Six of swords tarot card meaning Love

The Six of Swords

“The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”  – Allan Moore

Six of swords tarotWe all hear about moving on, letting go and bringing in the light. The Six of swords upholds all of these concepts as well as acknowledging the pain involved with the process. But as the above saying by Allan Moore indicates, there is a smoother happier passage ahead.

We see a woman and her child surrounded by six swords, heading somewhere in a boat – the water behind her is choppy and unsafe but the water afar is smooth and alive with life. Her appearance is mournful, depicting she is sad to be moving away from where-ever she has come.

However, the clear waters ahead show that she is making the right choice and that although her present situation is sad and regretful – the further she moves away the happier she will be.

The boat signifies the finality of the situation. The woman and the child are not looking back – they know they must leave – the six of swords represents the strength of mind of the passenger on the boat – the knowing that the past must end – the person rowing them away signifies she will be supported and safe.

The six of swords in a love relation indicates a recent time of sorrow , having to leave and needing to grieve. The situation was beyond repair and the only alternative was to remove yourself from it.. The swords in front of us shows that we may have fought hard with our logic and reason in order to accept this loss as fate. It shows that the pain is raw, fresh and we must take this time to recover from the trauma.

love tarotAlthough hearing this does not shift the heartache – this will have to be an organic process of grief and healing –  the toughest times are behind us. We are now moving away from relationship that has caused us sorrow.

We may be held back by our own intellect, but will soon learn through the healing process that we deserve to be free and happy. This card is reminding us to focus on the end goal – happiness and this will be achieved by self empowerment.

If we have just met someone new it can be advising that the other person will cause us much sorrow and is a forewarning to travel away from it before it causes us hurt – It could also be advising that the other person is still in a period of sorrow and may not be available to you  – Either way it is warning to stay clear from the situation.

In business, goals and projects, it may be advising that a loss is imminent – you can walk away – you must walk away. But, it also adheres to the old adage that ‘when one door closes another one opens’. Because of the emotional attachment in this card the situation may be deeply important to you and you will find difficulty in letting it go.

Try to stay focused on the possibilities of the future – remember you have survived this far and you still have all the resources to rebuild a vocation, financial security or achieve goals. This was not the right path for you. The path ahead is much more abundant on a heart level – it will be smoother and less stressful.

5 of swords tarotSpiritually you are being reminded that grief has a process – it raises deeper healing and gives us choices and empowers us. Our ego minds can hold on to the past as long and only as long as we allow it to. Through practicing self awareness in grief we are able to grow and heal faster than sustaining a level of victim mentality.

It is an opportunity to dissolve the past both externally and internally. This card says there is a long journey in front of you but that if you accept and act you can make powerful changes in your emotional, mental and spiritual lives.

This card wants you to see your past sorrows for what they are – it is showing you that the murky or rough waters of the past are no longer a necessary path. You can find the support and healing towards the deeper softer self but you must leave the past to do so.

Once the external events have been removed you can begin the process. You are being called to accept the idea that sorrow can stay or leave – that yes sorrow is a part of life but how we manage it is up to us.

Becoming strong in your values, creating boundaries and adhering to them. Embodying them , moving through the grief by continually letting go.

Sacrificing the mind’s ego will always bring greater peace. To accept a situation we must remove the activity of the minds ego – we then find peace – this may take a while – when the peace enters us we can then receive right messages from the mind – heart messages  (messages that are congruent with the peace we are achieving by sacrificing the mind) in Ahisma. These messages will lead us towards right action.

five of swordsTherefore-  sacrifice the ego – peace occurs – right action becomes organic. We can do this by seeking truth in philosophy, traditions, journalling, meditation, yoga, walking, drawing, painting, gardening, communing with nature, seeking guidance from a healer/teacher/therapist, being of service to others.

Peace will always lead us towards right action.

The six of swords is a difficult card to accept in life, love and business but it does have within it a beautiful opportunity to move towards more fulfilling, prosperous and loving people and situations and a deeper sense of self worth.

Accept – sacrifice ego – create right action 🙂

Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul.


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5 thoughts on “Six of swords tarot card meaning Love

  1. Exactly how I stumbled across your blog I’m not sure… But I have come to absolutely adore it… Just love love love the things you put together on there and on Facebook!!! Thank you!!!! Kristy 🙂

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  2. I don’t know who you are but you just played a major role in helping to get me started on a better and brighter path towards happiness and enlightment. This was painful, healing, and yet “freeing” to read. It was so well worded and very well laid out. I am blessed to have been led here via search engine. God bless you for this!!! My life is about to change for the better. Thank you soooo much!!!


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