meaningful fashion and art

We have a new project – Karma Tops – An initiative to help provide healing/rehabilitation and retreat accommodation for refugee women and children and women in need of retreat.

New Fashion and art blog – spiritually focused interviews with established & up and coming artists & fashion designers across the globe

Things never cease around here – we are forever expanding – inward and outward – onward and Upwards with  Karma Tops – Fashionable designer streetwear with modern art and spiritual themes.


Doubt and BudhismWe have been at the drawing board – literally for weeks now and have a range of t-shirts – tank tops and hoodies that embrace the yoga and self development in love and relationships and with the world at large.


Our range has come from a deep reflective and mindfulness process over the last 15 years – a catalyst of a spiritual awakening. You can read more about this on my sister site about Tarot and spiritual awakening . 


Here is an example

It comes in Wavesit comes in waves transparency

I drew this image to express a feeling of restlessness and hurtful feelings one day when my mind began to dwell in the past. I had to pull myself back into the present moment and the minute I did I felt I was able to see the situation differently. I found an image in an old French revlution art book not long after that reminded me of this feeling.

wavesIt was a  painting by ‘Goya’ of the 1700’s..from a painting he did about about ‘girls who wont stay at home’, risk exposing themselves to hardship’.. he was a political painter in the mid 17 to early 1800’s who later in life began to paint social, political and religious abuses of the times… I mucked around with it a bit to express how our heartbreak and losses come striking us at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

We support the evolution of the human being in accordance with the laws of nature and we believe that the way is through mindfulness, dharma, love and authenticity.

Take a look at our Karma site here Oh and We hope you are going with the flow  🙂

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