Ten of swords tarot card meaning love

Ten of swords tarot card meaning

Ten of swords tarot card meaningThere before me lay  the Ten of swords and I cringe and squirm alerted by the discomfort of knowing she is wrapped in pain.

But, as I breath in (deeply), I regain my centre and I am reminded that sometimes in life we must endure the shadow of  ours or other’s truth to bring into alignment our true worth and life purpose.

When the Ten of swords is in a tarot card reading you can be sure that a deeper unconscious egoic belief is manifesting in your external world and it’s time for it to be raised into your awareness and be healed.

It will be painful, albeit it will be life changing and will move you beyond an ill serving and painful way of life (and or person) that you will never have to deal with again – once you have healed.

If in  love the ten of swords portends a betrayal is imminent or has been conducted. Trust is in question. This cards literally a stabbing in the back.

You may be dealing with an insincere person who has led you to believe they are other than they are. Perhaps they are hiding something or they are selfish or plain mean or cold hearted.  It could be that they are battling so much internal pain that they are energy vampires or projecting their pain onto you.

Ten of swords meaningRegardless, with each moment of love,  they have planted a sword of pain into you and now it is time to pull each one out bit by bit.

Time will heal the wounds but remember to move as far away from the situation or person as you can, as they have unfolding amounts of pain; it is not your burden to carry.

If this person is you, if this is your conduct then the cards are warning that you will be founded out and the suffering endured to regain your integrity will begin. You will undergo a period of self evaluation bought on by your own suffering. It is time to take responsibility for your actions.

If you are asking about someone new take heed and do not go there. The result is a burden greater than you’re worth. You may need to learn some lessons but i do not believe that entering into anothers wrath is ever necessary for healing. Have self worth and stay clear. This card is saying “you will be hurt” and is warning that the lessons may not be necessary for you.

In projects and work this card may be saying you have hefty opposition or that there is a competitor that is working against you.

Alternately, it may also be asking you to look over your own conduct and see were you have not conducted yourself altruistically. Where you may have stabbed someone else in the back. This card shows that if this is so, you have indeed only hurt yourself and now the time for awareness has prevailed.

This card is calling for you to seek why the situation has unfolded, why you are not moving forward in great success and repair the damage or the project, job or business may be dissolved.

ten of swordsSpiritually you are being drawn into the dark night to heal recent karma. Your actions are not serving you and this card is saying look at how you are hurting yourself. Stop stabbing yourself in the back or others.

Many old behaviours may be arising and the Ten of Swords is saying stop hurting yourself, think about what you are doing, stop and  give yourself time to heal.

Many things in your life may have had suddenly changed or are about to because you have not been working from your heart – this card wants you to stop and feel the hurt, process the situation, your behaviours, your emotions, your ideals and work out were you are not being sincere to your higher self.  This card may be suggesting that it is a time to undergo teachings and seek guidance from a healer, counsellor or teacher.

Spiritual growth and awareness come from taking responsibility for your own situations.

People come into our lives possibly as a lesson or to love us… where are you coming from? How have you contributed to the situation. Is what people are saying true? Are you holding back on someone/something?  Are you acting from a place of group or self desire? What are you truly seeking?  Why is your truth your truth? What can you do to make change?

The ten of swords has opportunity to undergo a release of old baggage whether it is yours or someone else’s. The sooner you get to going through it and packing it the better .

Namaste Megan

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