Seven of Swords tarot card meaning love

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”
– William Blake

The Seven of Swords depicts a person stealing swords from a campsite. Taking five and leaving two behind. The theft of the five represents betrayal and leaving two behinds represents the person trying to get away with the deception.

We see in the background that the thief has been noticed and a person is running to catch them with their sword swinging., This illustration shows us that someone is being dishonestselfish and deceptive and are trying to walk away undetected but their deception will catch up with of swords

Seven of Swords keywords: Betrayal, running away, shirking responsibility, dishonesty, inauthenticity, independence, going it alone, ego, internal politics, control, avoidance, sabotage

When this card comes up in a tarot card reading it is asking you to be cautious. If it is about you it is asking you to have a look at your actions and thought processes.

Are you being selfish, are your main thoughts negative, Are you avoiding reality. Are you trying to get out of a situation without being honest or brave? It isn’t too late to reevaluate your attitudes and character strengths. You can choose to be honorable at any time in your life – regardless of the past.

remove toxic people from lifeBy being aware of self sabotaging behaviours we can begin to address them and make changes.

If it is about another person it is heeding you to be careful – you may be being taken for a ride by someone. Someone is not being honest or open, maybe manipulating for their own benefit.

In a love relationship this card will come as a warning that you a have been or are about to be betrayed. The person you love is acting in a selfish way (you may or may not be aware) and if you have any doubts this cards affirms them. They have left you with two swords, don’t be fooled by this – having one foot in the relationship and one foot out is not love.

Direct confrontation will not solve this problem as the person is being cowardly or dishonest. You will have to go on an inner journey to seek answers to this betrayal.

The best you can do is accept the situation for what it is and begin to heal from the betrayal.

seven of swords loveIn some cases this card could mean that your partner wants to go it alone – they are striving for independence. It is possible that this stage can be managed or temporary but when a partner becomes selfish it can be difficult to navigate – all relationships are about two people, not one.

If you have just met someone or are single this card asks you to hold your heart in as this person is either not ready for honest love, is using you for their own ego or life situation or is not trustworthy. It is saying don’t trust too easily – if this person seems too good to be true, you are probably right. Beware your heart is not stolen.

In work, projects or goals this card can mean that someone is sabotaging your work or that the goal is unachievable. If it is sabotage the person can be dealt with but it will take time or there will be a period of loss and/or opposing forces. In some cases it is a signal that you are on the wrong path and it may be time to let go.

seven of swordsSpiritually this card is heeding you to go back to beginners mind. You are not on the right path, something is holding you back, usually the ego mind and negative thoughts.

The external events of your life are showing you a glimpse of your inner life.

You may need to go into retreat to do some soul searching. Some witnessing practice to see how your thoughts are ruling your life. When we confront our negative thoughts or our shadow side we open up to healing and creating better outcomes.

Living in the present, moving away from the things that are upsetting you and finding quiet space to undergo healing are all helpful when this card appears.

Swords are powerful, they can be used to cut through the clutter, they can hurt others, they can create protection….

How are you using your sword?

Warm Blessings


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