Spiritual Counselling Brisbane

Spiritual Counselling Brisbane

West End Therapies“So much genuine gratitude for this life path and the mutual energy exchange of sharing someone’s story and healing through authentic self expression. My new face-face healing room is ready and bookings filling up. I’m so thrilled.”

In a warm and compassionate environment, Holistic Counselling offers support for those who need to make fundamental changes in their mind, body and spirit. It is usually the beginning of an incredible journey of self discovery and opening of self to greater love for self and others, which in effect brings deeper happiness. 

Healing support for better life choices, goal setting, sadness, anxiety, depression, grief, spiritual crisis, general life issues.

Ready for a change in life? Need Support?

West End Therapies offers a life changing transcendental approach to counselling that is a little magical. I am looking forward to beginning the work with you.

Counselling West End Therapies

If you are looking for support, need change, understanding, acceptance and positive outcomes I can help through a process of gaining awareness and reaching harmony in life?

My spiritual life counselling, creates  life change ;  you will see shifts coming fast, synchronicties paving the way for more fulfillment and positive energy flowing freely. This is achieved through healing and support.

Working with cognitive realities  alongside spiritual development, my counsellig services create awareness through acceptance.  By spiritual I mean letting go of the ego through integrating methods of self awareness and transcendental growth.

I now have private face to face initial consultation sessions available and telephone or email counselling with affordable follow up sessions @ $70.00 and $50.00 concession

I am now offering Skype counselling worldwide

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