Two of Wands tarot card meaning Love

Solar Eclipse in Taurus and Two of Wands – the lovely purifier

two of wandsIt’s funny, it’s two days till the solar eclipse in Taurus and  things have been a little interesting in my life and whilst asking “what is happening now, is this all about lessons?”,  the Two of Wands (out of 78 cards) fell from my tarot deck. Must be my lucky day.

Keywords: balance, personal power, integration, comfort, harmony, creativity, being bold

On top of a castle, a person in an orange robe and a red cap stands holding a globe surrounded by the ocean and lush green landscape. The globe signifies having the world in ones hand, the orange robe shows us the person is steadfast and enthusiatic, the red hat implies a passionate approach and the abundant surrounding express how the person is ready for the adventure and has ample resources and knowledge to go forward.

The two of wands is synonymis with this up and coming eclipse in that it is about new beginings and prosperous undertakings (Taurus). It is a gentle card, as is the eclipse, but possesess a world full of goodness and change.

This tarot card has and underlying influence of creativity. Any ideas that you have been processing or pondering are given a gold star. Feelings may be highlighted when this card arises (as emotions and creativity go hand in hand), it suggests to take notice of them, to embrace them and to use them to help your make decisions, to create from the very core of them. It isn’t necessarily time for action, eclipses and the two of wands are more about allowing information in and begining the energetic process.

solar eclipse may 10 2013Balance is a major focus implied by the two of wands. It may be asking you to look at your life (eclipses are an excellent time to do this also) and to accept that things may need to be changed, what no longer serves us must go. What drains your energy, time, and resources must go – the new tidings need this space to enter.

In love tarot, this card could portend a new person entering your life. It will be a comfortable, rewarding, steadfast relationship that feels light on its feet. You will learn alot about yourself and you have the potential to grow in a nurturing and peaceful environment. It could also poretnd to long term commitment, but it will be from a deeper place of knowing, love and trust that comes with time and/or spiritual consciousness.

If in relation to work or a goal, this card indicates that a new business venture or project you have been romanticising about has the potential for real growth. It suggests, that if its foundations are purposeful and for the better of all, that an easy flowing path will follow.

If in relaton to a struggling business or project it is asking you to re-evaluate and to replan – to grab back some of the enthusiasm and passion that it originated from and the course of events will change and the goal will be fulfilled.

2 of wands tarot meaning balanceIntention is an important focus here. This card could be asking you to consider your intentions behind your query. Are they sincere, conscious, wise, egoless? Are they for your own good and for the better of the community. Do they serve you and others. If the answer is yes, than your journey will be helped by the universal intelligence and you will experience ease and fortune. If the answer is no then, perhaps you should reconsider.

With this Taurus eclipse and The Two of Wands, beauty is signified. Allow in the beauty, know that the world is your oyster and ensure that your intentions are cohesive to the beauty and richness you desire.

The universe works for the greater good of all and when the Two of Wands tarot card reveals itself it wants you to know that you are about to receive all that you have put out there.




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