Tower tarot card meaning love

The Tower Tarot card meaning

When the Tower card presents itself in a tarot card reading the message is “Roll with the punches, change is imminent and there is little you can do about it – other than to go with the flow.”  Chaos is the natural law of order – it is necessary for greater expansion.

Keywords: Change, disruption, ego dismantling, catastrophe, humbleness, new beginnings, unconscious vrs conscious, endings, spiritual chaos (entropy), revelation.

the tower tarot card meaning

Lightening strikes, the crown of knowledge and comfort is extracted from its resting place and people are thrown from the tower. It’s is sudden and unexpected. The structure of the tower however remains stable.

This card is a warning that you may be holding onto something that needs to go from your life and the universe in no uncertain terms is going to shake things up so that you can stop resisting and release what needs to go. The harder you hold on the more pain you will endure.

People and situations come into our lives to teach us, to love us, to grow with us or to simply provide a learning experience. Some are right for us others may be for a time and some are just wrong for us. If we do not heed the messages of the universe, if we do not listen to our hearts, the universe has ways in breaking things so dramatically that we have no choice but to see and act.

In love this card is portending an ending. It may be that the person has served a purpose in your life and you need to move on or it may be that they are simply wrong for your life. You are possibly holding on under false idealism or insecurity, The tower card is heeding that it is time to end the distruction and if you do not the skies will implement a senario that will.

Resistance is the pain not the situation. Let go.  What you are holding onto is stopping you from reaching your true potential. You may have fear as the events are sudden and tumultuous but you must face the truth.

The situation is not based on true love and companionship, you must leave to be able to bring in your true worth and desires.

The tower tarot card is definitive and necessary. It represents an opening, an awakening. With destruction there is always new formations, new opportunities. This card will more than likely be forewarning a period of loss and grief, but it’s main purpose is to direct you towards reality and honest liberation.

The structures of the past are no longer serving and need to dismantle. It is a vital experience that will move you from an emotional rut into a place of liberty and love.

The tower tarot change

In business, finance and projects this card suggests that things may fall apart rapidly. Loss may be incurred. Perhaps you are struggling and need an outside event to create the change for you.

A new experience is for your greater good and this card shows that your true vocation is calling you and you need to listen and make the necessary changes to head towards a more fulfilling life purpose.

tower tarot card

Spiritually the tower is a very powerful card, it represents awakening. The period of moving from ego to pure consciousness.

You may have been resting on your laurels, you may have been in denial about your true self, your true worth or have been running away from feelings that have been dormant for some time.

The tower card let’s you know that you will no longer be able to do so. It warns that the structures you have built to stay in ego are falling apart and you may need to have external catastrophe to awaken you to truth.

It is definately time to seek spiritual counselling or a teacher/mentor.

There is beauty in this card as it purifies. It shatters the ego and makes room for the authentic self to emerge. Tears will flow, old behaviours will fall away as your reach in to the fears and self defeating anxieties that have been holding you back. It is a time of shedding.

Tower card Voyager tarot

The key here is not to resist, beginning the journey of authentic self with honest self analysis and appraisal. Allow the burden of false beliefs and insecurities to dissipate and allow in the presence of love that resides deep in you.

Move away from that which no longer serves you, that which you have been holding onto that lessens the beauty of who you are and what life has to offer.

Be gentle on yourself in this period, seek knowledge and guidance and know that change is a vital part of growth that has magnificent outcomes, even though they may not be obvious during a time of crisis.

Healing offers it’s own beauty.

warm blessings, Megan

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11 thoughts on “Tower tarot card meaning love

  1. I have been getting The Tower card showing up in my reading for almost half a year. It’s only during my recent weeks that i am truly shaken and comes to terms with the sign of what The Tower means to me. It shook me upside down and downward up. As of now, i can stand with myself that i am glad The Tower appear in my life for now i am moving to a better future as i heals my pain. Life is great, so is Tarot 🙂


  2. Since I’ve started doing self readings when I was a teenager and anytime anyone else gives me a reading, the tower card is almost always in my spread. 8 times out of 10. Its scary but I’ve become accustomed to its lingering presence. Change is always coming don’t get set in your ways is what it screams at me. 2 days ago it was in the place representing family and friends. This worries me as my fiance and I have been talking about eloping and I know it will cause turmoil with our parents,. But also my uncle is going through extreme chemo treatment right now for brain cancer and as upbeat as he is about it, something could still go wrong. I can deal with the parents being upset for a bit, I don’t know how to deal with another death in the family so soon after the last.


  3. Hi,

    Maybe you can help me.
    I’m new to tarot and I made a simple spread about a relationship that has just ended.
    I asked about the past present and future of the relationship between me and him,since I still had/have strong feelings.
    What I pulled was the 7 of wands in the past,ace of wands in the present and the tower in the future.
    So I felt maybe it’s better not to hope and Klingon to much to it,but I guess laying cards for one self is always different and also as a beginner…

    Thank you!

    Kind regards



    1. Hi Patricia It is difficult to interpret without my own cards or on this medium.. The tower card signifies a purification process, a having to let go of clinging to a prefered outcome and moving closer to your true destiny.. and yes the ancient law of tarot is to not use the cards for divintion for self but as a tool for self development.. as far as the love for another goes.. I would focus that upon myself so the healing occurs… hope this has helped 🙂

      warm blessings


      1. Thank you so much!yes,and I agree!Right now I feel like the 5 of cups all around and inside me,but slowly I realize that in 3 months I’ll look back and see that this relationship wasn’t really what would have made sense for my path and that the shook up was necessary!

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