Love Ritual – Aries Full Moon October 2013 Eclipse

Aries Full Moon October 2013 eclipse ritual

The impending November 3/4 2013 solar eclipse in Scorpio brings consciousness

full moon eclipse rituasl

and transformation to relationships. But first there will be the October lunar eclipse in Aries to shake things up a bit.

Here is a lovely ritual you can do to embrace positive vibrations in these energetically hectic times:

2013 Full moon eclipse love ritual

Gather a violet and red candle, green string, sage smudge stick, some salt, myrrh incense and a bowl of water.

During the eclipse energy sit under the moon and meditate in silence breathing for five minutes.

Cast your circle

Rap the ribbon or string around the top of the candle (about one cm form top), and light them and the incense. Place your hands in the water and gaze into the candles feeling positive energies and visualising happy and loving times within your relationships. truly see yourself with this person(s) and imagine how you would like it to be.

When the candles have burnt down to the string untie them and place the ribbon or string in the bowl of water.

Repeat this incantation as you throw the water into the earth:

Full moon eclipse love ritual“In the Name of My Sacred Power of Choice, I now declare null and void any inappropriate, limiting or obsolete alliances I may have established in the past. Through the One Mind, I ask forgiveness for whatever pain or inconvenience my past involvements may have caused. I forgive myself and others for any limitation or pain I have caused or experienced in them. Omnipresent Good blesses all concerned, and works on my behalf in response to this intent. Just as I untie this ribbon, the angels of divine freedom are untying and dissolving inappropriate or obsolete attachments I have formed in any dimension. So mote it be’

Pick up the salt and throw it behind your back with the intention of letting go of the past

Light the Sage with the candles, sit quietly, give thanks and allow the candles to burnt out. 

Close your circle.

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