Strength tarot card meaning love

Strength tarot card meaning

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu

Endurance is the means to higher consciousness and the Strength tarot card gives us clarity, peace and assurance that we have mastered our inner world, therefore taking responsibility for our outer world.

Keywords for Strength tarot card : Balance, peace, inner mastery, overcoming challenges, energy, willpower, healing, awake

counselling BrisbaneIn the traditional tarot a woman (with the symbol of infinity above her head) tames a lion under a golden sky. Infinity symbol representing self mastery and endurance. And, the taming of the lion, through petting, shows she has used more than outer strength to overcome the trials of the world around her; she has mastered her inner world and used the beauty of the feminine (balanced consciousness) to bring peace and calmness.

When we have an awakening (usually due to a major life change, eg. ending a relationship, starting a new one, new life paths, loss etc), when we wake up to truth, we often go through a period of endurance. Integrating our new consciousness, processing our old truths, releasing pains and re-birthing a new way of being and seeing.

When the strength card comes up in a tarot reading it is saying that this period of integration and level of awakening has passed or will be passing, that you have endured and formed a more honest and empowering strength that matches  the vibrations of the universe.

Much healing has taken place.

It is announcing that it is time to go forward with your new strengths and knowings; it’s saying you have found the spiritual balance and you can create the right life from a level of awareness and inner power that self mastery allows.

Well done. You have endured and been brave, honest and open.

Stand back and take a look at yourself and feel the inner peace and see how balanced and alive your life is. Look at your outer world and you will see that you have created something lovely. You will notice that the people in your life reflect your new found strength. Your children will be thriving and happy, your friends and family will match your positive strength and you will be attracting like minded into your sphere. You will notice you are being loved and embraced by the entire community. You are being appreciated for all your giving and altruistic might.

strength voyager tarot

In love the strength tarot card depicts a sense of patience and will to overcome. If you are in a relationship it may be saying that you have endured a difficult time and you have overcome self defeating unconscious matter and are now in a position to move forward into a more open-minded honest level of love. Challenges have been overcome and a more peaceful loving relationship is available to the two of you.

If the relationship is not equal or no longer serving, this cards reflects that you have endured enough and you have gained the inner strength to confront the necessary changes that need to take place. You will stand strong in your inner convictions, needs and wants and will have the will power to ask for what you need but to also walk away if you need.

Sometimes this card suggests that you need to be very brave – more so than normal – to set boundaries that you may not want to for the sake of self preservation or to overcome less than sincere or loving people. But, also that you do have the inner reserve and confidence to do so – the deep inner knowing from past experience helps you gather this strength.

If you are single it may be portending a time of accepting your readiness to allow in a new love. It can be alerting you to the fact that you are ready and can manifest a genuine love that matches your new vibration of self power and inner strength. It may be suggesting that someone of equal strength and awareness and value will enter. It is saying be your strength – like attracts like.

strength tarot card

If you are in the early stages of relationship this card could be asking you to be patient and to not move into relationship through sex alone. Have inner strength to form a real bond before giving away your body. It may end in disaster – the Lion may bite.

Depending on surrounding cards  it may also be heeding that you are ready in your own power to move into an intimate relationship but the person you are attracting may still be living in a ‘beastly’ unconscious world and you may have to endure a period of taming, of teaching. It is always your choice if you want to share this period with another. Be careful it may cause some pain, but it does suggest that you have the universal inner mastery to handle the situation.

In the Thoth cards this is often seen as lust. Using will power to tame lust that may not be of benefit to your higher self. This could be a warning that you must not stray from a period of stagnation or difficulty from a relationship and turn towards sexuality alone as the outcome may be adverse. It may be asking you to see the value in what you have and endure a time of confusion for the sake of  love. Self mastery is required until you are aware of your true inner strength. If you do you will see that your love is just going through a normal phase and the test of time is inevitable.

Be careful and make sure that passions are sustainable in any affairs you may be indulging and that your reasons are not escapism.

let go strength tarot card

In work, projects and money the strength card is advising you that endurance will or has turned the tide. You may have to be incredibly resourceful and accept past loses, use your vital inner qualities to overcome a battle of the wills. You have the power to go on if you can draw on your strengths and natural abilities.

Alternately, the Strength tarot card could mean that something is coming to an end, to have the strength to know it is time to walk away. You may have been given this challenge for self mastery and to accept that this destiny may not be of value to you any more. It may be asking you to be strong in a process of letting go. With inner power you will open up to more fulfilling and more peaceful path.

Spiritually the strength card signifies a pure and exalted power that is manifest from endurance and letting go. You are coming out of a re-birthing period and you are able to move in the world as authentic self, in self mastery.

It shows that you have accepted responsibility for the past and your place in the world. You are moving from a place of awareness, sincerity and your true power. You are able to be in the inner and outer world with a balanced sense of self. You have overcome the ego self and are able to surpass fears, control your impulses and create from a place of love and honesty.

Balance of body, mind and spirit create a world of pure strength and peace, you are there. Congratulations. And remember love is strength, fear is weakness.

Warm blessings


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5 thoughts on “Strength tarot card meaning love

  1. Thank you, this is beautiful. I am sending part of it to a friend who is in the first throes of a life-transforming crisis.

    I learned from the person who taught me tarot that the Strength card signifies conquering with love, rather than brute force. And, in fact, conquering brute force with love. Yet I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that interpretation given any emphasis in writings about the meaning of the card. Thoughts?


  2. Love is, it is being, it does not require conquering – it is the ego mind that requires the conquering. Strength card in relation to love in this instance would more infer upholding love as a way of moving through the crisis – ie… using the essence of love to overcome the shadow – eg finding forgiveness on a heart level for self healing etc…

    Hope this makes sense 🙂


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