Full moon Pisces August 29 / 30 2015 – Love

It is Full moon in Pisces ♓ in a couple of days, whilst Venus is retrograde

pisces full moonSo I’ve drawn her (Venus) in stillness and deep reflection as her emotional consciousness transforms.

She’s rooting herself in nature as the Pisces ♓ dreamy and emotional energies transmute.

She is emulating the Empress tarot card in all her glory.

The sun is in Virgo ♍ so it’s illuminating the mind and showing her in practical terms the steps she needs to take.

Venus is happy with her realisations and is enjoying the rebirthing of spirit…she knows love, she embodies love and she’s ready to ground the new found practicalities’ of her love with another.

The Pisces moon supports this by giving her the heightened emotions and astral insights…she’s patient though for she knows the mystical illusion’s of Pisces…she’s willing to act, she’s willing to proceed with humble invitation and humility cradled at her breast.

But she’d prefer to be met on middle ground. Keep it simple and real 🙂

emotions Pisces full moonPisces is a all about the emotions, so big emotions may arise from loss or even new situations. Emotions rise to show us, to teach us – allow them in, express them, move through them, share them.

It’s ok to cry.. It’s good to cry…

if you are sad or happy for that matter crying may be a release, an expression of an emotion and when we cry we experience an emotion, we step into and allow our humanness.

We also open up to truth and what is and this gives us an opportunity to grow and realise who we truly are and may even lead us to self forgiveness, or regret, or understanding… which can than lead to real positive action. *insert smile here*

full moon piscesI’m not saying we shouldn’t also smile at stages of grief, but if our emotions warrant crying then cry, don’t smile. That is were we get caught up in inauthentic living and stay stuck in old patterns.

We can use this moon and Venus retrograde to create a leap into expressions of our authentic self and to grow up into love 🙂

I would like a full moon ritual

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