October 2013 full moon lunar eclipse advice

Full moon lunar eclipse in Aries October 18/19 2013 astrology

The total eclipse will be exact at 7:50pm EDT 18th Oct and 7:27am Brisbane Australia 19th Oct 2013

The  astrology of this eclipse can be summed up by the equation: Urge to act Aries + Urge to Love Libra = (re) union. A perfect opportunity to release the energies of 2013 and move closer towards our divine path of love.  

October Eclipse 2013 full moonWowser, an eclipse in Aries is destined to shake things up a little this coming October. The all about Me and action focused Aries will be the star player in this drama, (and beleive me it wil be an epic soul crunching time), but the Sun will be in Libra – which is the sign of balance, union and love. It’s crunch time – expect the unexpected.

Keywords for October 2013 eclipse: abrupt change, emotional release, reconciliation, catharsis, meeting half way, action, past healing, reunion, drama, making love not war, endings, collaboration, expect the unexpected.

Aries is youthful and acts on instinct and often selfishly; one of the goals  of Aries is to learn awareness, awareness of how our actions impact upon other people. Healthy relationships require self-awareness. Aries is active and needs to learn the skill of right action through conscious decisions that consider what is outside themselves. This eclipse brings this issue forward through emotive recognition.

Although this full moon is a  positive spiritual dance designed to challenge past patterns, create new ideas and bring light and reconciliation to historic misinformation and desires, there will be a deep pulling of heart strings as the past gets dug up, nutted out and refurbished. It’s up to you, if you wish to come out of this journey soaring in intimate deliciousness or stuck in the mud.

Here is a good ritual to help with these energies.

Change is likely to be abrupt or unexpected and can occur on a deep emotional level, as the moon’s light is temporarily blocked,. It may feel as though time has stopped and your heart begins to speak a language that you have never understood but seems freakishly familiar. It’s called soul talk, and you will feel compelled to follow through. Action seems vital and I assure you it is. This is actually a really exciting opportunity. There may be breakdowns or break ups but many of us will undergo transformative breakthroughs, if you can sustain  flexibility and act with  love (as fear may rise) you will turn lead into gold; that’s right it’s an alchemical moment.

Eclipses are infamous for creating endings and therefore new beginnings, as well as highlighting our deepset emotions and are prone to  bring forward relapses of feelings unresolved. This particular one is a culmination of past present and future – it is linked to the illusion of time – bringing our emotions into a sense of linear time – where by we reflect (moon), go inner (solar) and revisit past relationships and make positive action now for the future, in the flick of an eye. Our needs are coming into conflict around understanding our past and using the reflective deep emotions to make significant choices (action Aries) to align with what we truly want in the future.

full moon eclipseIt’s challenging to look at the past, challenging to take initiative and challenging to make amends to bring love and peace forward – to the future. It is a collaboration of bringing the illusions of time into a unity. This may involve going over the past, resolving our pains and linear past thinking and asserting the process with understanding and then embodying. If you take this leap during the eclipse you will come through lighter, happier and in union. If you don’t you may be left in the sludge for a two year cycle.

The Libra (love, union, relationship) sun being shadowed by  Aries (action, war, Me-ness) may cause some resisting energies, but this is the test of this lunar eclipse. The emotions will rise, the yearning and longing will raise thier vibrations and it is a calling to do the epic work with love, relationship and unions – be it past hindrances and/or aches or desires for the future (probably a combination of the two)  – or you will continue to struggle. The sludge must be cleared, the truth must be spoken and the soul must be set free.

There may be a sense of hyperactivity (Aries) and aggressiveness to these energies. It is important to remember the intention is always to seek peaceful union. If you go slow and in a gentle manner (Libra) and dismantle the Me Me Me (Aries) you may shred a layer that can bring you closer to consciousness, closer to someone you love and closer to your true self and/or your goals.

love union full moonAll lunar eclipses have the potential to correct the course of your life and are prone to do so in an unexpected way. Beware of the intensity of the arising sensations and emotions and allow in the natural flow of processing. Things need to change from a deeper perspective alongside taking positive action.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein

Eclipses take a month to fully take effect and can take affect up to month before hand, but peak around the actual eclipse. How you handle yourself on the of the eclipse (and two days surrounding) is the make or break – Eclipses create solid foundations, so try to hold the reigns on the typical Arian need to be forceful. Meet your emotions and your realisations with a balanced and mindful, but heartfelt collaborative intent and you will glide through this movement with greater comfort and ease. And a surprising gem that will stay with you for a long time.

To wholly endure the benefits you must be open to…

  • reassessing your life experience (across the board)
  • be willing to confront the past and take responsibilty
  • be willing to confront your fears and your own darker motivations… your shadow.
  • forgive yourself and forgive others
  • open the wounds of past misgivings to accept a more realistic heart space
  • be open to your true desires of union and collaboration
  • to act upon your discoveries as they emerge

Eclipses are times of endings, resolution and openings to…

  • let go of whatever is holding you back in your life
  • move to a new level of awareness and insight by accepting and ending a cycle of experience
  • make peace with the past, present and future
  • form honest open bonds
  • by present and honest

This full moon eclipse may bring new people into your life, it may bring people from the past to attend to unfinished healing, it may bring endings, But, the message here is to go through the relationship in its entirety, be present, open to truth and embrace the love, that has no time or mind constraints, and you will meet a vibration of divine justice that clears your path for a magic past present and future. This will all be illuminated further as the November solar eclipse in Scorpio follows in the two weeks following.

Spiritual Healing, dreams, visions, intuitions and synchronicities will be prevalent around this time. Take notice, but also remember to act on them with grace and appreciation. Commitments can be made during this time, and will have lasting effects. So be truly heart/soul conscious and make sure mutual sincerity is at the core of any decisions. And so it should be.

‘Empathy with the experiences of others leads to deeper insights.’

As the full moon eclipse energies begin to take effect, we will benefit from remembering this. Kindness is magnetic, like attracts like and compassion dissolves conflict.

Relationships are being highlighted, but it doesn’t have to be a bumpy road if we use our heart space and keep true to the goal of union. 

Make love not war 🙂             click  For information on  November solar eclipse

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