Hermit tarot card meaning love

 Hermit tarot card meaning

“I live in that place of solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity” – Albert Einstein.

Keywords: Maturity, solitude, spirituality, thinking, analysis, inner reflection,mysticism, learning, transformation, healing, understanding, knowledge, impatience,

The Hermit tarot card meaningThe Hermit card is coming up a lot in my readings and it makes sense – that we do need to spend alone time to heal, create and/or learn, to undergo the necessary transformations. It is one of the most mystical cards in the tarot deck.

The hermit card depicts a white bearded hooded man standing on top of a hill looking down into the space below, He is holding a lamp (which often represents the six pointed star – which also makes sense with the recent star of David galactic alignment), that beams bright light.

hermit tarotThe light is indicative of shining light on a situation, The hermit is always alone. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the querent’s situation.

More often than not it refers to a period of necessary solitude, whereby one needs to discover inner self,  spend time studying or learning new craft, dark night of the soul exploration or simply to regenerate and gather strength.  This card is often asking you to take time out.

Spiritual practice and mental clarity are key elements of this card. It may be suggesting that you are on the path and need to let go of external events to research your spiritual self further, transcendental experiences often follow this card. It is asking you to not only take the time, but to also be in the experience, to journal it, to get creative in it, to integrate it into your soul, before you step back out into the world.

This card could also be saying you have a teacher or mentor coming into your life, or that there is one there and you need to listen and take heed.

The Hermit tarot card meaning VoyagerIn a love relationship it could be advising that you feel alone in your relationship, that you are not being fulfilled and need some time to be alone and sort your heart out – remember this does not always mean an ending – it simply infers space is needed, the hermit can not achieve necessary goals with unhealthy attachment.

If you are not in a relationship it could be pointing to a period of stifling aloneness and be bringing to your awareness that the time for aloneness is completed ( this would greatly depend on the positioning of the cards and surrounding elements).

In love it could also be advising that someone of spiritual compatibility is entering or they are there and you need to open up to it – although alone, the hermit is shining a light so that anyone who wants to join can see clearly along the path – but it must be the same path.

hermit tarot cardIn business and projects it is calling you to step aside for a moment, to let go and allow the energies to reorder. Are you holding on too tight? Are you balanced between work and relaxations? Are you forgetting your loved ones? Alternatively it could be saying more work is required, greater research, commitment and focus. Perhaps there is something you have missed.

In financial affairs it usually points to a time of slowness in flow of money, which is a good time to reassess, budget, take time to go over the past and make necessary changes. It could be asking you to look at your income source and to see if that is serving your soul.  The Hermit is mystical and looks deeply at things, finding balance between mind and heart.

This card wants you  to look deeper, learn lessons or gain knowledge, and often the best place to start is alone or to share the journey with a compatible soul – aloneness may be required before this can occur. It’s asking you to look for higher consciousness and we all know that is love.

warm blessings



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