Moon tarot card meaning – June 23 supermoon

Moon tarot card meaning – Supermoon

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full moon june 23 SupermoonThe first full moon in June is referred to as strawberry moon by Native Indian Tribes but it is also known as a Rose moon …by the English. This moon brings with it the harvest of strawberries and blossoms of roses – but the message here is what have you planted? What actions have you taken.

So it’s the full moon (total 9:33pm Brisbane time and 7:33 am EDT) and it’s in Capricorn and opposed by Sun in Cancer. Caps want security, structure and no games and Cancer are emotional, sensitive moonbabes from way back. It’s going to be a sensitive time. The full moon energies have a six day window either side. Fun.

That doesn’t have to be bad, nurturing is the key here. Be kind, gentle listen and then keep your mouth shut till later in the week when the energies settle. Caps are strong and any decisions they make will be lasting and Cancer are deep feelers, so together the intensity will manifest whatever your putting out fairly quickly. This will be a prominent theme in this full moon.

It’s also a time of purging, getting rid of anything that is not allowing yr true growth or purpose to breath and develop in freedom. The atsro atmosphere is huge because the moon is closer to Earth – it’s a Supermoon. So be actively loving, kiss her, be spontaneously loving and nurturing if you can’t go knit a jumper = she may like it in a week, if you haven’t displayed a cool hard tongue slashing yet. Warmth begets warmth and cool begets cool. The choice is yrs.

full moon June 23

Uranus is extremely strong right now as it just entered Aries. Uranus rules sudden change, unexpected events, and shocks that surprise us as they seem to come from nowhere…this is no time for inertia – put on yr reality hat – stay grounded and allow the energies and new developments to process before you act. If you have already, it may be too late so build a fire and get under that moon and

Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl Howl

The Moon Tarot card is a good card to help manage this period:
The moon card is often perceived to be one of mystery and sometimes darkness. It can have this element, but it is fundamentally the card of genius, creativity powerful magic, femininity, intuition and mythical knowledge.

The moon is feminine and deep and mysterious and this card can force times of uncertainty, things being not clear, hidden secrets, lies, deceptions, but also a sense of wonder and definitely a period of growth and change.

Emotionally it may be a period of intensity, rich growth and sometimes crisis.

the moon card tarotRelationships may go through a period of chaos or deep reflection, change or gross analysis. The moon will shine bright on any problems, so as to give the opportunity to fix them. As the moon is feminine this card asks us to look for meaning in things, allow our emotions to come into play, step out of our heads and move into our hearts more.

The moon will challenge us to find a greater way than what already is. If a relationship is not serving us anymore, it  will make this as clear as day. On the other hand if a relationship is wonderful and rich in intimacy it will also shine it’s feminine beauty upon this fact.

The moon is also in the house of cancer, so it could very well be shining a light on home issues. Shifts will need to be made around the home or some hidden facts will be illuminated. The moon is soft and reflects water so it is not always harsh. It can however be intense. Intensity helps us grow and  the message the moon wants to light up will certainly always have the potential for growth.

The moon reflects dreamlike states, so this card can be asking us to pay attention to our dreams, our intuition and our hearts. It conjours a more psychic state, which regards more attention to instincts, gut feeling and synchronicities.

This card can often be advising someone of their own psychic abilities and asking them to open up and learn more and allow this gift to be nurtured.

So the moons mooning and it’s asking you to be caring, loving and listen, try not to be selfish, try to ‘see’ the others feelings and point of view. Make necessary changes or stay away till your emotions become less self absorbed and more realistic. However, be sure you are not handing over your positive personal power (notice the word positive – power does not come through aggression or self regard). Things will end in full moons, but the choice of how you deal with things is always YOURS.  Here is an article that may help you if you are struggling in relationships and Oh yes it’s wiki advise (scary?), well it is a full moon.


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