Star tarot card meaning love

 Star Tarot card meaning

As above so below, the Star tarot card has messages of hope and love if you have been living at one with nature and your true self. Literally this card means being ‘guided by the light’. A true spiritual transformation has emerged. It’s delightful.

star tarot card

Guided by the bright stars above you have worked through the tower of destruction (Tower tarot card) and you are shining with the light of the universe, giving love freely to all those who come into your path, selflessly and you are becoming the star itself.

With one foot on the Earth and one foot in the water we see a naked woman pouring jugs of water into both the earth and the water. Her nakedness representing her authenticity, vulnerability and purity. The foot on the Earth portends to her grounded practical nature and the other foot, in the water, suggests connection to intuition and awareness of inner life.

She simultaneously pours water into the pond (nourishing the life cycle of flow and sustainability) and into the dry Earth,which runs in five directions (nourishing the five senses), giving the Earth sustenance. The pitchers symbolising potential.

She does so under a bright yellow shining star, which is above a muster of seven white shining stars all with eight points. these stars represent the chakras and the light of the universe. This woman is generous, has worked with the skies, the Earth and her inner value to bring cleansing to her chakras alongside giving of herself to others. She has moved beyond the ego and is in true authentic generosity and peace with the laws of nature. She is living in the truth of giving and receiving, naked, authentic and hopeful.

keywords for the Star tarot Card: fulfillment, courage, hope, love, light, moving from darkness, generosity, authenticity, spiritual, growth, sustainability, inspiration, promise.

The star tarot card

In love this card depicts a time of moving away from the dark and a promise of a light, generous, open loving person entering your life. You may have undergone a dark period of letting go of old habits and deep unconscious shadow self that was stopping you from finding true love.

The Star tarot card ensures genuine hope and affirms that someone wants to join you along the path of light and happiness.  As you have become lighter and your spiritual self is more authentic, energetically you are moving towards a person of equal value, commitment, faithfulness and light hearted companionship.

This card may be asking you to nurture the possibility of true love. To accept that this is possible and to maintain the light. You are shining and to trust that the person who is entering or who has entered your life is equal spiritually, emotionally and physically. It allows you to have the courage to be trusting and stay in your value and authentic self as this person will want to nurture this part of you as well as join you.

star card tarot love

If you are in a relationship the Star tarot card is heeding that you are coming out of a dark time, that you have grown together and you have both moved through the process of dismantling the ego and now you will both reap the rewards of soulful, joyous union. A new birth of light and love will emerge and you may take the relationship to a new level of spiritual commitment.

For some this could mean a period of moving on after a relationship break up – you will see that the past is no longer a place to travel and you will be pleased you have let go – you have new hopes and this person shows you what true love is like.

star tarot voyagerThe star card promises a phase of lovingness, freedom and light, but only if you have moved through the dark with generosity of spirit. The transformation of your ego into your authentic self (self of generosity, acceptance and nurture) raises you to a positive vibration that attracts an equal into your life, regardless of past issues.

This card is asking you to let go of old, to allow new opportunities, to embrace new ideas, new adventures and to move into your new level of self esteem and egoless energy with a meaningful sense of purpose. To move into the generosity with a trust that all is as it should be. The new sense of freedom allows you to honestly share yourself with another or others without old fears and with a sense of vitality. You will not fore go all that you have learned, you will be able to share your spiritual, authentic practices with your partner and with others.

It’s a time of full integration.

givingIn projects, business and making a living you will be moving into a period of enhanced well being. You find that things flow. As you have created from a egoless, soulful desire your reputation will increase, you will enjoy your work and you will come into sustainable profit. A goal you have been working hard on will show fruits of your labour in a spiritual and material way.

The Star card may also be asking you to be generous – the law of three is a universal energetic law – the Star card is one of a generous spirit, which is the message of giving and receiving. When we share and support and nurture others with our love and a open heart, we draw in greater self love and rewards.

Give blessings both material, emotional and of spirit to others and you will rest in peace, community and joy.

Spiritually the Star card is a card of transformation. Moving out of dark ego release, moving away from destructive relationships and thought patterns and old ways of being. The Star card is acknowledging your new sense of self. It is portending a time of integration of the new self.

It is asking you to be giving and loving and nurturing of self and others. It is sending hope that your time of darkness is over and saying YES, you are free and you should be very proud of the way you have managed yourself. It is saying through your inner work you have found light, through your honest giving you are now in a position to receive and to join with others on the path of awareness and selfless light.

When we have shed ego, when we are living from truth and love and light everything is effortless. The Star card promotes that if you are living your soul purpose, if you are living with kindness and love of mother nature, your relationships, work and chores will feel effortless.

Grace is upon you, you are being acknowledged for using the Earth and  human connection wisely. The universe is responding to your generosity of spirit, to your releasing of ego and selfish ways. You are are using the light within you and you will attract not only a special companion, but many others to share in the joy of your true self. It’s your time to shine 🙂

warm blessings


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