Judgement tarot card meaning love


“Great spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in their moccasins” – American Indian proverb

Judgement tarot cardI can sense I am near the end of my journey, this particular journey.

I awake each day with anticipation roaring from my gut. I’m empty and full at the same time, I’m in love with life, I feel awake alive, but something is missing. I am the fool and the Judgement card has fallen under my feet as I run towards my goal, I slip and see that I am moving too fast, not looking closely at where I am going.

The fool is near the end of the journey when the Judgement card appears, but something is holding them back and so they look toward the sky, looking for guidance from the sun. Instead  of seeing the solar energy, there is an angel blowing a trumpet. A sound that stops them at their feet.

“You are on the right path,” the Angel says, “you have only one last step on your journey, one last task to complete to reach your goal. But, until you confront the past and heal it, release it, lay it to rest, you cannot take another step or at least one in the right direction.”

The Fool, naked and grey/colourless, is astonished. “I have moved on, left the past behind, there is no thing to lay to rest. I’m over with the past!”

The Angel advises: You can not leave the past behind, the past is moving with you making your steps heavy, altering your every move, digging deeper into the earth (your subconscious), planting half sown seeds of destruction. Your past walks under you, you cannot just run away from it, hide it deeper without effect. Although, you can call it forward, face it and transmute it

tarot card meaningThe judgement card symbolises a time of seeking guidance to transmute the past, to reach into the present, to heal in truth and to move into the future with a clean slate of forgiveness and acceptance.

At certain intersections in the journey we must stop and rest, reflect and awake to truth.

The seeker benefits from discernment, which may be achieved by looking closer with open judgement to the past and the present. We may have left some things behind that are useful, we may have forgotten some necessary tools or emotions or ideas.

New age self helps encourages us to keep moving on and to not look back – but, the past, the present and the future are transcended by the soul and are all relative. The past has the capacity to assist us.

judgement tarot cardLaws of cause and effect involve past, present and future. We can benefit from resurfacing the past in the right way. We can  transmute karmic debt when we face the truth. The Judgement card is a time of deep healing and reflection. It can mean that if you have been through a time of struggle that you are now in a position to stop analyse, feel, sense and create a new life.

Awakening may be the forefront of the Judgement card. It will definitely bring forward past actions, present situations and possibilities for the future based on these.

In love, the Judgement card may suggest someone new is coming into your life (if you are single). But it warns that if you have not faced the past you will be bringing it into the new relationship. Or you may be needing to judge the situation, look at the reasons you are going into this new relationship, what your intentions are.

It may be asking you to go slow or to heed past lessons. It’s asking you to mend the past and then go towards new love. And to be clear it is love not loneliness driving you.

love tarot

If in a relationship this card is asking you to step aside from your ego and use discernment regarding where you are.

There may be a time of change within the relationship, this card is asking you to not be too harsh in your judgement of others, to be considerate of your own actions/feelings and assess what your motivations are.

Are you coming from a space of unconditional love? Are you comprising yourself or your own values?

This card is usually a time of re-establishing goals, values and commitments within a relationship and is heeding you to not rush decision making but to use time and reflection to move into your soul before making any moves, you may need to step aside to do so.

In business, goals and projects this card is asking you to sincerely assess your soul purpose and see if it is sitting comfortably with your logic. You may be moving ahead too fast or without consideration of the value of the project. You may have lost the soul of the business or project.

Sometimes the judgement card is warning that you may be at a crossroads and it is time to take stock and recall your initial intentions. It could also be suggesting that you are being called to seek out your motives and see if ego is driving you.

Service is important to any project or goal or business. Rewriting visions, motives and service ideals can help in this area if the Judgement card appears.

awakening judgement tarotSpiritually you may be in an awakening stage. Awakening is ongoing, it is not just one event. Something external may have occurred to pull you back into beginners mind. Going back to basics, going inner and re-birthing is often a necessity with the Judgement card.

You may be having to let go of old beliefs, and again this is where the past may arise, allowing for ‘letting them go’ –  is the message. You may have to be letting people go and situations go that  are holding you in past patterns or that are not serving you on a soul level. Inside is the place to find the answers you are looking for.

Alternately it may be time to look at your own judgements, your mind chatter, how it is effecting and affecting you life. Using discernment but practicing non-judgement can bring us closer to truth.

The Judgement card may simply be asking you to step back into your psyche, resolve thoughts conditioning and to be present with them but to walk into the future with a sense of non judgement, leading you to opening and transcending.

Love, growth and destiny have the greatest potential in our awakened state; judgement is necessary but can confine us if not coming from the soul. It’s an opportunity to return to your soul.

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