Queen of Swords tarot card meaning

Queen of Swords – Woman of Crystals

Don’t mess with a woman with a sword – ME

Queen of swordsKeywords: intuition, female, strength, knowing, healing, insightful, down to earth, intelligent, clarity, cautious, clever, judgement, criticism

In the traditional decks the Queen of Swords depicts a woman on a throne holding a sword in one hand and offering her other hand in a gesture of serving. She is stern faced, upright, with a bird above her head and a clear blue sky.

This woman represents a solid strong character who is not easily fooled and can see through the layers of deception, but can also see the depths of human nature. She has the capacity to intuit deep love and deep suffering of those around her.

The sword pointing to the blue sky represents her ability to cut a fine line between truth and lies and is also a tool to point towards the true issues surrounding our life’s problems.

The Queen of Swords is a woman of great intellectual power. She resolves problems by using her intellect, but knows this must be in balance with sensitivities of the soul.

The clear sky (which the sword is pointing toward) represents the clarity and clearness of her thoughts and the bird above her indicates that she has intuition and the ability to see beyond the mind and to use all her higher knowledge to reach solutions in everyday issues.

This card is cautioning us to be mindful. To not be swayed by our emotions only. To use the gifts of a woman to make decisions. The gifts of the great female intellect. The beauty of the female intellect is that it has the capacity to see the facts and to feel through emotions and in combination of the two, to make profound decisions.

When this card comes up in a reading it can often literally represent a female in your life. It can be cautionary or assisting. It may be pointing toward a women in your life who is too controlling or it may be asking you to let go of control.

It is often asking the querent to be more discerning, to research, to use facts, to be aware of her emotions but to be careful not to allow them to rule single-handedly. It can be asking you to listen to your intuition but  to also investigate facts.

If the card is reversed it may by advising you to be careful of going backwards… imagine the sword backwards going into the foot – It can literally mean ‘stop stabbing yourself int the foot”.. Sometimes we go back to the comfort of the knwon even though it does not serve us – it feeds our pain – we keep repeating the same patterns over and over – the queen reversed is warning us to be careful of the abuse cycle that we are better off growing in the new instead of returning to the old worn ways.

queen of swordsIn love relationships this card may be referring to a specific person, and is always a woman. It will often indicate that a woman who is independent, strong intelligent and well grounded financially and emotionally, will be coming into your life or is already in your life.

It may be heeding a warning that you will be challenged in this love relationship to break down barrier of the intellect, to teach this person how to use their heart in matters of love or they may be here to teach you.

It may be suggesting that a life lesson in patience and unconditional love will be learned.

It could also calling for you to be more loving in a relationship. Often this woman is so focused on the intellect and material matters because she may find it too painful to feel her own suffering or be vulnerable in love.

This card will appear to heed a message that you or someone in your life may need to be less stubborn and controlling and may need to open their heart up more to allow in the essence of truth in love.

It is necessary to remember however that the mind is useful and her power and intellectual knowledge are useful – it could be a lesson to teach you to use your intellect to make greater decision in life, but to do so with heart and allowing others input.

If in relation to business and material affairs, this card suggests that a woman of great knowledge will be come in to assist you with excellent advise and know-how. If this card is you, it can indicate that you may need to be careful and do research and to consider all options or to seek professional advice before moving forward.

queen of swordsThe Queen could also be a guardian. A strong powerful but gentle woman may be coming into your life to help you on your journey. This card may be asking you to be open to this journey, to guide you to say yes, I do need help.

Or it could be you, it could be asking you to trust in your intellect and your own guardianship. Either way, you will be a learning journey and your decisions will have to be based on facts, data and knowledge.

This card tells you you are safe if you follow your heart but do so with a strong guardian of truth and background of wisdom.

Spiritually this card has strong energetic foundations. She is surrounded by Earth’s knowledge; she is calling on you to open your heart and your mind and to dig into the depths of your soul and to nurture your greater intuitive self.

Listen to your dreams, feel the tugging in your heart and allow in the growth and humility of letting go of control.

Many wonderful crystals are forming and she wants you to reach out and choose the ones that will help heal your soul and strengthen your heart.

All in all the Queen is an intelligent strong woman who is concerned for the whole community she governs. Her role is to make wise and profitable decisions based on the good of all. This card says you have the power to do so. Go inner and feel, then find the hard facts, then take action.

Warm Blessings






6 thoughts on “Queen of Swords tarot card meaning

  1. I did a love reading asking if two people would have a romantic relationship.
    I decided to use fly outs as my picks. I got the
    2 of cups, Justice and the Queen of Swords. Also got the 10 of Panicles as a Clarifier for the 2 of cups.
    What does it mean? I only get Confused bc of the Queen of cups…


    1. Hi Beal, It’s difficult to say without me reading.
      Two of cups is usually a good indication for a romantic relationship – that is the card. Yet, I’ be dubious if I was doing a reading for other people – the tarot usually responds to your own psyche when you are doing a reading about others without thier engagement.. The tarot is a mysterious tool and may or may not be giving you clear answer under these circumstances.
      Warm blessigs

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for responding! It was about me and another. I’ve looked up different meanings and meaning together with other cards. There’s so much out there and get a little confusing for me. I got bought a book though, so hopefully I get better!


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