High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Love

The High Priestess Tarot Meaning

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The sweet melody of synchronicity, the divine femininity of the moon and the whisper of the soul; this is the magic of the High Priestess as she falls gracefully into any tarot card reading. I love this card.

Key words: Wisdom, secret knowledge, grace, femininity, truth, inner knowing, soul, nurture, silence, unconscious

One of the  most spiritual cards in the tarot deck the High Priestess sits in front of a tapestry depicting pomegranates which represent the fruit eaten by Presterone the goddess who was able to enter the underworld.

Draped in a blue robe (symbol of knowledge) with the Crown of Iris (Egyptian crown of protection) on her head, in between the darkness and the light.  The cross hanging from her neck represents the balancing of the sexes, whilst she holds in her hands the teachings of the Torah – the sacred esoteric wisdom – All the while illuminated by the moon and sitting between two pillars – the moon at her feet represents her intuitiveness and her ability to see beyond the minds eye.

The High Priestess is asking you to listen very carefully to your inner voice (not your head) before you make any decisions. The High Priestess is our guide to all that is – in both dark and light. She teaches the secrets of awareness not by control or reference but by deeper understanding of the inner voice.

She is the model of symbolism, synchronicity and dreams, a teacher of moving beyond the conscious into the unconscious in seeking balance.

High preistess tarot cardIn love this card could be pointing towards a secret being revealed, it suggests that the entire truth is not out in the open. Or that perhaps what you are experiencing is not all the truth.

You must go inner, you must step aside and wait till the truth is revealed. This card is asking you to allow time and space in a love situation so the whole truth can present itself.

As we move away physically from a situation it allows our inner self to reconnect  to our conscious selves – in hiatus of the minds control. This in part allows genuine truths to reveal themselves. Truths of the heart.

If this tarot card is about you it may be advising that you have greater knowledge than you are using in a romantic situation, that you are allowing your head to rule your heart. You may need to seek inner reflection to understand a situation better.

If it about the person you love or have feelings for it may be advising that this person has the answers you seek. You may need to be brave and ask directly. It could be suggesting also that this person is of deep spiritual balance and harmony, they may be more aware and have a great lesson to teach you in life.The High Priestess meaning

If this woman arises in relation to love it could be predicting a sensual, grounded, wise love is coming into your life and you are to prepare yourself for the journey of deeper love than you have ever experienced.

Have you done your inner work, if not this person will trigger an avalanche of self awareness and healing ?

Your actions and attitudes towards love will be tested and this may be a make or break in a true love situation – The high Priestess is asking you to move from a space of love and union and not from fear and lack.

Remember this person is safe and offering love, it is a chance to become the love that you seek.

Spiritually this card wants you to trust your intuition. To journal your dreams, synchronicity. There is a huge awakening unfolding and it is possible that although pearls are to be discovered and great growth is assured, some shadow parts of the self may arise.

The High Priestess wants you to know that you are protected and that your journey is one that is necessary and to not fear, stay grounded and allow your inner voice to speak. It may be suggesting that is time to seek a spiritual teacher, but one that leads by guidance not instruction.

If this is sincerely not the case, then it points to you, it suggests that you are your best teacher. The wisdom you uphold is to be integrated and trusted implicitly.

In business and projects this card is suggesting that you have support of the higher realms, so long as you stay true to your inner knowledge. Some divine interference will be granted and although not tangible in the physical sense this card wants you to be alert and aware to these clues and intuitions, like a test of your trust in your connection to truth.
It may be highlighting a need to let go of negative subconscious thoughts that have been holding you back from arriving at successful outcomes.
high preistess tarot card meaningWhether this card represents yourself or another it clearly adheres to one lore of spirit;  your inner knowing will have all the answers you seek. The mind and the ego have no place in resolving the query.
Allow your heart messages to flow – swim with the synchronicity and intuition that is alive in your world and in you.
Be brave and open up, you will be delighted with what the secrets of the universe have to share with you and you may experience the love and unity that is the key to awareness.
Wisdom is not from mental knowledge it is from your inner knowing – this is your true guide. A personal revolution is unfolding and the Priestess is in you.
warm blessings



8 thoughts on “High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Love

  1. Thank you for your beautiful reflections. Your writing has given me so much guidance. Please keep sharing your thoughts!

    I feel at an impasse. Second reading in a love situation… 2 cups & high priestess…. I wait patiently, trust and accept the higher power, and yet i know there is more.

    Please advise,
    Thank you.


  2. My mentor and tarot teacher once told me “you are the high priestess”. She has long since passed but I will never forget she told me that. I am humbled to this day. Thank you Connie.


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