Solar eclipse November 2013 New Moon advice

November 3 – 4 2013 New Moon Scorpio solar eclipse astrology

Brace yourself for further disruption to normality as the energies of the October full moon lunar eclipse in Aries unfolds life changing emotions and  relationship imbalances:  this new moon solar eclipse takes hold of matters, And it’s in Scorpio whoa!

solar eclipse ScorpioNov 3 solar eclipse keywords: Commitment, fear, resistance, letting go, deeper analysis, agreements, willingness, secrets, Scorpio, Taurus, integration, grow up, truth, sex, inner demons transforming.

In this new moon solar eclipse the moon in Scorpio (mystery, passion) induces it’s polar opposite Taurus  (lovers, stability), as it is shadowing the sun.   Passions will increase, mysteries will be solved and lovers will undergo a transformation – a period of darkness will either increase or dissolve, this all depends on how we have managed the recent full moon lunar eclipse.

The 2 week period between eclipses (Oct. 18/19 – Nov. 3/4) may feel a bit surreal, the cosmos has been stirring the pot. There may be more to reveal, some further information may be hidden and bursting to arise. Stay aware and of course stay calm. It all depends on how you navigated the lunar eclipse as to how this solar eclipse manifests.

 “Letting go does not mean shutting down, pushing away or running from what is. It actually means opening up to what truly has heart, and a gut level feeling of rightness to it. Connecting all our bits – mind, body, soul – moving in strength to a deeper union of truth through sacrifice of ego”

Hopefully you heeded your heart and made active reconciliation with the past and future. If you haven’t there maybe  a resurgence, an added opportunity or a consciousness of how your non action has created what you are now experiencing – whatever happened, there has definitely been a shift in energy and therefore a shift in your life. 

The November solar eclipse exudes intense energy –  energy brings  messages through.  This message relates to themes that have been playing out in your life  throughout 2013. Messages of how we express our selves in life, our life purpose and/or our capacity to move beyond ego. The sun is our will, our spirit and Scorpio is deep mysterious depths of water (emotions).  It’s about our willingness to accept the recent changes, to incorporate the newness into our lives on a deeper and more tangible level. With this we may experience some shedding.  We need to allow in and embrace the new inner realties.

2013 November Solar eclipseThere is an element of fate – meeting someone new or indulging new consciousness requires us to open up to new ways of being. The universe is requesting that we extend our awareness of what is possible, to truly implement these changes into our lives. When someone new comes into our lives or a new proposition arises fate open us to unexpected possibilities, it’s time to rise to the challenge. If you do, the next six months to two years will be glorious.

With Scorpio active we need to be brutally honest with ourselves, in particular with our shadow self. The  Scorpio moon being apposed by its polar opposite Taurus (emotions, lovers, stability) will highlight deep emotions and relationship issues . The previous full moon eclipse opened this up, now we must delve into it and create a new way of being  that grows beyond the old. Our dark side can no longer hide, our insecurities that have been stopping us need to be faced. Communication and truth are vital in this time. Integration on all levels is necessary.

“Have no regrets” is a saying that impedes our cognitive and spiritual growth. It’s one of the most dangerous sayings around.

Regret is our inner conscience that has evolved to make us feel the way we do. It is a mechanism which has been with the human-species for the last 100 thousand years. as a means to keep our species alive, our minds have evolved to feel sympathy on those we have wronged. 

“Regret is an example of a negative emotion that spurs people to problem-solving and personal betterment,” – Dr. Neal Roese

One positive purpose of regret is to help us learn from our mistakes, gain insight, cultivate hope for the future and to take ownership of our choices and actions.

It signals us to stop and evaluate. By inflicting discomfort and or distress, it grabs our attention and begs us to question, “What could I have done differently?”

Generally people don’t likes to think about their blunders. Perhaps this is the reason why some people insist they never have any regrets. Nevertheless, that “coulda-shoulda-woulda” thinking is normal. It’s apparently wired into our neural structure.

Spiritually it gives us an opportunity to take responsibility, to forgive and to make amends, so that we can honestly grow.

Being genuine cannot be achieved if we sweep our regrets under the carpet. Confront your regrets front on, move around them, acknowledge them and have courage to make change through right action. 

Our emotions are meant to be honoured, they are there as a force of motivation, to push us towards our truth. If we face our emotions we can bring them to light and bring the energy outward so they don’t stay dormant affecting us internally like a cancer. This is the initial stage of mastering our emotional world.

Our challenge with the Scorpio energies is to expose unconscious repeated inner reactions – in other words fear. We can no longer allow fear to be our motivator, to seek escape from our true emotions. We must move from the comfort zone of emotional unconscious deb-re. Comfort is often resting in our past wounds, vulnerabilities and fear of intimacy. These energies want us to move beyond the wounds of the unloved child or our previous relationship hurts, so as to allow our authentic selves into being.

It’s an opportunity to bring the recent revelations into willingness and spirit – to a level of tangible commitment. Be open to the possibilities and your world will expand. Make sure you have aligned your values, your desires and your shadow triggers with the centre of your awareness. Sounds complex, well yes it is Scorpio, there is no escaping complexity here.

Sexual tensions may be high in this time – Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and Scorpio is known to be of a highly sexual and provocative nature. This may be tested, Taureans are sensual and thrive on security, wanting intimacy and sensuality- this requires honesty – and Scorpio may be hiding behind a secret and want to continue on as though everything is Ok. This will not be possible. For intimacy to go to a new level, for commitments to be made or broken, secrets must be revealed.

If you fall into the traps of the destructive Scorpio side and use your sexuality as a device to get what you want, remember your actions will have effects that last two years. Be careful with your decisions, check in that your ego is not creating scenarios that cause more pain to yourself and the ones you care for. Be aware of selfish tendencies. The universe is asking you to change behaviors that have repeatedly caused you and others hurt or suffering in the long term. Whether you like it or not the universe is bringing forth temptations that are shallow and ego centered – choose where you want to go and whether you are prepared for the consequences of your ego based actions. This is an excellent opportunity to make right chooses that follow the sincerity of your inner self .

solar eclipse wiki2013 has been a year of raising consciousness and shedding past patterns. This is the culminating after party from the skies. The dancers who have rehearsed and mastered the art with blood and sweat (faced their shadow, confronted their behaviours and embraced compassion and love) with grace will be drinking from the wells of wealth. The remainder will be lost in a alley of self defeat, fighting an endless battle of denial.

Let go, move into your new reality with ease, open up, allow your passions and desires to be free. Liberty must prevail. Meet others with an open heart, dissolve rigid thinking and tell the truth.

2014 is around the corner and it deserves a higher vibration of love, union and service.

The Death tarot card can give further insight into theses energies.

Namaste, Megan

Take a look at an interview with Dr Sally Adnams Jones about transformation and healing through creativity. Hopefully it will soothe your soul. 

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