Four of Pentacle tarot card meaning love

The Four of pentacles tarot card meaning

This tarot is always one that makes me squirm in a tarot card reading, as it often reflects

Four of pentacles tarot

a greedy or selfish person who is unable to love wholly for fear or lack of trust or simply just for greed or egoistic desires.

Their disposition an behaviour chants “what is mine is mine and what is yours is mine”. Yet, as always with tarot it can be an advice card or an excellent opportunity to grow and learn a life lesson – one you will never make again

 Key words: Commencement, clinging,  money, power, chaos, control, greed, security, selfish, challenging

Sitting on a stool (not a throne), with his city behind him, we see a person holding on tightly to his coins (pentacles), clinging for dear life. Holding on severely to one coin above the head and two held firmly under his feet, shows a person who is de-mobilised and defeated by their fears, greed and/or obsessions with money and or power. They are unable to live in joy and sharing of self at the clinging of their material wealth.  The other coin is held tightly in front of their heart – this speaks for it self.

This tarot card is often a warning of a stingy or ego oriented person who is unable to love openly.  It can be someone who has come into money but has not the know how or true spiritual growth to use this money wisely or for the better of all. Their poverty mentality may be a battle and cause them to live in great fear – therefore not being able to live a full life with the wealth they have acquired – usually not by hard work.

Four of worlds tarotIn a love reading it may be warning of someone new in your life who appears to be ‘a good catch’, but may not be ideal if you are looking for a heart to heart relationship. They are often someone who is difficult to communicate with outside of their own ideals and life story.  Alternately it could be heeding that you are this person and serves as a warning to be less materialistic, less ego centered and to engage in the heart more or you may loose the one you love.

Often with love this relationship is short lived as one person will be unable to open up or will be too concerned with their own affairs and are not inclined for meaningful relationship. It may be good if you want a casual meaningless affair as this person is comfortable and desires shallow material fun. It could be exciting at first but soon it will dwindle as this person is unable to commit or live fully and in sharing of themselves or their life. They will often depart swiftly and with little remorse or feeling.

In love it could be asking you to look at the reasons why you are with someone like this and what is lacking in yourself that makes you feel worthless or less than lovable. This card could be a warning that you have some spiritual or self awareness work to undergo before you can have a healthy loving relationship – this is often why this person comes into your life – to raise your awareness about what growth is required in you.

If the Four of Pentacles comes up in regards to business or money it is often saying you are comfortable and secure. It warns that business is good and you are free to enjoy life more without clinging to your pennies.

spiritual counsellingIt may be warning of a shrewd business person with little heart. Be careful in business transactions all may not be as it seems. Financially you are secure but be aware of your heart and how you are using that in your business affairs. If money is your main priority you may be heading for failure.


If the Four of pentacles comes up in your reading it may assist to ask yourself some question:
“Am I giving my heart away too quickly and if so why?”
“Is this person trustworthy – are they coming from a selfless or selfish place”

“Am I living in fear based consciousness around money and relationship”
“How can I grow from this experience”

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