Five of Swords Tarot card meaning love

Five of swords tarot card meaning

The Victory you have when your not having a victory is essentially the sum total of the Five of Swords

Five of Swords

The Victory you have when your not having a victory  is essentially the sum total of  the Five of Swords.

I’m all about love and this card is love, well the reflection of – the dark side of love. Sometimes in life our shadow selves or the shadow of others is unavoidable. Unfortunately there are dangerous souls out there.

To reach spiritual maturity sometimes we must experience the opposite of love -it is always our choice however as to how we react.

Keywords:  Conflict, selfishness, arguments, losses, self sabotage, enemies, ambition, struggle, opportunity for redemption of spirit, negative ego.

We see two people walking away in surrender, from a battle with two swords left on the ground and a solitude man with an ugly smug expression gathering the swords. His hair blows in the winds, in contrast with the dark clouds looming, with a back drop of choppy ominous looking ocean.

The two people leaving are clearly leaving behind whatever the circumstances they endured with this character. . Swords symbolise words, mind matter and conflict.

The victor has won the swords -the argument, has gained the material, but is loosing the support and friendship,  The choppy ocean represents the change his actions and words have prompted. His look of smugness represents his inability to see the selfish ways have consequences and his swords are all he has left. His conscience looms in the dark skies.

four of swords truth
When this tarot card comes up in a reading there is no avoiding the idea that conflict and arguments are the foundation of the situation.

It augments betrayal of trust, isolation from others, false victories from selfish decisions and actions, and often cruel and inconsiderate words that have the potential to sever relationships.

Someone in the story is about to  or has become vicious and self absorbed and is about to or has  has entered a plight of loneliness and pain.

It may be a period where you or someone close to you feels as though everything and everyone is against you/them and friendships will be lost. It portends  abandonment and/or defeat.

People have lost faith in this person and although they felt or will feel victorious with their careless words and actions, their suffering will be great. Loss and defeat will prevail; although victory may seem the destination at first glimpse.

This person will try to regain the pieces (the swords), will try to walk away with their medal (metal), but the onlookers have lost trust and have been dishonoured and do not want to be in the company of meanness.

deceptionThis card is saying that Someone needs to look at things with self detached eyes, to see if decisions made are congruent with the greater good or if  self importance has overshadowed altruistic decision making.

In love, this card is asking you to be careful with your heart. To not give it away too soon, you may be deceived. You may be betrayed if you do not spend time in friendship and getting to know someone before you hand your heart over.

It predicts emotional betrayal. This person will be someone who has their interests before anyone else and will stop at nothing to get what they want. You may be dealing with an opportunist – someone who acts for self benefit without considering consequences of others or their actions.

Five of swordsIf this person is you, it is suggesting that you have an opportunity to be conscious of the loneliness and solitude this behaviour creates and advises that choices of compromise, empowering selflessness, sharing and loving others, doesn’t mean you have to give up what you desire – that it can create a multitude of growth and build deeper love. The choice is yours.

If you are currently in a relationship it may be portending conflicts that will lead to a less than desirous outcome. You or your partner are not being fair and one has already reached the stage of self importance and it will be a struggle to bring the relationship back to union.

Walking away may be the only appropriate answer. Two people cannot be together when one is interested in self only. Healthy Union is not codependent but it requires intimacy, trust and togetherness.

Untl this person is left with like minded (to mirror) or isolated  by the ugliness that thier selfishness perpetuates they will not be able to see the consequences of their ways.


Let them go, you need to be healthy.

In business and projects the Five of Swords tarot card augments negative ambition. Without regard to effects and consequences of the community, one.s ambitions and personal desires usually end in loss for everyone.

If you are only concerned with achieving your goal for the betterment of self or at any cost, without considering others, you are on the path of isolation and destitution.

Alternately, the final prize may not have been worth the losses incurred. Be cautious of how you treat this enterprise. Be cautious of how you treat others.

Arrogance, self righteousness and selfishness cannot bring wealth to any situation. No one is invincible.

Spiritually this card is reminding you to serve your spirit, that the ego may be too prominent in your decision making. Let go of the ideas you have of what should be, feel your way through the experience more.

Allow in those lingering feeling so you can sort out what is stopping you from moving forward. If you have experienced a loss it may be advising that you must accept your defeat, perhaps its as simple as ‘it was not meant to be’. But, also learn from it, make peace, do right action and the soul will heal faster.

five of worlds tarot

Some questions to ask yourself when the Five of Swords comes up in a tarot reading:

Are you being selfish? Have you been looking out for you only? Has this come at the expense of others?

Has this caused business or relationship losses? Have you violated trust? Are you being honest with yourself?

Has your integrity or reputation been at stake? Have your selfish choices been from self protection or a ego based desired to have more of something or to control something?

Are you feeling lonely? Are your ambitions superficial? What can you do to fix this, is it too late?

The five of swords is a sad and frightening proposition, but is a warning and if heeded can either be an opportunity to grow or can be a caution to avoid possible defeat.

Make choices that are serving of self and others, compromise and remember selfishness has its purpose but is best used in self protection not for greed or egoic desires.

Regain your spirit for the community and/or the person you love or accept defeat if that is your only choice.

Sometimes walking away is the best healing choice. Walking away from someone elses conflict frees you up for a sweeter experience – the experience you deserve.

Warm Blessings


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15 thoughts on “Five of Swords Tarot card meaning love

  1. Loved the in-depth description. Makes sense. Certainly matched perfectly with the reading I took earlier. I could literally sense the other person’s thoughts and feelings. Well Done!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Luk n’ Luv,


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  3. I have just been betrayed by a man I thought was my soulmate. He married somebody else last week because she is rich whereas I have lost everything. He has forgotten that he has a soul, and this week the card for him is the Three of Swords. His heart is catching up with him, the walls of her castle are now a prison, but I will never allow him back into my life after what he has done. Thank you, Megan, your explanation is superbly accurate.


    1. Very hurtful Amanda. Peace will come to you – You seem aware and soulful – your soul will heal and you will find the knowing that you are better with someone who is able to meet you on a soul level. Soulmates can come in and honour their heart/soul as well as ours or they can betray it and leave – it is their soul that will endure the most healing/pain through the choices of their free will – this is the karma- It is always an opportunity for us to grow and to heal.

      Many blessings Amanda.


  4. Amanda, I know how much that would hurt. The same defeat happened to me in this week and i lost my job,reputation,and it made a Deep injury to my pride and ego. Was betrayed by someone who i thought was a close friend. Was in utter shock and suffering a lot. But i hope how you choose to react matters now though it is very challenging. I just want to let you know that you are not alone. God will find a way for you for sure


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