Full moon Pisces September 2014 love consciousness

Full moon Pisces September 2014 astrology

I’m choosing the lovers tarot card as the full potential for this Pisces full moon 🙂

lovers tarot meaning The full moon in Pisces energies have already started to pick up pace and it’s only two days away. Pisces (water) is emotional sensitive and deep and this moon will shine light on our deeper emotions and sensitivities.

If we think back to December 2012 (as we moved from the age of Pisces into Aquarius) and the eclipses of earlier this year and last, we will get an idea of what will arise.

Any (unresolved) past wounds will be raised for healing. With the moon also conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) there will be no avoiding the opportunity to face and move on from the unconscious (made conscious) issues or relationship patterns and contentions that are deep seated.

Fortunately it is the final opportunity to heal these sufferings and it does not have to be heavy or painful as Chiron is focused on the healing and the letting go more so than the pain.This often means though that people/places and things must leave our life once and for all.

It is a sensitive and emotional time but those who have done the hard work since 2012 will find this moon intense- albeit containing emotive rewards and riches- as the final tweaking of past inner and external conflicts/patterns/behaviours are released for greater liberty.


The Pisces energies give potential for meaningful, rich love and deeper inner happiness if we manage to allow ourselves to stand up and in any conflict, hidden agendas and/or subconscious risings that may (and they will) present themselves at this time.

The key as always is to stay grounded (the Sun in Virgo helps) and to be grateful for whatever opportunities present themselves and to allow our emotions to be truly felt and seen so we can progress towards the intended beauty of a richer more meaningful life and love..

Pisces is all about the heart – go toward what makes your heart sing and the shifts will be felt deep within and all around you as the next few months unfold.

Piscean energy is associated with forgiveness and compassion. Forgiveness is about release. Let go of mind responsibility around that which you cannot change, let go of codependency, pain, past hurts, grudges. Release the desire to change a situation or person.

The Piscean forgiveness is radical compassion, forgiveness of what is and being able to move away from the suffering, making right action. Pisces being deep and inner can often mean we do this quietly or on an inner capacity, allowing the external to dissolve organically.

Grief and suffering are different. In grieving we allow our emotions to present themselves, to undergo transformation. We empower ourselves and make changes both inner and outer. When we suffer we obstruct our power, we allow for situations, people to keep us stuck. Suffering implies not accepting things as they are. The forgiveness and compassion indicative of Piscean energy allows this process to be gentler and in alignment with truth.

Pisces is also deeply seated in mysticism and magic. Pay attention to dreams and intuition. Make good use of traditional healing methods such as meditation and ritual and you will be guided gently through this higher consciousness process with a direct path to peace, love and union.

As Pisces is associated with water, I suggest a water ritual to heal, relax and enjoy the process of this potentially lovely revealing and sensitive full moon:

Run a bath and add sea salts or Epson salts.. Himalayan salts are bestfull moon Pisces love ritual
Light an incense stick (Frankincense or rose or both are best)
Light candles (Red and black are best),

If you can get some red roses (add these to the bath) or gather some rosemary, marigold or other flowers or herbs that are available to you

As the bath runs write your wishes on a piece of paper – this should help you create an intention – (eg I intend to be more open to receiving love or I Intend to accept my relationship as it is and move towards a more loving one or I intend to create positive action towards a happier inner state…)

Once in the bath sit still for a minute and focus on breathing into your heart centre. deep breaths in and deep breaths out. Take a moment to witness thoughts that are arising but continue to go back into your heart centre. As your mind settles take a moment to focus on the candle light. Read out your wishes and intention no less than five times but as many as it takes till you feel it at your core. Put the paper aside and sustain the positive vibration.
Begin to pour water over your head, over your crown Chakra and repeat five time:
“Diana of the moon
I wash away the sorrows and pain
I release all that does not serve me
I reach inner
I feel the love that is inside me
I now wash away the past
I bring forward my love
I am ready to walk towards my hearts song
Diana of the moon
I am love
I am free to be open, loving and alive
So mote it be”

Sit still for a moment and allow the feeling of freedom to embrace your being.
Let the candles burn out.
As you empty the bath water imagine all the negative energies and suffering leave …
If you have used rose petal or other gather them and spread them in a garden 🙂

Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul.


   I would like a tarot reading now



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