Emperor Tarot card meaning Love


“If you can master yourself than you shouldn’t have trouble mastering everything else”

The Emperor sits upon a throne which symbolises his sturdy, steady, well grounded authority. He has a long white beard that represents his years of experience that have afforded him great wisdom – wisdom that comes from consequential knowledge, learning and experiential growth. The four Ram (Arian Symbols) on his throne are indicative of determined action, leadership, intelligence and  independent initiative.

The emperor tarot cardHe is wearing robes of royalty, a gold crown and is amid a backdrop of orange sky (sunset, holding a golden staff. The robes and crown are about his status, the gold staff, a symbol of his unquestionable authority from experience and  the sky about the assuredness of the outcome.

The Emperor in that Tarot is a strong male energy, often a father figure – one who is solid and strong and who is able to stand his ground in any situation. This figure however is wise from life’s lessons and understands the way things are on a mind level, from his own great travels and experiences. He can be strong minded and he is able to assert authority, but only does so when it is necessary as he knows the importance of self discovery through action and trial and error.

As a father figure he ensures that one is protected and secure. He demands that rules and plans are fulfilled as he knows the consequences of hard work and idleness. He is gentle in his wisdom but is also able to be stern when required.

Emperor tarot Rumi

In Love the Emperor is often about a person entering your life who is grounded and steady but one who has experience and structures in place developed from knowledge. It could be heeding that this person is heady and needs to connect more with the heart, but the truth of their mind should not be dismissed. It may be warning to slow down and be practical and grounded.

It could also be portending to a partner who is affluent and wealthy. Someone who is well established in their field and is able to provide a stable and solid home. Alternately it may be advising that the new partner will be older and will be bringing a different and often richly rewarding lifestyle to the table.

Sometimes this card predicts an elderly gentlemen who is able to offer advise and has some wise words to impart regarding love. If in a relationship this card may be showing an older person offering their intelligence and wisdom to help you navigate any problems that are arising. In rare cases it portends an offer of financial assistance.

The Emperor is sometimes stubborn and hard shelled – notice the armor on the legs. This may be warning of a difficult stage in a relationship where someone or both people are not budging or being too head strong – more heart is needed to resolve issues and even conflicts.

In business, goals and projects this card is generally about a solid secure outcome, a message that business will develop and become a wealth of stability and success. It could again also be heeding an older male energy that will have advise and in some cases offering money and assets. There will be an older man that can help you – stay open to accepting and listening.

The emperor tarot meaning

Spiritually this card may be representing a period of stillness and grounding. You have reached a pinnacle in your awakening and it is time to reflect and allow in the new energies – they will solidify and integrate at a rate that will prepare you for next evolution and challenges.

This card is often also about a time when you are being called upon to be strong and use all your knowledge and resources to move through a life cycle. You may be tested to use all your skills and mind to overcome issues of the heart. It indicates strength and pride (without ego), knowledge and much universal help.

When the Emperor appears rest assured you are on the right path and that you are strong enough and capable enough to continue on the journey. What is about to open up for you is meaningful and substantial.

Warm blessings


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