Hierophant tarot card meaning love

 Hierophant tarot card meaning

The Heirophant falls gracefully into our tarot reading merging the unconscious with the conscious. Resulting in deeper love and greater awareness of self and others through mystic evolution.

hierophant tarot

It foretells that we are aligned with authentic self and abiding by the tradition of the natural law of give and take.

In a traditional setting the Hierophant sits upon a throne wearing a masterful garment. He is wearing a gold crown and his right arm is raised in the same way the magician does as it summons power from the universe to integrate into societal manifestation.

This symbolism of his dominance over the three worlds is further announced by the crossed key he is holding in his other hand that represents the unlocking of the mysteries of the world by the balancing unconscious and conscious thought. Two students lay before him in reverence signifying his role as teacher and the entry into shared intelligence.

The Hierophant keywords: sacred, marriage, esoteric, wisdom, seeking counsel, unlocking potential, study, right action, commitment.

As the Hierophant is a master of the laws of nature, this card could be heeding a person of great traditional authority coming into your life. It may be suggesting that you need to seek counsel outside of anything you have ever known. To reach further from your comfort zone for guidance. It warns that you may be in a rut (if this person is not you) and help is on its way.

The Hierophant is about ‘right action’. If you are at a crossroads it is asking you to go inner for the search or to seek a traditional teacher to guide you. Right action is about you, but it also about the group.

There may be questions arising in you about your true spiritual truth, there may be a battle between your spiritual knowledge and what is right for you; this card wants you to look beyond the structure of religion/philosophy and to use the resources of the universe to seek ‘right action’.

hierophant choiceThis card could be directing you to learn new skills or be signifying a period of study to master your current business or goals.

It is saying that there is more to learn and there is wise counsel available to you. Teachers, authority figures, and/or universal laws become important to you at this time and the message is to allow the idea that you can never stop growing, that there is always more to learn.

In love, the Hierophant foretell a spiritual marriage. Traditional ceremony, perhaps a proposal is on the cards.

If you are in a loving relationship, it signifies an impending commitment. If not you may meet someone that you can grow and evolve with, as spiritual connection will be the base of the love. Commitment will be present from the very start of the relationship. there will be no doubts.

True love does not consider time as an obstacle, it allows love to be free from the very beginning. There will be a knowing upon the very meeting of another soul. You may meet someone who is on the same spiritual path and is ready to fulfill the ambitions of togetherness and working through relationship. This person may come along as a teacher or a healer but they will stay for the long haul.

hierophant commitment tarotThe Hierophant has access to divine wisdom and wants to share this with a loved one – as that is the purpose of the soul. Through this kind of love and commitment we can be guided into contact with our life purpose through healing, companionship and interdependent spiritual understanding.

The person in your life, or who is coming into your life, will stand by your side and will allow you to grow with ease and commitment when  the Hierophant comes up in a reading.

It’s a very beautiful spiritual union. An honest one that although passes the stages of sexual desire, the passion remains sustainable and the relationship moves from the center of love space.

You have the potential to  undergo a sacred consciousness that will change your life forever, through Earthly commitment. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and growth and togetherness are assured.

Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul.togetherness are assured.

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22 thoughts on “Hierophant tarot card meaning love

  1. I did a one card spread and this came up when i asked about my ex, i just got out of a serious relationship and he has been contacting me. Im not sure how to take this card because there is so many different ways to read it.


    1. I am not sure either but underlying all the Heirrophant is a spiritual marriage – so depending on the situation if you go from the premise that it is spiritual you can move forward from there… in other words see the higher picture from your soul and not from the physical 🙂 hope this helps


  2. I got two of cups and hierophant on 2 separate occasions on the query about someone new of the opposite gender. Its spooky but id unoverse tryng to tell me something? Coincidentally we both mentor n teach


    1. That is an interesting one… off the cuff that seems like a spiritual (perhaps karmic- if you believe in that) connection. definitely meaningful. Let it unfold… follow the direction of your heart and you cannot go wrong 🙂


  3. I got this card in regards to someone’s feelings and in a spread with Ace of Swords and Justice. How can this card be interpreted in such a spread as this, would Justice and the Ace of Swords impact it’s symbolism of spiritual marriage?


  4. i used only major arcanas and asked about someones feelings and got thr world, the hierophant, and the hermit in that order…it was just a 3 card spread…not sure how to interpert this….


  5. I got the high priestess and the hierophant when I was asking about my relationship. I don’t know whether it’s weird or spooky or what. But I asked about a guy I date, we had a fight and now (about 3 weeks already), he keep ignoring me and give me silent treatment (but I haven’t contact him also though).

    What is is supposed to mean though? Does it try to tell me something?


  6. My reading was a 3 card spread. Past = 6 of pentacles present = page of cups & my future = the hierophant.

    I thinknits a beautiful combo but still quite shocked goven that my love has been very busy with family. As a result, he has spent a lot less time with me. Love and commitment are present but I want more. What does this mean?


    1. that is dfifficult to say without being with the cards for intuitive respenses but basically its a very spiritual message and a spritual relationship which will be healing and full of growth


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