Queen of Cups tarot card meaning love

True Beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows –  Audrey Hepburn

The Queen of cups sits in a throne, surrounded by clear skies and and a serene sea at her feet in a quiet, relaxed and contemplative manner, balancing a full but closed golden cup (with angel handles) in her hands.

queen of cups tarot

The Queen is sensitive, compassionate, open hearted, nurturing, emotionally wise and gentle.

The thrown she sits on is solid and sturdy representing the base of her emotional sensitivity and strength. The Cup she holds is one of love, but is sealed, depicting her deep connection to her unconscious mind, her ability to understand the truth of the heart and her connection to her soul.

Her mindfulness is heart centered not brain centered. This gives her a greater balance of emotions and creates a softness, clarity and positively powerful way of loving and nurturing in the world without giving away her own power.

The water at her feet symbolises the deep emotions she moves from, they are calm and serene but have underneath them the aliveness of the ocean – a metaphor for emotional intelligence and maturity. This woman is able to love deeply and without attachment. She is firmly grounded in the elements of mother earth and is peaceful in her environment.

Queen of cups tarot meaningWhen the Queen of cups appears in a tarot card reading it signifies that a woman of this caliber is coming to you or is within your sphere and she has wisdom to impart.

Or it could be referring to those parts of you. It could be a guide to look at those parts or to attend to those parts of you. It could be heeding that you have mastered these parts of yourself and the universe is letting you know that you are on the right path.

In love, the Queen of Cups signifies a loving grounded relationship is entering or has entered your life and it is affirming that this love is made of all the sweetness and joy of an emotionally solid and true connection.

It could be referring to a particular person in the relationship – either yourself or the other depending on the positioning of the card. If you have met the Queen of cups consider yourself very fortunate.

Sometimes this card is letting you know that the other person has all the qualities you are seeking in love and it is a go ahead to let go of mental barriers that may be stopping you from embracing the love.

Queen of cups love

The Queen is intuitive and sensitive to the vibrations around her. If in a new relationship this card may be calling you to go inner for answers to any doubts or fears you may have.

If in an established relationship this card depicts that the relationship has reached a level of maturation and deep emotional commitment and that it is filled with the compassionate and honest intimacy that sustains love with all the laws of acceptance, trust, affection and appreciation.

It could alternately be advising that for the love to continue compassion and empathy are required in this stage of the relationship for it to grow into a new level of commitment and interdependence. It may be suggesting the need to go inner and follow your intuition more than the mental dialogue to reach a deeper trust in the process of the relationship.

This queen is sensitive and uses her heart to contemplate solutions… this is her wisdom… she wants you to use it too.

In work, goals or projects this card is often suggesting that a balanced and emotionally grounded approach is required to advance to the next level.

It could be simply saying that the work you are doing is filled with love and that you are wise to continue on the path or it could be heeding that the time has come for you to endeavour to reach towards a life path of purpose and meaning – your life purpose.

Queen of Cupos tarot cardSpiritually this Queen forebodes a stage were you have become emotionally enriched – you understand that emotions are a directive from the higher self and you have integrated the heart into the mind and are moving from an intuitive place rather than a place of mental activity or emotional blocks.

It often comes after a time of change or spiritual growth were you have undergone a process of moving away from the external influences and have become adapt at manifesting greater inner happiness and emotional intelligence and are now creating a richer experience externally through this evolution of self.

It could also be asking you to look within to see how you are being of service with compassion, creativity and emotional sincerity.. The queen is a person who is able to see beyond the self and seek answers for the greater good – is your inner work reflecting this? are you looking beyond self in your practices and lifestyle choices?

The queen understand the laws of nature within the psyche, she knows that to nurture herself is also about nurturing her environment. That her purpose goes beyond the self and her inner work reflects this.

She contemplates from a space of the greater whole. She knows she cannot please everyone and does not lose her power as she meets the challenges from a space of emotional balance and insight.

Queen of Cups rumi

She creates positive boundaries gently and with foresight, she listens and cares and has the endurance of a love goddess.

The Queen of love is within us all.

We all have the power to intuitively move from a heart felt space that goes beyond the chaos of negative emotions – this Queen wants you to sit in your throne of solid grounded earthiness with your feet firmly planted in the rocks above the water, emerging yourself in the beauty of life, nature and love.

And she wants you to own this love within you and for it to manifest in your relationships, yoRefugees and womenur work and your spirit.

She is coming to you as a guide to show you it is possible and sustainable with a soft gentle embrace.

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