The Queen of Pentacles tarot card meaning

The Queen of Pentacles or Woman of Worlds (Voyager tarot)

Queen of pentaclesThe beautiful woman sitting on a throne alone is holding a golden pentacle and is surrounded by beauty, with a rabbit jumping from no-where. The woman indicates sensuality, the coin riches and the rabbit,  awareness of  what is. She is looking upon her coin – her riches- her physical wealth but does so alone

This card is about a woman, usually someone else in your life – a wise figure, an older person or someone who offers the support you need at this time. It is asking you to look outside your self, to look around and see what is happening around you for clues on how to move forward.

It can depict a woman who is secure, has all they want, but is alone. A woman sitting amid beauty and riches but has lost her hearts way. This card may be advising that is time to take risks of the heart, to reach out. Your material gain is startling cold without sharing it and your life with loved ones.

Spiritually it may be indicating a time of becoming aware of what is missing in your life – clearly not material. What is holding you back from opening up and enjoying life to the full. You have all the resources, time to look around or inner to see where this journey needs to begin. What is stopping you and begin the brave process of realigning with your heart. It is essential that you trust yourself.

The queen of pentacles is a womanly type, nurturing, loving and giving. Is there someone in your life you can turn to for advise who withholds these qualities? Do you need to adopt some yourself? Is it time to seek outside help to resolve emotional issues?

In love this card wants you to know that it is time to be more loving and open. It is saying that there is someone around who has all the qualities you are looking for in a love relationship, you don’t have to chase it,  but you do need to be receptive. It is asking you to let go of the physical (not completely) and to be upbeat and bold.  It could be saying ‘you are worth loving”.  If you are in a relationship is may be advising that it is time to spend quality time with the person you love, if you have been too focused on self or material gain you may be loosing their attention and trust.

woman of worlds tarotIf you have just lost someone it may be indicating that you need to seek counsel in the healing process, or that you still have a chance but you need to look at the reasons of your loss. Use your resources (which are a plenty) and take the necessary steps for reconciliation.

In business and projects this card shows that you have everything you need to succeed, Business will be favorable and finances are ensured. It may also be indicating that there is a female who can share their wisdom with you for greater success, be open to letting in advise and nurturing women to help you on your journey.

The queen of Pentacles is a card of abundance and good tidings. The queen has everything material that she needs but she does not have to be sitting alone in it. She is sensual and beautiful and is meant to share this with another. This requires getting in touch with your heart. Be the love that you wish for in your life. Be brave and know you are worthy of love and wealth.

Warm Blessings



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