The World tarot card meaning love


“I am in the universe the universe is in me the universe and I are together combined”

The world tarot cardThis mantra sums up the message of the world (or universe) card. It shows us that we are a dynamic force within the universe but are also of the universe.

It points to our consciousness and our thoughts and actions and how we need to integrate this with our soul – which is the universe.

World tarot card Keywords: Travel, true love, universal laws, enlightenment, honest success, family love, completeness, moving forward, openness, peace, abundance, intuition

The world card is the final card of the major Arcana. It is reminding us that the universe does not work alone that our inner lives – our unconscious and consciousness have the ability to move us towards a oneness with the universal laws of love and truth.

It is saying that you have completed a cycle and are right back to the beginning of yourself but with all the knowledge and resources of the universal intelligence.

In love the World card depicts that you have left behind all the lessons and trials and have moved into a space of true authentic love. You are in the space of true heart and your ability to love is egoless and sincere. You are stepping into a new world and the universe is delivering  true love to you. You have mastered the ego and you have learned that material and external desires are not the essence of true heart.

This card could literally mean you will meet someone from another part of the world or that you will travel for or towards love. There is an adventure awaiting you and you are being called to step into the world. It could be that you will travel and learn a deeper love for yourself or another. Whichever, this card is about universe expansion and suggests that love is awaiting you in an unfamiliar land.

universe tarot cardIn love it can also refer to you having choices. It may be a time when you have more than one person presenting themselves to you as a love or romantic partner.

You are being tested to be honest and loyal to your heart and to remember all the lessons and to follow through with selfless emotional sincerity – a warning to leave greed and debauchery behind.

To fully embrace intimacy and love with all its grace and challenges. Your reward is one of true sustainable bliss.

Careers, goals and projects will be coming to a stage of completion. You have given your all and you have worked hard and long and the World card is telling you that you have completed the tasks required and are about to be celebrated and rewarded. As you moved through your tasks you have learned the necessary skills and lessons to make a wonderful master in your field.

You have given your best, you have been congruent and repaired any ills or errors along the way and now the universe is opening up the world to you to begin the work as a master not an apprentice.

You will be embraced by your community, you will given guidance and honest companionship and you will be benefiting the world at large. You will be providing a service that is beneficial and purposeful that works towards healing and the creative forces of  a better world.

If you haven’t put the work in, if you have been unfaithful, selfish, squandering your time and money, lazy in your endeavours, or your intent has been self fulfilling, The World card may be reversed and it depicts that you may suffer losses in an attempt to teach you the value of commitment, intention and right action.

The fool must learn there lessons on the journey of the arcana.

At the end of the journey you will no longer be fooled by the tricks of the mind, You have worked honestly and You are in the high energy cycle and low energy events and people will no longer be able to fool you or even reach you. You may be able to heal and teach but you no longer vibrate at the level of ego and so therefore surpass the lower energy .

waterhouse_mermaidYou have done sincere healing, you have seen truth and you are on the right path. No more struggles. You will see this in your family, friends, work and life. It will be a feeling of integration – almost tangible from the joy and love radiating from you and those around you,

The world card shows us that we can have all – security, love, peace, happiness and fulfillment. That once we have walked the path of true caring, love and healing, are sincere in service to others, we can indeed be released from the struggle of ego.

The world is your oyster and you yourself are the pearl. 

warm blessings


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5 thoughts on “The World tarot card meaning love

  1. Magnificent! Your words sound like a stream of stars pouring forth from the Heavens. I have never read such a deep and splendid analysis. Thank you, Megan. This is divine inspiration.


  2. Wonderful text 🙂
    Can this card, in love reading about a soulmate, suggest a person that is in another world/not born yet/wont be born in this world in this time…?
    Thank you.


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