Three of Swords tarot card meaning love

Betrayal of the heart by someone we truly and deeply love can be the most painful and hurtful thing we experience, but if we open up to the wound, we have an opportunity to see that we have a deeper capacity to love, that we have the strength of heart to love sincerely and honestly and with courage, and we can heal. With this healing we can walk away with compassion for the other and with the knowledge that our hearts can again be open and love even deeper with someone equal.

The Three of Swords is simply a card warning or clarifying heartbreak. It usually portends betrayal and deep sorrow. It is often unforeseen and sudden and can be a shock to the nervous system.

The Three of Swords can be heeding a period of loss and the pain that goes with it.

three of swords tarot card loveIt usually is a love relationship betrayal – a warning that someone is not being honest or that a hurtful truth will be revealed. There is no escaping this truth and the card is usually a warning that the loss is final. There is no turning back.

Sometimes there is opportunity for reconciliation after healing, however this card is advising that this is not the case – the soul purpose of the relationship has come to an end and the best you can do is heal and discover the lessons you are offered from the the loss or betrayal.

The Three of Swords can be a warning that if you keep going back, and don’t learn from your mistakes that you will continually be heart broken and those closest to you will suffer also. It’s a warning to move away. Some relationships are cruel and sometimes we need to move away so as to allow everyone to heal – you cannot change others and it is never your responsibility to do so.

three of swords tarotIf this card is coming up in a position that is about you, then it may be asking you to be responsible in your actions and to look to see if you are creating the betrayal.

Sometimes when the three of swords appears it is acknowledging that you may be dealing with a bully or a low energy person. It is appearing as a sign post to make major changes in your life.

This card wants you to allow the grief, to process it and to allow time for it to unfold but also warns that to stay in it does not serve you. To be careful of victim mentality and to be careful not to return to the patterns that brought you to the situation.

There is a great healing potential after heart break, betrayal or loss – (healing after a heart break or a betrayal.)

three of swords tarot meaningI do not believe that we have to suffer to find the light – as the light is us, is always within us – however it is sometimes necessary for a life journey of free will to evolve into authentic self by experiencing pain and hurt – it is a part of this life experience.

Some people spend a lifetime in it and others move through the mistakes and lessons with an openness to grief, seeing grief as an opportunity to grow. This card is pointing towards that choice.

This card can be illuminating deep emotional or psychological issues that will need to be healed before one is able to move on. Denying pain does not help it, nor does feeding it with the same energy. You need to embrace the experience but do not wallow in it or recreate it.

three of swordsAn important message to remember is that taking betrayal personally is not of use – when someone behaves in a way towards us that is hurtful, dishonest or lacking in personal integrity, it is they who will have to live with that psyche and karma.

Once you heal or as a part of the healing you can let go of the idea that you deserved it or that you created it – you did not create someone else’s choices – we all have free will which creates our own destiny.

three of swords meaningSo there is no escaping that the Three of swords brings grief or upset and sometimes betrayal but as always with any experience we can grow and heal and learn our own capacity to love.

It could be an initiation into awakening, it could bring about the dark night of the soul – the process of going deep into ones shadow self to eliminate negative ego. If this is the case I recommend finding a spiritual teacher or guide to help you through. One who is experienced in the dark night, to hold you through it. Read more about dark night here.

Before you can spiritually connect to your true beloved it is wise to spiritually disconnect from the past pains so you can love wholly again:

Here is an excellent ritual to perform at the end of a painful relationship experience to honour it’s lessons and to cut the energetic ties that have the potential to stay if you do not let them go  – so you can create a space for a new loving and fulfilling truer relationship – Spiritual divorce ritual.

The best way to move through any experience of loss or heartbreak is with grace 🙂

Warm Blessings


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