Chariot tarot card meaning love

The Chariot tarot card meaning

“Bring me my bow of burning gold! Bring me my arrows of desire! Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire” – William Blake. 

Last night I was awoken by a dream where I was handed a run down restaurant to rebuild. When I arrived the next day to begin the immense chores of beginning from scratch, my partner and friends had set up the business and it was thriving with custom. This morning the Chariot card fell from my deck and I knew immediately that triumph and success were assured for my day.

chariot tarot cardWhen the chariot appears in a tarot reading we foresee Victory through bold action and hard work. Or a departure to foreign lands. Either way you will be supported and held in high esteem, if you have conducted yourself with right action.

Standing upright, to ensure a head on perspective the King wears a flamboyant ceremonial armor with a demeanor of triumph. His belt made of gold is embedded with the signs of the zodiac, which match his kilt, frilled forearm armor and moon symbols at his shoulders, symbolising his working alongside the skies. Adorned in a crown with a star above this King shows the glory of success and pride. His chariot is being lead by a black and a white sphinx (who have stopped to rest) and is adorned in symbolism.

Keywords for the Chariot tarot card: Travel, journey, success, protection, strength of  character, progress, courage, boldness, aggression, Victory through might,control, triumph.

The chariot signifies triumph through having a clear goal, having support and having a plan that works in with the laws of nature. Note the King is triumphant and has a steady gaze but his helper (the sphinxes) have taken a rest. The message here is to stop and refocus and to re-group. The King cannot travel alone on this journey, there needs to be a collaboration of goals and ideas. If each person is looking out for thier own good, or has a separate goal the King may lose his grip on the situation.

Chariot cardHaving control is important in this card, but it does heed a warning of being controlling. The laws of nature require things to work in synch, if we are trying to control others and situations the free flow of energy required for success may indeed halt success.

This card also can in certain situations be a caution that a ruthless person is in control of the outcome. In this case it suggests that the best way to move is to speak your voice, stand your ground and if you are not heard or appreciated it may be in your best interest to move away from the situation. Leave with grace and knowing that cause and effect will prevail.

So if you are not a control freak, or you are not dealing with one, then triumph is surely yours if you pull the Chariot tarot card. Whatever journey you are on, how ever it has manifested in the past, the seeds of victory are about to be witnessed.

In love, this card is mostly about setting off into the unknown. Either you are leaving a situation for a new one, or you have met someone new who takes you in a completely new direction in life. This card may be arising to advise you to stay in control. To not get too carried away by someone elses reality.  It could also be predicting meeting someone new whilst traveling. Someone who will change your outlook on love and life.

If you are in a relationship the Chariot card could be portending a time of movement; someone may be leaving for a time or you may need to go away together to rekindle your romance. If this is not heeded you may lose the verve in the relationship and possibly even the relationship. If one of you is moving away for some time it may be suggesting that you need to decide whether to join them or make a break.

Chariot tarot meaningIn business, projects or goals this tarot card signifies a time of hard work and reward. The chariot is about to meet it’s desired goal, if you have been doing the work. A victory is imminent. A time to pause and celebrate your efforts and your achievements may be on the cards. You may have more work to do but this card is saying do it in flow and with a group consciousness and the profits are not far off.

Spiritually this card represents a time of movement, possibly a small awakening that will lead you to an unknown path. Remember spiritual goals are not self fulfilling, You may be pushed by the universe to move away from an entire way of thinking, into a greater knowledge that opens up your world and all past thinking falls so gracefully.

Alternately it could be portending messages from afar, possibly offers of advise from foreign land. Or perhaps you have outgrown your current location and a new journey is necessary for spiritual growth.

There is no turning back with the Chariot, it a card of journeying, moving forward and going toward something better than anything you know from the past.

Hopefully you have done your groundwork, treated others with love and compassion and are ready to be more open and alive, as this card asks for nothing less and will force you to do so, if you haven’t already.

Time to shift into gear and go to the next level. Be receptive and be prepared to leave the old and outworn behind. Spread your wings, it’s time to fly and if you’re lucky someone may want to fly right along side you.

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5 thoughts on “Chariot tarot card meaning love

  1. Hi paganartlovers and Inger,
    wow, I just looked at each of your words and images on chariot (love the art, btw). Good luck to each of you, and lol, pls do say HI! to each other from me, when you meet 🙂 I clicked onto an email sent to me, offered a free one card read, said to choose up to 3 areas. The card was Chariot. Idk tarot well, and so am researching, and enjoyed each of your offerings, thank you.

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  2. Oh yes, P.S. It was a ‘for future’ reading, which will be sent for me, in up to 2 days. Being inquisitive, I had to peek, and thus have just met your 2 sites. I am in the USA.

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