Six of Cups tarot card Meaning love

Six of Cups meaning

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
― Mother Teresa

Six of cups tarot

The six of cups is a card that tends to conjure up feelings or memories of the past. It is seeped in nostalgia. Now there is two ways of seeing the past – we can look back with regret or with a humility – that helps us to accept that we are human.. ooops there is three – or we can look back with fondness.

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The past is not a good place to dwell in, we all learned that when Eckarte Tolle started saying “Now, The power of now”. Yet it can be a good source of reflection. Our humanness makes us by default infallible, although we are perfect in our imperfectness. But it’s all perfect. Sorry I started off on a philosophical tangent. I’ve been doing that for years. So where was I, oh that’s right in the Now, talking about the past.

six of cups tarot meaning

This six can bring us into a full blown nostalgia, it’s important, it’s a good thing, we get to assess old truths and experiences. We can create new value systems, becoming conscious of what serves us, what makes us happy, what is destructive or that which makes us sad. We need these polarities to help us move forward.

In Love

This 6 comes after the five (which is often a time of heartbreak). So it can also be a stage were we are transiting from a past event or situation. Some of the energies may be lingering. We are processing how things got to where they are, our behaviours, others behaviours. We are in a healing stage. A time of reflection.

This card usually comes after a relationship breakdown. A time when we think about whether we can repair a relationship or not, before we truly move on. It can be a sad time but it does imply a time of moving away from the sadness that the relationship may have created.

It can in some cases portend a reunion and rarely a reconciliation.

6 of cups tarot
Deep Breaths

Reunion reveals friendship potential that haven’t yet been emerged in the past.”
― Toba Beta

If you are in a relationship it can refer to times of the past – it is usually heeding you to reflect on a time or actions that were beneficial, to help you in a current struggle within the relationship. Or it can be an omen that a patchy time has passed.

If you are not in a relationship it is a reminder of how we are able to heal from the past. Yet, it can also be referring to a missed opportunity. Something has ended and now is a good time for self care and self love.

In work or goals

As a strong nostalgic force is evident in this card, when relating to goals or vocation, this tarot card can often mean a person from an old work place may contact you or there may be a pull from an old workplace calling you back in. The advise here is to reflect carefully and to retrace your old feelings about the situation, they will help you make a decision. You may get an offer too good to refuse.

It can also indicate that a tough financial or work related issue is resolving itself. Any setbacks will be overcome.

african proverb


The spiritual message of this card is that of beginners mind. Regardless of how transcended we are or how learned or experienced or how awakened our Kundalini is, we are still human, we are still living in the mystery,  we are still at the mercy of the unknown. This card reminds us to draw upon our humility, our perfect infallibility (here we are again) or our innocence.

I like the Buddhist term for this, Shoshin (初心),  from Zen Buddhism, meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when analysing or reflecting upon a thing or event, even if you are at an advanced level,  as a beginner would, so as to meet the innocence of the situation.


It can also indicate a time after (the five of cups), of sadness or loss, the healing stage. Transition can feel difficult at times as many of us are not comfortable with change. Yet, if we honour ourselves with self care and self development, if we practice consciousness and present living, we can move through these awakenings with a greater peace or with a softer landing place. Even though it’s a groundless path 🙂

This tarot card wants you to know that there is always a past, a present and a future, it’s reminding you to walk the path of least resistance, to allow a humbleness to move through you, to learn, to grow.

This is an opportunity for deeper spiritual unfoldment.

Warm Blessings


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