June Solstice Ritual for love and peace 2015

It’s the solstice (winter here) and it’s a time to gather in love and create harmonious vibrations. RITUAL 🙂

mandala solstice ritualRituals give life and relationships meaning.

Rituals also honor and acknowledge our loved ones and the unseen life that connects us all.

Acts of intention of the heart can be met by connection of spirit and the source of life.

If you don’t have a community that embraces ritual or your spirit don’t let that stop you from celebrating life. Regenerate your connection to your spirit and the source of life.

Ritual is a simple way of connecting into your true self, your essence and sharing it with your loved one and the universe.

Here is a wonderful love and peace ritual for the June solstice 🙂

During the day collect some candles, incense and some wood or leaves (if you can have a fire), take a walk and look for a special rock or other emblem – a feather or likewise to use also. Also, any significant crystals or personal items you are fond of or have meaning.

If you have any herbs like mugwort and myrrh, willows bark all the better but its ok if you dont. Also prepare and cook a simple meal of healthy food to enjoy. Also a bowl of water and a bowl of salt.
fire love ritualAfter sunset cast a circle , light the candles or fire (both is best) and the incense.  place the special objects in the center of the circle and sprinkle any herbs you have gathered ( save some for the fire if you have one).

Sit quietly and breath deeply and stare into the candle or fire for a few minutes until you feel grounded and connected

On a piece of paper write a list of the things that need clearing with an I thank you:

eg: I thank you for releasing the anxiety I have been feeling…
I thank you for releasing the old habits that no longer serve me
I thank you for releasing the negative ego mind chatter

Make them your own and relevant to the last year and current situations :), try to keep it simple and not too many. Five is a good number.

Then write all the things you wish to draw into your life and with an I thank you. Again keep it simple and no more than five.

I thank you for bringing in a peaceful and compatible life companion
I thank you for the wonderful sense of grace I experience
I thank you for my ability to accept the ending of my relationship
I thank you for my prosperous and loving life

Ace of cups tarot meaningNow on the back draw the Ace of Cups inside a circle – dont worry about being an artist draw from your heart 🙂

After this Repeat this incantation whilst staring into the candle or fire:

“Moon of grace and power be
hear my blessings for all to see
from the darkness
I turn toward the light
hear my yearning spirit
bringing peace into my heart

love into my bones
Moon of grace and power be
I thank you for your hearing me
So mote it be”

When you feel a true connection with this chant burn the paper (safely), (if you have a fire now is the time to throw in any herbs) and enjoy your meal whilst gazing into and connecting with the flames of the fire and/or candle.

Feel free to do a little dance and enjoy the food you have prepared.

When you are finished blow out the candles and gather you special objects and place them somewhere special. Empty the water and salt giving thanks.

Close your circle 🙂

I would like a ritual      I would like holistic counselling


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