Ace of Pentacles tarot card meaning love

Ace of Pentacles tarot card meaning

“This is so Ace” – this expression is well attributed to the Ace of pentacles, as this card portends to success and fortune.

ace of pentaclesIn the traditional illustrations we see a hand (generosity), a rose (beauty/giving), clouds (abundance). The Pentacle is abou money and material matter.
Hand – generosity – is symbolic of giving and taking – it reminds us to receive we must also give.

The rose – a symbol of beauty, purity and a promise – a promise of new hope – note roses have thorns, indicating some endurance or letting go of prickly situations. Roses are also symbolic of love.

The clouds- a symbol of  opportunity and abundance as though falling from the sky. The clouds are full and robust and are about to drop their rewards your way.

Keywords for Ace of Pentacles:

Wealth, new beginnings, openings, alchemy, growth, prosperity, unexpected fortune, security, trust, rewards, Yes, opportunity, enterprise, new love.

Pentacles are about money and material matter and specific to work conducted. The Ace is a promise of an opportunity being fulfilled. If you have worked hard you are surely in for financial rewards. It’s important to consider that the necessary work must have been done,

It is possible this card portends that money is coming from an unexpected source. If so there will be a waiting period or some work required for the money to come through. Money is guaranteed but it may come as a result of some loss (the rose thorns) or hard work.

In love this card suggests that new passions are ignited and the love will be solid and real. It is not of the passionate airy love but love that has the ability to sustain all matters of ego and heart. It is of solid grounded love that stands the test of time. Commitment is assured with this person. If you are in an existing relationship it prophesies a commitment or a moving to a deeper level of love or a stronger bond. It often foresees a physical move – moving in together or in some cases moving away from the current environment with a love interest.

Ace of LoveIf your relationship has been rocky or has been unfullfiling   this will change and a new sense of faith and trust will be about to uncover itself. Something fundamental will occur in the relationship that will bring about a shift and the opportunity to regenerate and reignite the love will present itself. past problems will fall away as both parties reach an agreement to move into the new growth.

If single this card forecasts a new romantic love interest that supersedes any romantic relationship of the past. It will be built on genuine feelings, security commitment and love. It will flow from the beginning, there will be a knowing, a faith. Usually fears will be lacking as this person is safe and secure and has no ulterior motive other than to love you.  It promotes a positive outcome if you are open to a true love relationship.

ace of worldsNew investments are suggested fortuitous if this card is drawn from the tarot deck. Plans will work out well and offers of help will come your way to show you you are on the right track. Solid tangible growth is assured in any new enterprise, project or goal. It requests that you do the planning and have the right mental attitude – to trust the process of manifestation and the wealth will be handed to you accordingly. Important to remember that it if you have been generous, the generosity returned will be equivilant.

If you have been doing your spiritual work – focusing on service and honest self reflection, compassion and sharing you will be handed the rewards of the universe. Spiritually you will be awakened to the goodness and prosperity of the universe. You will feel wonderful, things will fall in your lap and the hard work of the past will move you closer to universal wealth. You will feel like a million bucks – possibly even literally.

You more than likely have just been in a dark or shadow period. The Ace of pentacles assures you that that is over and the pearls are on their way. There will be a metaphysical shift in your awareness of truth.

“I feel Ace” will be sliding from your lips. Enjoy

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