retreats are for beginners, advanced practitioners as well as non-practitioners.

They are designed for total relaxation, chilling out, healing and/or immersing yourself in Sadhana (spiritual practice).

Personally I like both!

The idea is pure enjoyment and spiritual nurturing

ESSENCE of BALI – June 1-5 2019

The Property

A Spiritual Sanctuary

The path to Rahasia Manis still winds its way through the rice fields. Farmers smile and say “Hello” and the ducks, muttering to themselves and busy at work, still ignore us. We continue to make daily offerings of gratitude and respect in the traditional Balinese way and to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. – Owner

Tucked away from the tourists in the Rice Fields, half an hour from UBUD is a beautiful Spiritual Balinese family, that through many years of hard work and spiritual devotion, have created a tranquil oasis on the edge of the Balinese jungle and West End Therapies has secured the entire property for five days in June.The property has quite literally grown out of the land it is built upon.  We started in the rice fields and jungle, and before breaking ground we had local priests perform the vital ceremonies asking permission of the gods and goddesses to build here.

We developed organically, one room at a time.  Most of our buildings were sourced from Java, of reclaimed teak or other hardwoods.  They were dismantled, brought to the property, then reconstructed and designed in keeping with the landscape, then adapted to provide more light, space, and modern amenities.

No two houses are the same, each has its own distinct character and charm, and all have wonderful views, some of the rice fields and others of the jungle. – Owner

“The Property has been built with a conscious effort towards sustainability. Most of our buildings are built from reclaimed wood and our gardens chemical free and based on permaculture principles. A saltwater pool is central to the property and surrounded by vegetable and herb gardens, fruit trees, tropical plantings, and koi fish ponds. Flowers, butterflies, and birds are plentiful.” – Owner

It’s Outrageously Beautiful

The Yoga practice and sharing circle look out into an expansive garden surrounded by jungle.

Perfect for spiritual nourishment and sun salutations!

BOOK NOW 40%OFF (1 week only)


The daily schedule consists of morning and evening Asana (yoga) sessions with a local instructor and one morning guided meditation and one evening silent or singing bowl meditation. These are optional as our retreat aims to promote freedom and natural personal rhythm.

Megan may be found in deep trance at times throughout the property, please feel free to join her (quietly of course).

A local spirit healing is also on offer. This involves a day trip to the healers village and a water hole were a traditional 7 part healing will take place in the river system. An alternative to this is the opportunity to have a healing on the property with a local healer that offers a consultation on holistic healing and reads ones energy and life path.

We encourage Wu Wei (Tao word meaning ‘doing nothing’) and are happy if you want to sit and just be or wander the property or lay by the pool. Each of us has our own healing needs, body rhythms as well as individual psyches (or soul) and life challenges (although we are all connected) and therefore we encourage each individual to move about the day as they will. Many people have busy lives or are transitioning through intense emotional situations and being adsorbed in the stillness and biorhythms of nature may be the healing required. A daily massage will also be available.

yoga rtreat bali

Megan will be doing Gita (Bhagavad) readings and/or readings from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ with open discussion as well as offering onsite counseling through out the retreat. It is encouraged to use these counselling sessions to share any deep emotions or issues that may arise as one practices meditation or reflection aroused from the still environment.

We will also be having a sharing circle one evening or afternoon and as we will be blessed with an auspicious (Balinese) full moon (June 3) we will also be having a fire ceremony.

A day trip to UBUD to attend the infamous Yoga barn is also included; a crystal or sound healing will be available during this trip.These will be organised in advance so please advise on registration so we can arrange bookings and drivers beforehand. We would be sad if you missed out on the UBUD experience. We will also be offering a trip to the temple and are hoping to organise a traditional ceremony which is rare for westerners.

Vegan and Vegetarian menus are the focus but meat is also avail. there will be three meals per day in buffet style however if you have particular needs we can possibly organise something with the chef. There are kitchens provided within the houses so if you prefer to make your own food that will be fine. You will have to source food from a market beforehand or you can get a driver (extra cost) to take you into UBUD or a local village. 3 daily meals per day are included in costs to make things easy, so this would be an added personal cost.I usually like to take some veges and rice so I can have some self cooked silent meals.

WE are also currently trying our hardest to get a local Monk from the Buddhist monastery to share our time and to give one or two evening or daytime talks on ‘Loving Kindness and Compassion’ and ‘Maintaining spiritual practice in everyday life”

All activities, food and accommodation is included in the package.


All houses have private bathrooms, all with showers, some with bathtubs also. Each house has international electrical sockets and a safe into which you put your own code.  Every house has its own refrigerator and some have fully equipped kitchens (3).

We do not have AC, we prefer to take advantage of the natural breezes, and all rooms have either ceiling or wall fans. Being considerably higher than Ubud and most other tourist locations in Bali, the temperature is cooler and there are far less  mosquitoes, although all beds do have nets.

There are several lovely spaces suitable for personal yoga and meditation practice, or small private classes.

Please take a look at our room options and book according to your preference!

The retreat has 10 houses available with most shared (one or two private rooms available – these will go fast). The property itself has countless different nooks and spaces for eating, relaxing quietly or talking privately on the phone. We do not have AC, there are high areas open to the elements with no screens and the bathroom is open air but with very high walls, (the sink and toilet are under a roof awning so usable in any weather). The huts are perfectly safe, secure and lockable, whilst not fully closed off to all of nature and the natural breezes. There are glass sky-lights both in the room and on the patio making for more natural light.

4 Traditional Bali huts

Each one completely unique and colourfully decorated, with bamboo matting walls. in close proximity to each other each hut is with private shower and toilet (outdoors) . The huts are right on the edge of a jungle that slopes down to a river; it is calm and quiet, cool with natural breezes and plenty of shade. All the huts have high ceilings and fans. There are bamboo blinds that can be lowered to allow more privacy between the huts.

The huts have lovely outdoor common area. and all have a luscious outdoor private protected bathing area.

Each hut has a small refrigerator, personal safe, private patio for outdoor lounging with a large sized couch, table and chairs for dining and computer work, a hammock, mosquito net, koi pond, private en-suite outdoor stonework bathroom with a shower and unlimited hot water, excellent free wifi, purified water dispenser and facilities for preparing hot drinks. There is full access to a large saltwater swimming pool, and a small warung (restaurant) on the property where simple Balinese meals can be ordered and delivered to your room.

The Kamala Room – Accommodates 2

Kamala is one of 4 huts built in the traditional Balinese style,Kamala is the first hut at the beginning of these 4 huts, and therefore closest to the main pathway. An advantage being that it only has a shared wall on one side. The Kamala bed is a large King that can be split into singles, making it suitable for either a couple or 2 friends.


The Rhada Room – Accommodates 2

Radha is one of the middle huts, with other huts on either side. It is very cosy. The bed is a large King that can be split into singles, making it suitable for either a couple or 2 friends.


The Sita Room – Accommodates 2

Sita is the end hut, and therefore at the end of the path and right on the edge of the jungle. An advantage being that it only has a shared wall on one side, also no-one needs to pass by it. The bed is a large King that can be split into singles, making it suitable for either a couple or 2 friends.


The Uma Room – Accommodates 2

Uma is one of the middle huts, with other huts on either side. It is very cosy. The Uma bed is a large King that can be split into singles, making it suitable for either a couple or 2 friends.


Anita and Sunita – accommodates 2 (or 3) each

Anita is one of a pair that are adjoining, (Sunita being the other), each one however completely self contained, with separate entrances. There are 2 beds, a lower double bed, with a loft single above it (both with real mattresses); ideal for either 2 friends or a small family. Although adjacent to other houses this house has ample privacy. It is surrounded by a living fence, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and is a veritable mini “garden of eden”. It has its own bathroom attached to the house and just a couple of steps across the patio. Anita has a small hand-crafted bathtub as well as a shower. There is an ample closet, a safe, storage space and a small refrigerator, plus eating utensils, plates and cups. It does not have cooking facilities, but we of course have our on-site warung. The bathroom is covered but has a coconut tree growing out of the centre and a living garden, plus a shower with abundant hot water. There is a comfortable sitting area outside, with a wooden swinging hammock for relaxing, dining or writing. There is also a small koi pond. All in all, this little house has everything you could ask for to be comfortable, private and surrounded by nature.


Shiddi – Accommodates 1 or 2  – Private and peaceful. (option for 1 or 2 together)

Siddhi is one the smallest and latest editions to the property; its size is a big part of its charm. A solid teak lumbung beautifully carved, just big enough for a queen size bed that sits snuggly in the room and doubles as a day lounger. The bed is extra thick (very comfortable) foam and sits on the floor, so this is not the house for those who don’t like living at floor level, or have trouble getting up and down. The whole house is raised up and looks out over the jungle. We replaced 2 of the walls with glass, so the vistas all around are breathtaking. There is an outside bale connected to the house that creates extra living space and is ideal for working, (it has an International socket for a lap-top). It is self contained and very private, ideal for those who enjoy communing with nature. It is also the perfect little “love nest” for couples.

Ishani accomdates 2 or 3 (with shared bed)

is our newest house, all teak and glass and jungle views. We took an old Javanese lumbung and made it as functional as we possibly could, while still maintain its integrity. It has solid teak walls and floor, with 2 walls being full sliding glass French doors, a queen size bed, a closet, floor safe, teak patio with a wooden hammock. It has its own private garden with some veggies, banana plants and flowers. There is a living fence providing privacy from the next house, and it has a beautiful view over the jungle.


Indrani Accomodates 2 or 3 (with a shared bed)

is a unique and authentic old teak home set in working rice fields, with a shared full sized saltwater pool. Edible gardens are planted all around, and papaya trees and banana plants abound. This is the perfect location for those seeking old Bali, yet with easy access to all other aspects of the island. Indrani can comfortably accommodate 3 people, There is one double bed and 1 small single. A koi pod wraps around the house and the entrance to the house is across a small wooden bridge


Parwati – Accomodates 2 or 3 (with a shared bed)

Parwati is a unique and authentic old teak home set in working rice fields, with a shared full sized saltwater pool. Edible gardens are planted all around, and coconut trees and banana plants abound. This is the perfect location for those seeking old Bali, yet with easy access to all other aspects of the island. Parwati can comfortably accommodate 4 people, There is one double bed and 2 small singles in a loft space. There is a ladder up to this loft, so it is only really suitable for those who are fairly agile. This house is completely self contained and private with its own gate, koi pond, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, stone work outdoor bathroom, unlimited hot water, a deep terrazzo tub plus a separate shower, and countless other charming features.


Durga – Accomodates 2 or 3 (with a shared bed)

The origins of this house are a “pos jaga”, a teak lookout post from the Javanese jungle. We have adapted it into a multi-purpose property. The downstairs is a more enclosed living space, with an antique carved bed. This beautiful piece serves as a bed at night and a lounging area by day. It is about the size of an average double bed, so it is ideal for a single, or a not too large couple. There is a fully equipped kitchen, plus a dining table area in the main living area. There is a ceiling fan, walk in closet, and a safe. The bathroom is inside/outside style, with a terrazzo tub/shower under the stars. The upstairs is reached via a sturdy but quite steep ladder, so this is not a good house for the infirm or those who would have any difficulty with this. The upstairs has an old solid teak tongue and groove floor, ideal for yoga, dance or meditation. It is about 75% completely open, with a wooden railing all around, and glorious views of the rice fields and jungle. There is plenty of solid foam comfortable seating if the room is to be used as a sitting/lounging area.

$2299 AUD  p/p –


There is a separate spa area for massages or other treatments such as reflexology or various beauty treatments. There is also the option of having these treatments in the privacy of your own room – we have portable massage tables (with face cradles).

There is a 10 x 8 meter, open-sided yoga studio with a hardwood sprung floor. This room is also perfect for any other classroom-type requirements and has 15 international electrical sockets.


There is a fully equipped staff kitchen on the property, separate from the other houses, for the use of our staff only.  There is a paperless menu on tablets, (or we can send it to guests on pdf.), and meals and beverages can be ordered throughout the day until 7 pm.

Our menu and Balinese food in general is easily adaptable to any and all dietary requirements; be this vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or inclusive of humanely-sourced free-range and organic meats and line-caught fish.

All food is organic, 100% free-range, chemical free, humanely raised and slaughtered animal products, we have a wonderful local resource. They provide eggs, cheeses, bacon, chickens, other meats, vinegar, nuts and many other items.

We have our own permaculture vegetable gardens and many fruit trees. We do ask that you not pick anything without first discussing this with Wayan. We plan and plant our gardens around our own restaurant requirements and scheduled events, and freeze and store our produce accordingly. Wayan will let you know if we have any extra, and if we do we will be happy to make them available for a nominal fee.

The kitchen area is on the upper property, and is private and gated, and we ask that you not enter it, as it is exclusively for the use of our staff. If you knock on the gate someone will come and assist you.

We are in a traditional rural area of Bali, however there are some wonderful restaurants within a 10 minute drive of the property. We can arrange for transportation to off-site dining or if you wish to dine in your room or on the property we can put in an order for you and arrange pick up and delivery. Food delivery incurs an additional 10% charge on your food bill; transportation for guests to and from off-site dining incurs a charge of approximately $15. The restaurants in our area are: Kampung Cafe and Kailasha .

Besides these 2 restaurants there are several small local warungs, some that are about a 15 or 20 minute walk away, and we also have our own little on-site warung, Kafe Yamuna.

Our staff are highly skilled in cooking traditional Balinese cuisine. This goes far beyond what can ever be found in a typical restaurant. Authentic Balinese food is complex and highly time intensive to prepare, and therefore generally only a limited version of the culinary possibilities can be found on offer to the general public. For our groups we have a dedicated staff working all day to provide a wide array of authentic and delicious dishes for our guests.

All bookings for Room/house include complete retreat rate, but each house is shown so as to choose preferred accommodation as it is available.  All rooms are shared unless otherwise specified (private rooms are $100AUD extra on package). If you are journeying alone you will placed with whomever books the room as a preference. We trust that the divine will place you with whomever your soul is meant to be sharing with at this stage in your journey. If you are traveling with another you may specify who you want to share with. You can book the rooms at the same time. All rooms will be booked first in basis (we are not fused about dress :))


Who’s running the show

Megan Jackson

Holistic Counselor, meditation/mindfulness facilitator and artist. You can see my about me page and my  mystical art and my spiritual journey here.

Spiritual philosophy

“I feel deeply that we are here to experience freedom and connection (Love) both to sentient beings (which includes Gaia) and the divine. We need to rediscover the stillness in our hearts and in Mother Nature to find this again; to heal and begin to lead a more authentic and soulful life in unity consciousness”. My aim is to provide a space and support in this journey.

Psychological philosophy

“I firmly believe that we as a humans have an innate desire for freedom and therefore benefit from ’emptying out.

The more we continue to do this the closer we get to our true selves, our spiritual selves. In essence the Love that we are.

We have lost our way as a society, We need to ’empty out’ our conditioned beliefs and start to re-establish ourselves as we truly are “spiritual beings in a body.

The Yoga’s and Buddhism are great for this. Their entire foundations are built on these ideas. For instance the second stanza  of Patanjali’s Yoga says:

” Yoga is the cessation of the of the mind”

I have not seen anything work better at achieving this then meditation and creative practices. And well nature speaks for itself, we are nature, so when we align ourselves to her rhythms we give our body, mind and spirit a chance at wellness and manifesting a beautiful reality, psychologically”


My aim is to provide a space for one’s spirit to Awaken and it warms my heart to be able to offer such a divine sanctuary to join with like-minded others to explore this together. I can’t wait to meet you. If you have any questions please contact me here

ESSENCE of BALI – June 1-5 2019

Warm blessings and may you go with the Flow…

BOOK NOW 40%OFF (1 week only)

Our retreat scores 15 points on the Yoga Tree site which are usually valued $3000 – $10000, although our prices are in the 7 point range to make this affordable for all people. All profits from West End Therapies go towards Women in Need Project.



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